The Lost Ways Ebook [Brand New Download] 2018

The Lost Ways Ebook

Lost Ways EbookThe Lost Ways Ebook is now available for a super low price and the best part is, you’re only a few minutes away from getting the best survival book on the market today! Go back in time and learn survival skills lost to us generations ago.

Learn how to make survival foods like pemmican and how to brew beer, distill moonshine and a whole lot more. Claude Davis and his team put together a collection of survival skills every person should learn. These skills are priceless in an emergency situation.

In todays modern world of cell phones and computers, not many people would have the skills to survive a long term manmade or natural disaster. Those of you who have survived earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters know that the aftermath is worse than the event.

For example, the aftermath of a hurricane can be devastating. Especially, if you are without power for any significant amount of time. Things like power and water would no longer be accessible and are crucial to our way of life. These are things we take for granted everyday.

We are always one disaster away from living in the storage so you should consider what you would do in case your power goes out for any significant amount of time. Most people get annoyed when the power goes out for a few minutes or hours.

30 Lost Ways Survival Skills

Could you imagine trying to survive if the power never came back on? It’s a scary thought but a possibility that no one is talking about. The modern world could not survive such a catastrophe. We just don’t have the skills to survive and many will die unfortunately.

Did You Know?

A severe solar storm or an EMP attack could destroy our power grid and we wouldn’t even know it, at first anyways. Such an event would send our civilization back 200 years in an instant with billions of people at risk. You can see how vulnerable we are when the lights go out during a thunderstorm.

For those of you that don’t know what an EMP attack is, I’ll explain. An electromagnetic pulse (EMP), also sometimes called a transient electromagnetic disturbance, is a short burst of electromagnetic energy caused by a nuclear detonation in the atmosphere.

The electromagnetic pulse (EMP) caused by the nuclear warhead, would fry everything with electronics in them including the power grid. We would not even know what happened. It would seem like any other power outage with the exception that most electronics will not work as well.

Cars will not start and portable radios, cellphones and all other electronics will be rendered useless. This particular event could destroy life as we know it. You see, an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack would completely render our power grid useless.

The BIG problem is that the power may take years to come back on or may never come back at all. Do you think you and your loved ones could survive such a terrible scenario? It’s estimated that more than two thirds of the worlds population could die in the first year alone.

About The Lost Ways Ebook

In the video above, is a sample of what’s inside The Lost Ways Ebook. You will learn how to build an “All Night Fire” also known as a “Self Feeding Fire”. This method was invented by early American pioneers and the best way to keep a fire going for long periods of time. Enjoy the video!

The Lost Ways Ebook is a book of survival skills American Pioneers and Native American Indians used to survive the brutal and untamed North American continent. These are the skills that built America to what it is today.

We call these skills survival skills but our ancestors used for everyday life. These are skills lost to us generations ago that can save your life, even in todays world. Inside The Lost Ways Book there are 26 chapters of survival skills that will save you and your families life.

You will learn things like how our forefathers made their own knives, how early American pioneers and Native American Indians made pemmican, how to brew your own beer, how to distill your own moonshine, how to make make bark bread, how to build a survival shelter and so much more!

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