Smart Solar Box Scam Unmasked!

Smart Solar Box Scam

Solar Panels IconThe Smart Solar Box Scam is nothing but propaganda. I read several reviews claiming that the Smart Solar Box was a scam. The problem is, I have inside information on the Smart Solar Box that says otherwise. The Smart Solar Box is a ClickBank product. I’m a publisher for ClickBank and have access to detailed product information and statistics.

I have access to information on sales and returns for each product. This kind of information gives me valuable insight on the quality of a product before I even review it. How can a product be a scam when it delivers everything as advertised? I always thoroughly research a product for exactly this reason.

Smart Solar Box Gravity

I only allow quality products on my website and will remove any product that does not continue to deliver as advertised. Any product that has a high refund rate will also be removed as well. Now that you know that Smart Solar Box is NOT a scam, I’m going to give you a complete Smart Solar Box review before you buy it!

Smart Solar Box Ryan Tanner [EXPOSED]

Meet the inventor of the Smart Solar Box in the “OFFICIAL” video above. Please make sure you have your sound turned on because you’re not going to want to miss one word. Enjoy the video!

Slice 70% Off Your Electric Bill Today!

Wouldn’t it be nice to save some money on your electric bill? I’ve got even better thought for you. Wouldn’t it be better to NEVER pay for electricity ever again? Never ever again! That could be $2,000 a year or more! Times that by 5 years and it’s $10,000 in your pocket. That’s a lot of money! And you can do it with FREE solar energy!

I know some of you might be thinking to yourself, yeah right! That’s not even possible. It is possible and I’m going to show you how you can do it with a couple of solar panels and a few old car batteries. There is a little more to it than that but those are the 2 main components that will have you off the grid in no time at all.

In fact, not only will you be off the grid and no longer a slave to that dreaded monthly electric bill. You may actually receive a monthly check from the very same electric company you have been paying your bill to all this time. Imagine the electric company paying you for a change and not the other way around.

Here’s How It Works!

Electric Bill Payment

Once you build your Smart Solar Box system, you can receive a check just like the one above. You can build your Solar Box System as large as you want. You can build your solar system large enough to completely power your whole house or you can build a system to supplement some of your electricity.

Some people like Karen, the person who received the check above, sell the electric company excess current to the grids and she makes the electric company pay her and not the other way around. The reason why you have never heard of this? Because they want you to pay them for the rest of your life.

Now, you can generate your own power and sell them your excess current. There are lots of other benefits to generating your own power other than sticking it to the utility companies. The next time a major storm blows through your area and knocks out the power. You will be the only house in the neighborhood with the lights on.

Are You Ready For The Next Disaster?

Hurricane Disaster

Natural disasters are a part of life and can and will happen at anytime without notice. We all saw what happened during the aftermath of the 2005 Hurricane Katina in New Orleans Louisiana. It took the government 3 days to help those poor people stranded on rooftops and at the Super Dome.

The point is, you have to prepare the best you can because sometimes help may never come. It’s up to you to save your families life! The government can’t always be there to help you. With that being said, people always think of food, water and ammo. They forget about the most important thing of all, POWER!

Surviving The Aftermath!

Hurricane Katrina Aftermath

You can stock up all the food and water you want. However, without electricity, you’re DOOMED! I don’t if you of you have ever experienced the aftermath of a hurricane. Growing up in South Florida, I experienced a few hurricanes in my time. I can tell you this, the aftermath can be even worse than the storm itself.

Not everyone experiences catastrophic destruction and flooding during a hurricane. Everyone does experience loss of power. In a tropical climate like Florida, the aftermath of a hurricane can be more deadly than the hurricane itself. This was the case in 2005 when Hurricane Wilma hit Miami Florida where I was living at the time.

Hurricane Wilma was a strong category 3 when it hit and caused substantial damage to the area. However, the aftermath was much, much worse. The storm did major damage to the the power infrastructure. In some cases, there was no power for months income areas along Wilma’s path. Power crews had nothing to work with in some areas. New infrastructure had to be built in a hurry!

