Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review [2021] – Secret Archive Revealed!

Ted's Woodworking Plans Review - Secret Archive Revealed!

Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review 2020 Updated Version!

Ted McGrath
Ted “Woody” McGrath
Today, I’m going to go ahead and give you the most detailed Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review anywhere you’ll find online. As you read on, you’ll quickly realize what a great product this really is. When I review a product, I look at two things.

Ted’s Woodworking has been a great product for a long time. An eternity in internet time! This product has been the #1 Woodworking Resource on Clickbank for the past five years. This product practically doesn’t even need to be reviewed.

The first thing I do is check to see if the product sells. The second thing I look at is the refund rate. Ted’s Woodworking passed both of my tests with flying colors. Take a look at this screenshot below.

Ted's Woodworking Clickbank

You’re looking at a screenshot from Clickbank. This is what I see when I look for product information. In the smaller red circle above you see Grav: 142.76. Grav means gravity, which means sales.

Approximately 142.76 people sold Ted’s Woodworking in a twelve week period. You’ll notice in the red circle below Gravity, the refund rate. It says 0.00% refunds in this same twelve week period.

142.76 different affiliates sold Ted’s Woodworking in twelve weeks. The numbers don’t show how many copies each of the affiliates sold. The true number of copies sold are probably in the several thousands at the very least.

As you can see, this is a great product that people are buying and most important! They are happy with their purchases. 0.00% refunds in twelve weeks says it all!

Ted’s Woodworking Plans 2020 “Official Video”: Ted’s Woodworking 16,000 Woodworking Plans & Projects Download Updated Version!

Watch the “OFFICIAL” Ted’s Woodworking Video above. Please make sure your sound is turned up. You’re not going to want to miss a second of this video. So grab a drink sit back and enjoy the show!

Why This #1 Product Continues To Stand The Test Of Time!

Ted's Woodworking Plans Product
As Seen On

There Are 5 Reasons …

… I can think of right off the top of my head, that separate Ted’s Woodworking from the competition. Here they are below:

#1. Completely Detailed Step-By-Step Instructions:

Step By Step Instructions Have you ever tried to work on a project with part of the plans? You won’t have that problem with Ted’s Woodworking. Every detail for each project is covered. Let’s say you wanted to build a birdhouse. Your birdhouse plans will include complete step-by-step illustrated instructions with a parts list!

#2. Detailed Materials & Cutting List for all 16,000 Woodworking Plans:

Materials Cutting ListWhatever woodworking project you have in mind, Ted’s got you covered! Build a coffee table and have the exact blueprint to build it. It’s the same as having your own personal woodworking library at your fingertips. If you want to build bunkbeds for the kids, you’ll have the plans to do it and more!

#3. Beautifully Illustrated Blueprints:

Detailed Wood PlansYour woodworking plans are extremely detailed already. Plus, you get illustrated photos for each step of your project. You get to see exactly what to do and how to do it. For this reason alone, Ted’s Woodworking is far superior to any other product in it’s class. These easy instructions are perfect for woodworkers of all skill levels. Even a beginner can do it!

#4. 3D Illustrated Views From All Angles:

3D Wood PlansThese plans almost build the project themselves. You get to see your project from every angle before you put it together. This is a huge advantage when it comes to any woodworking project. You get to see it before you build it!

#5. Woodworking Plans For All Skill Levels:

Easy Woodworking PlansIt doesn’t matter if you’ve been a woodworker for 50 years or never turned a screw driver in your life. There are woodworking plans for everyone of all ages! Even a child can use Ted’s Woodworking plans. With adult supervision of course. No matter your skill level, there’s thousands of woodworking projects for you!

With over 16,000 woodworking plans to choose from, you’ll never get bored! Take a look at this partial list of plans. Keep in mind, I had to shorten the list dramatically. There’s not enough space for all 16,000 woodworking plans.

Wood Plans List 2

You can see from this condensed list, there are lots of woodworking plans to choose from. Try your hand and build your own custom guitar or how about a one of a kind mailbox. You will never run out of projects to build.

Here’s More Cool Woodworking Projects You Can Do Yourself!

