Tesla Code Secrets Scam (((RED ALERT))) – Buyer Beware!

Tesla Code Secrets Scam

Tesla Code Secrets Product 2 The Tesla Code Secrets Scam is totally revealed in this report so sit back and enjoy the article. There are a lot of claims out there and I’m here to set the record straight!

In order to understand the Tesla Secrets Code Scam. I need to take you back to a time when when one man dared to challenge the status quo. This man is probably the greatest human mind ever to exist and yet most people have never heard of him. It wasn’t until 1997 that the truth started to finally come to light.

It was the dawn of the internet and the true beginning of the information age. Never before did we have access to so much information. However, just because you read something on the internet does NOT mean it is true or a fact! This is why I decided to clear a few things up for today.

Nikola Tesla is perhaps the BEST inventor in human history and his contributions to mankind are second to none! In fact, just about every modern convenience we take for granted today can be directly attributed to Nikola Tesla. You will be surprised to know that the electric grid today was actually invented by Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla & Thomas Edison

Tesla Code Secrets Eular Identity

Way back in the late 1800’s there was an event that would change the world forever. This event was called “The Current Wars”. The Current Wars was a battle of ideas between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. Edison was the inventor of D/C (Direct Current) and Tesla was the inventor of A/C (Alternate Current).

In the end, Tesla’s A/C grid won the day and is what we still use today. What is known as Edison Electric should really be known as Tesla Electric. J.P. Morgan was Edisons backer and had the foresight to see that electricity was the power source of the future.

Even though Tesla’s A/C grid design proved to be more efficient than Edisons D/C grid and won the contract to build their grid in Niagra Falls. Morgan basically strong armed his George Westinghouse who was Tesla’s financial backer. In the end, Westinghouse sold out to Morgan and the rest is history …

… Or Is It?

… Nikola Tesla was an eccentric genius who’s sole purpose was the betterment of mankind. The problem is, some of Tesla’s inventions did not sit well with the elite. Tesla was working on something so big that they actually tried to erase this mans name from the history books.

Why? You might ask! Because Tesla was working on an energy system known as “FREE ENERGY”. Tesla believed that he could send electricity through the air to power our infrastructure. His idea would have changed the world but the elites stopped it in its’ tracks and literally destroyed a great man and his reputation.

You see, Nikola Tesla was a clear and present danger to their agenda. The problem with Tesla’s “Free Energy” concept was they couldn’t profit from it. Do you think J.P. Morgan would allow such a system considering how much money he spent to corner the electricity market?

It’s important to note that this was only a few years after the “Current Wars” ended so there was no way that Tesla’s “Free Energy” system was ever going to get off the ground. What does any of this have to do with the Tesla Code Secrets Scam? It’s simple really!

There are still factions today that are still trying to discredit this man. Anything to do with Nikola Tesla is scrutinized so don’t believe the nay sayers out there! There is a hidden agenda and now you know at least part of the reason why you’ve never heard of Nikola Tesla.

Tesla Code Secrets Scam – The Secret Behind Numbers 3, 6, 9 Tesla Code Is Finally REVEALED!

My obvious conclusion is that the Tesla Code Secrets Scam is NOT a scam at all! I always tell my readers not to take my word for it. Do your own research and come to your own conclusion.

I never did get a chance to talk about Tesla Code Secrets here because I wanted to explain why there is so much information about Nikola Tesla all ver the internet. Don’t worry! I did write a completely detailed Tesla Code Secrets Review where I cover everything including 2 FREE bonuses and a huge discount too!

If you have any questions or comments about Tesla Secrets, please leave them below now. I always respond within 24 hours so don’t hesitate to leave your response below. I would love to hear from and would be happy to answer any questions that come to mind so ask away!

Thank you for reading Tesla Code Secrets Scam special report. I’d like to also thank you for visiting with us today and I look forward to seeing you on the next page!

I’ll see you soon and thanks again!

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