It took weeks to more than a month in most cases. In a tropical climate without air-conditioning can be DEADLY and it was. Even people that had generators ran out of gas days and even weeks before power was restored. I wish I had a Solar Box system back then. What a miserable experience for me and everyone else.

Smart Solar Box Scam Is A Hoax!

Smart Solar BoxYou can avoid experiences like the one I had back in 2005 and buy Smart Solar Box now and build your own self sustaining solar power system. Ryan’s step-by-step easy to follow instructions will guide you every step of the way. The main parts of the system are solar panels and car batteries. You may even have an old car battery lying around in your garage.

There is lot more to it but it’s not difficult to build and not nearly as expensive as you may think. There are solar panel kits you can buy online or you can make them yourself. You can build your own Smart Solar Box system starting from around 3 or 4 hundred dollars and up. You can scale this system up to power your whole house permanently if you want to.

It will cost more to do depending on the size of your house. Go ahead and click on the red button below now and start building your Smart Solar Box today! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below or you can just send me an email. Thank you for stopping by and visiting with us today! 😉

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16 thoughts on “Smart Solar Box Scam Unmasked!

  1. Hi Jack,

    I remember a hurricane knocked out my neighborhood’s power for a week (in August!) a few years ago. Not fun at all. No A/C for a week. We used a generator, but it only ran the refrigerator and a light, or the coffee pot, or the microwave at once. AND, we had to keep refuelling the generator! So, the solar box concept sure does sound enticing. I’ll admit, I’m not that smart about energy and electricity though. If the Smart Solar box uses car batteries, do I have to worry about the car batteries wearing out? Or are they merely a conduit for the solar energy to pass through to my house?


    1. Hello Alyssa,

      Usually, when you live in a tropical climate like Florida. After a hurricane passes through the area it is hot. Very humid air follows a hurricane which makes the heat unbearable.

      If you have to go without power for any length of time, you’re in for a miserable time. Some people actually get heat strokes from cleaning up after the storm because there is no way to cool off!

      I’m sure you already know as you’ve been through the aftermath of a hurricane too! I had a generator that was probably the same size as yours. We only ran the refrigerator, radio and a lamp at night.

      Let’s get to your question about car batteries. Car Batteries are used to store the energy collected from the solar panels. You can think of the car batteries as a Bank.

      Just like you deposit money in the bank for a rainy day, your Smart Solar Box (Car Batteries) stores energy your solar panels deposit in them for a rainy day or HURRICANE!

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment and question. I hope you never have to experience the aftermath of another hurricane unless you have a Smart Solar Box, of course.

      Best Wishes,


  2. I stumbled onto your site and learned much. I had no idea this product existed! I lived in a very cold climate for about six months and my electrical bill was enormous. It is one of the reasons that I’ve hesitated to move back. As I consider this move, I at least know of an additional option. Thanks so much!

    1. Hello Randene,

      I glad you visited with us today and found the information about the Smart Solar Box interesting and useful. You can use the Smart Solar Box in any climate as long as you get adequate sunlight for the solar panels.

      The Smart Solar Box sits inside the house somewhere, like the basement for example. The Smart Solar Box itself stays out of the elements. The Solar panels do not!

      I’m not sure what kind of climate you’re moving to but someplace like Alaska may be tough on your solar panels. Actually, this brings up a pretty good point. I’m going to check on solar panels for cold climates. I’ll be right back in a second.

      Well Randene, I quickly found the answer I was looking for. There is a company called SunPower that manufactures winter solar panels. Their solar panels are being used in Antartica.

      I’m sure this company can provide you with the right solar panels for sure. Like I said earlier, that’s if you’re moving to extremely cold climates.

      Anyways, the Smart Solar Box system works in any climate no matter how extreme thanks to companies like SunPower.

      Thank you for stumbling on my site and laving a comment. Good luck if you decide to move Randene. I hope your heating bills are reasonable. I still use wood in the winter. It saves lots of cash!

      Best of luck,


  3. I live in the Philippines where 220volts is the standard supply from the electric company. Can the Smart Solar Box deliver that same power voltage.?