Cool Wood Projects 2Cool Wood Projects

This is just the tip of a giant iceberg! There are countless plans and topics I haven’t even touched on. This is just a tiny fraction of what you get with Ted’s Woodworking plans.

See What Woodworkers Are Saying …

Below is a screenshot I took from Ted’s Woodworking Official Website! I wanted you to meet some of Ted’s satisfied customers for yourself.

Ted's Testimonials

I’m sure you are starting to see exactly why Ted’s Woodworking is a great product! No wonder why there’s a 0.00% refund rate. That’s an incredible statistic for any product in any category online.

That’s why I pointed this stat out to you earlier. The only other products I have found with a 0.00% refund rate, are products that are so new, there are no stats available for them yet.

Wait! There’s A Whole Lot More …

As if getting the most detailed woodworking plans in the World wasn’t enough, Ted has even more to give you!

Buy Ted’s Woodworking Plans Today & Get These 5 Amazing FREE Bonuses Below!

Ted's Woodworking Plus Bonuses

Just like other products that offer bonuses on this site, they are for a “Limited Time Only”! Only Ted knows how long he’ll keep giving this stuff away. Ted’s Woodworking by itself is a great deal! Why not get some FREE stuff too? Right!

Bonus #1. FREE DWG & CAD Plan Viewer Software

DWG:CAD Plan ViewerWith software like this, you’ll feel like a magician! The DWG & CAD Plan Viewer is easy to use and very useful too. If you can imagine it, you can create it with this software. Your getting everything you need to create your own woodworking plans for FREE! This software is a great bonus to have.

Bonus #2. Get Over 150 Premium Woodworking Training Videos

150 Premium Woodworking VideosI think this is the best of all the bonuses. Even though they’re all good, this is my favorite. This is lifetime access to Ted’s video library. Master woodworkers teach you the ropes in step-by-step training videos. This is a great resource! My wife watched a video on how to build a bird feeder. Even though I helped her cut the pieces, she built it on her own. If she can do it, so can you. Videos make all the difference for some people. Besides, video demonstrations are much more interesting and visually informative than reading about it. Enjoy your videos!

Bonus #3. Learn How To Start Your Own Woodworking Business

How To Start A Woodworking BusinessThis is a great book for entrepenuers out there. Some people have the skills to build the best furniture around. This book is designed to integrate your woodworking skills with business skills. Learn how to profit from your awesome woodwork the easy way! This is a valuable resource for those who want to start a woodworking business. There’s no better job than one you love to do! Why not make money too?

Bonus #4. Complete Woodworking Carpentry Guides

Complete Woodworking GuidesThis is another nice addition Ted decided to give away. Learn from master carpenters on how to get the job done the right way, the first time. This is a great resource for those looking to sharpen their carpentry skills. It’s also a great resource for you do it yourselfers as well. There’s more to woodworking than meets the eye. Ted’s got you covered with his award winning woodworking plans and these valuable resources. These 4 bonuses alone are worth $190 and you get it all for FREE TODAY!

Bonus #5. FREE Lifetime Updates!

FREE Lifetime UpdatesAs an added bonus, Ted decided on in the last minute. He is giving you access to download Ted’s Woodworking plans FREE for life. Every month or so, Ted and his staff add new woodworking plans in the member area for you to download for FREE! He didn’t even bother to add a value to this bonus. It’s priceless as far as I’m concerned!

Please note: These 5 bonuses are for a “Limited Time Only”!

What’s Good & Bad About Ted’s Woodworking

The best thing about Ted’s Woodworking is the price! Look at all this information you get for only $67.00, what a deal! Then there’s the 5 bonuses too! The woodworking plans are easy to understand and follow.

The step-by-step illustrations in the plans make the job so much easier. I love the video resources as well. It’s like having a master woodworker standing next to you as you build your project!

The only thing I don’t like about Ted’s Woodworking is I’ll never have enough time in my life to build a fraction of the projects available. I’ll just pass these plans along to the next generation of woodworkers.

My Final Thoughts On Ted’s Woodworking

Woodworker 2020I absolutely love it! Ted’s Woodworking is the type of product for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a master woodworker or not, there’s a woodworking project tailored just for you. I 100% recommend Ted’s Woodworking.

