Unlock Your Hip Flexors Scam – The Truth Exposed!

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Scam - The Truth Exposed!

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Scam Completely Explained!

Unlock Your Hip FlexorsYou are here today because, you want to know the truth about the Unlock Your Hip Flexors Scam. The truth is that Unlock Your Hip Flexors is not a scam. It is a workout program designed to loosen tight hip flexors.

There are some people claiming that Unlock Your Hip Flexors is a scam. Almost every negative review I read was a person promoting a similar product. Be careful not to be mislead by others promoting similar products that probably doesn’t work anyways. Now that we cleared that up, let’s see what the Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program is all about.

Everything we do is centered through our hips. Unlocking your hip flexors will eliminate joint and back pain, boosts your energy, increases your sexual health, decreases your belly fat and helps fight off diseases. Our hips are the center of our well being physically. The hip is responsible for balance, sitting, stretching, bending, walking, stepping and twisting.

Scientific research proves that anybody can unlock their hip flexors and instantly feel a difference. This is one exercise program that starts to deliver results as soon as you start. You will actually feel your hip flexors start to unlock after your very first step in the program.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors with This Stretch [Hip Pain and Lower Back Pain Stretches]

Before we go any further, I added a bonus video that can help you immediately after watching it. I hope the video helps you out. Enjoy!

Even If You’re Old Like Me …

I’m not really that old, I’m only 49. That’s ancient to some people but I still feel like I’m 20. I do try to eat right and I have cut down on cigarettes and soft drinks. I drink more water and traded cigarette smoking for vaping. Vaping is not heathy. However, I’m smoke FREE!

Despite these changes in my life, I still needed to do more. You can’t quit smoking after 30 years and expect to feel better immediately. It takes time to get out of shape and it takes time to get back into shape. Thanks to Unlock Your Hip Flexors, you will start to see results almost instantly!

3 Reasons Why Sitting Is Killing You!

No Sitting

Believe it or not, sitting for extended periods of time is worse than smoking! Even if you’re a World class athlete, sitting is a killer. We sit at work and than go home and sit some more. Watching TV or sitting in front of your computer is everyone’s favorite thing to do.

Guy Sitting At His Desk

Well, not everyone but most people do sit most of the time. Some doctors are saying that sitting is the new smoking. I’m an ex smoker and I know what smoking can do to your health. Smoking causes cancer, emphysema and other horrible diseases. Here’s why sitting is worse than smoking.

#1. Bulging Belly Syndrome

Bulging Belly SyndromeEven though you’re eating right and killing at the gym but your stomach still looks like the guy in the image to your left. Why is that? Before I explain why, I want to clear up a myth.

It is believed by some that the reason why your stomach sticks out is because of weak abdominal muscles. This is totally NOT true! The most likely reason is your psoas muscles are tight. This will cause your lower back to curve and push your stomach out.

You can solve this problem by loosening up those tight psoas muscles. When the psoas muscles are working correctly, the curve in your lower back will disappear tucking your stomach back where it should be. Remember, it’s not weak abdominal muscles but your tight psoas muscles that are the real problem.

#2. Fat Loss Inhibitor

Fat Loss InhibitorThe psoas muscles are connected to our natural instinct to survive. The psoas muscles tighten up as soon as we sense that we are in danger. This is to protect you while in the fetal position or running.

This happens as your body releases adrenaline. As I mentioned earlier, most people have tight psoas muscles. This causes your body to think it’s constantly in danger causing your adrenal glands to work overtime. Because of this, your immune system gets weaker and your body begins to store fat in anticipation of danger. You can thank your psoas muscles and hips for all that extra weight.

#3. Lack Of Sexual Performance

Lack Of Sexual PerformanceThe lack go sexual performance can be devastating to a relationship and is damaging to a mans ego. Let’s face it! Erectile dysfunction can be caused by many things such as medication or some kind of health problem.

Sitting for extended periods of time will lock your hips into a forward thrust position. This will cause pulling on your lower back decreasing circulation and blood flow to that important area of the body. All of this is caused by sitting which we all thought to be harmless.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Now!

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Bonuses

Go ahead and click on the red button below and buy Unlock Your Hip Flexors today! You will be taken to the official Unlock Your Hip Flexors website where Mike will explain the program in detail.

I hope you enjoyed my Unlock Your Hip Flexors review. This program really does work and it doesn’t’t matter your age. You will notice a difference right after your very first session. It takes time to get out of shape. It happens gradually so we don’t notice the decline in our health.

It’s been so long since you felt healthy that you forgot what it feels like! Thank you for visiting with us today. Please don’t forget to leave your questions and comments below. You can also contact me personally by sending me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks again for stopping by! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Unlock Your Hip Flexors Scam – The Truth Exposed!

  1. I have one of those sit-down jobs and have actually heard about smoking being healthier somewhere else. Considering all the nasty things smoking causes I thought it was an exaggeration, but it’s not much of a stretch.

    I learned a lot in this post. For one thing, I never heard of the psoas muscles and am in the group described as thinking the reason for my spare tire is weak abdominal muscles. Interested in learning more on this.

    1. Hi Jason,

      I’ve read in several forums that sitting is considered the new smoking. As an Affiliate Marketer, I’m always sitting in front of my computer.

      I recently bought a Very-Desk so I don’t have to sit in one spot all day long.Sometimes, if I sit at my desk long enough, my legs would swell up.

      Now. I stand half the day instead of sitting and I feel a lot better for. When I came across Unlock Your Hip Flexors, I had to review it.

      Especially, since everything in the article hits close to home. I quit smoking not long ago and than I find out that sitting is even worse.

      I always thought that those extra pounds in my stomach was from not eating right and eating to much junk food. Which was causing some of my issues but not all.

      Weak abdominal muscles is the key to a big belly. Once you strengthen your abdominal muscles, your belly fat will just melt away.

      I’m glad that you liked my article and learned something new from it. Thank you for stopping by today. I hope to hear from you again sometime Jason.

      Best of luck,


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