    1. Hi Mon,

      The Smart Solar Box can be used with 200volts with no problem at all. The Smart Solar Box can be easily adapted to 220volts. It is only a power supply which can easily be adapted to your power supply requirements. I hope this helps you make an informed decision about the Smart Solar Box.



    1. Hey Gary,

      Thanks for stopping by and asking your questions about the Smart Solar Box. The Solar Box System can be scaled to any size that you need. Anything from a small one room cabin to a mansion, theoretically.

      What this means is, that you can use any size solar panel you want. The bigger the solar panel you use the more money it will cost. You can buy a medium size solar panel for around a $100 USD.

      Thanks again for visiting Gary,


  4. My husband would like to know how long it takes the Smart Box info will get here. He is very anxious to get started. We ordered the product 3 weeks ago.

    1. Hi Cathleen,

      You should be able to download the Smart Solar Box plans as soon as you’re done with the paying for your order. You should check the email you used when you bought the Smart Solar Box.

      There should be a link to download your product. If you should still have issues, you can contact them directly for further instructions. Thanks for buying the Smart Solar Box.


  5. On May 13 2018 I purchased a smart solar box 53.93$ CAD order number 6WX4AKFV and also a smart solar box Platinum Package 67.89$ order number 6WX4AKT4. The only problem is that I got nothing for my money and am wondering how I can access to upload. PLease help since you’ve been paid.

    1. Hi Jean,

      I’m sorry you are having an issue downloading your product. However, there is no record that you bought the Smart Solar Box from this website on May 13, 2018. Even though I am an Affiliate Marketer and do get paid if you buy a product from this website.

      I do NOT have anything to do with refunds and customer service for these products. Clickbank is a trusted retailer for this site and does GUARANTEE all transactions for a full 60 days. Sorry for any confusion and I hope you can resolve your issue soon.

      You can contact their customer service here and send them a copy of your receipt. They will then send you a link to download your Smart Solar Box Guide and any other products you may have purchased. Contact them here:

      Good luck and best wishes,


  6. I need hard copies as I am off the grid and the solar system that I tried to get 4 years does not work. I bought a small solar generator and have had a small desk fan thru summer for the first time in 6 years. Also some light.

    But with no power I have no computer access. My phone is my computer and it is too small and my email keeps going down the ladder of accessibility.

    I paid $184 for a lot that I have trouble accessing. How can I get hard copies for my money? I haven’t been able to pick up everything yet.

    How does it cost less than $250 when the solar panels alone will cost that?

    Please help.

    1. Hi Sharon,

      Thank you for stopping by today and reading my article about the Smart Solar Box. Unfortunately, this product does not offer a hard copy of the manual. I’m like you and prefer a physical book but this is a digital product only.

      You can download it to your phone and store the information there. If you can get access to a friends computer with a printer, you can print the documents yourself. That’s the only thing I don’t like about this product.

      However, the information you are getting is worth its weight in gold! I’ve seen 10W solar panels on eBay for as low as $26 and 200W solar panels for less than $200. It all depends on how much power you need but it is definitely more affordable these days.

      You just have to do a little searching online and you’ll find the solar panels you’re looking for at an affordable price. I live in the mountains in North Carolina and I’m almost completely off the grid. I’m still adding to my system because I have a large home.

      Anyways, the Smart Solar Box is perfect for you and you should give it a try. Chances are you already have everything you need with the system you already bought. This manual will show you how to put it all together. Go ahead and give it a try!

      You have 60 days to try it out and if it doesn’t work for you. They’ll give you a full refund. Please come back and let me know if this worked out for you. I hope this information helps you out. I wish you the best of luck.

      P.S. There is another option if you want to build your own solar panels. Just click here for more information: DIY 3D Solar Panels Guide

      Best wishes,


  7. Hi,
    I am interested in this product but am currently living in apartments. Is any special permission needed to use this in an apartment complex if you have your own meter? Is it still legal to do it that way?

    Thank you so much for your help and assistance in the decision making process.

    1. Hi Tracy,

      You should consult your building manager and explain what you intend to do. He should know if there ae any issues you should be aware of.

      Thanks for stopping by,


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