Go ahead and click on the red button below! You’re just moments away from having access to the greatest collection of woodworking plans ever assembled in one package. Thank you for reading my review! Please feel free to leave your questions and comments below. 🙂

Jack Taylor Signature 2

2020 Updated Version! More Woodworking Plans Than Ever Before!

Teds Woodworking Plans Complete Package DealPlans Name: Teds Woodworking®
Plans Creator: Ted “Woody” McGrath
Hot Price: $67.00 $197.00 [YOU SAVE] $130.00
Official Site: TedsWoodworking.com
Guarantee: 60 Days Risk-FREE!
Bonuses: 5 FREE Bonuses
My Rating: 5 out of 5

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Teds Woodworking®
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10 thoughts on “Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review [2021] – Secret Archive Revealed!

  1. This looks awesome Jack!

    I’ve thought about giving woodworking a try. It really fascinates me, I really enjoyed your review of Ted’s Woodworking.

    The examples from Ted’s Woodworking Plans are great, the motorcycle amazed me, also the bed frame looks exactly like the stuff I want to build.

    I definetely will consider buying Ted’s Woodworking book whenever I make up my mind.

    1. Hi Tyler,

      I never thought much about Woodworking myself. My wife is more interested in that stuff than I am. However, she does get me to help her do a few things.

      I have to admit, I do enjoy my time building things with my wife. She started with birdhouses and planters. Now she wants to build a gazebo. I’d rather buy one to be honest with you.

      Anyways, thank you for your comment. If you decide to buy Ted’s Woodworking Plans, you won’t be disappointed!


  2. As of late, i have added woodworking to my hobbies list. I will be the first to admit that it isn’t as easy as it sounds. It can be very difficult at times and often leaves me scratching my head. But I will defiantly invest in this. I have no reason not to. You gave me all the insight I need to make a purchase decision. Thank you and I will be sure to share this article.

    1. Hi James,

      I’m glad I was able to give you the information you needed to make a final decision. You will not be disappointed with Ted’s Woodworking plans.

      You’re right about some things about woodworking are easier than it looks. Ted’s Woodworking makes it all a lot easier. You don’t need thousands of dollars worth of tools either.

      Let me know how Ted’s Woodworking works out for you.


  3. Hi Jack,

    Ted’s Woodworking Plan sounds amazing. Since last year I’ve been interested in working with wood (civil engineer here) but have found it to be quite expensive. That was a bit of a letdown since I wanted to do a small bookshelf for myself as a start. This review sparked the interest in me.

    I heard that the cheapest wood I can find is wooden pallets and that should get me started. What do you think on this?



    1. Hi Luis,

      You’re right about the price of wood. It can get expensive depending on what kind of project you’re working on. There are cheaper alternatives such as wooden pallets.

      I’ve been to several stores in my area asking about their pallets. I have yet to get one for free. They tell me they are expensive and they save them to reuse.

      I’m sure there are places you can get pallets for free. I just don’t know of any in my area. If you come across a free resource, please let me know.

      Thanks again Luis,


  4. I missed my opportunity to learn woodwork at school as the available spaces ran out for the class. I’ve always wanted to learn it since then. Ted’s Woodworking seems like a good place to begin.

    My wife has been asking for outdoor garden furniture but some of the products we’ve looked at are overpriced. Maybe it would be a good idea to make my own garden chairs and tables with the woodworking plan.

    Do you think outdoor furniture is a bit too ambitious for a newbie??

    1. Hi Jay,

      When I was a kid in Jr. High School, I took wood shop classes. It was fun and I enjoyed working on the projects. As I got older, I invested all my time and energy into my career.

      Oddly enough, when I got married to my wife. She had a passion for woodworking. She’s not a pro or anything, she likes making small things like bird houses.

      I help her from time to time and enjoy doing it. Now she wants to build a gazebo. We’ll see if I get that advanced. I probably don’t have a choice if you ask my wife.

      I definitely don’t think outside furniture is to ambitious for a beginner. Start with something easy, like a chair or something. Ted’s Woodworking has illustrated step-by-step plans to follow.

      Even I could build a project with Ted’s Woodworking plans. Go ahead and build your wife her patio furniture. She’ll love you for it and maybe even help you build it.

      Good luck with your project and thank you for your comment.


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