Redline GT Racing Simulator Experience!

Redline GT Racing Simulator Experience!

Redline GT Racing Simulator

Redline GT By Chicago Gaming Company

Redline GT Racing Simulator brings the Arcade Game experience right in your home! Drive against some of the best race car drivers in the world or see if you’ve got what it takes to survive a dogfight against a worthy opponent!

Owning your very own Driving Simulator and Home Theater has never been easier and affordable. This is a whole lot more than a racing simulator. The Redline GT also doubles as a flight simulator too! You could land on an aircraft carrier and drive in the Indianapolis 500 with just the flick of a button. Check out the AMAZING demo video below!

Redline GT Game Theater

I hope you enjoyed the demo video as much as the kid driving the Redline GT Racing Simulator. He looked like he was definitely having a good time. The Redline GT looks great in any room you decide to add it to. It would definitely look good in my man cave ( With My Wife’s Permission Of Course).

You got to see the Redline GT in the video. Now it’s time to show what the Redline GT has to offer. This is a high quality racing / flight simulator. The same quality you’ve come to expect at an Arcade. Most features are exclusive to Redline GT Racing Simulator by the Chicago Gaming Company.

Redline GT Logo“Redline GT Full Immersion Racing Simulator”

Redline GT Racing Simulator Features

Let’s Check Out The Redline GT!

Five Way Fully Adjustable Cockpit Allows The Driver To Adjust For Superior Comfort In A Matter Of Moments; Adjustments Included Are:
  • Exclusive Full Motion Seat! Slide Your Seat Back & Forth. Designed For Pilots and Drivers of All Sizes.
  • Quick Tilt Seat For Instant Comfort & Point Of View Adjustment.
  • Your Telescoping Steering Wheel Works Just Like A Real Race car!
  • You Can Quickly Move Your Rapid Adjust Pedals. This Allows Drivers To Move Their Pedals Back & Forth Before Locking Them Into Place.
  • Easily Adjust Your Quick Set Armrests. Lower Or Raise your Armrests Instantly Before Locking Them In Place.

Redline GT Custom Racing Seat

Included Are Logitech G27 Driving Controls, The Best Driving Controls Money Can Buy! Also Included:
  • Force Feedback Steering For A Realistic Driving Experience Like No Other!
  • Exclusive Tri-Pedal Assembly (Clutch, Gas, Brake) That Will Blow The Competition Away
  • Change Gears With Your Six Speed Shifter & Leave Your Competitors In The Dust!
Body Rattling Immersive Audio:
  • Included Is Chicago Gaming Companies Exclusive 5 Channel 170 Watt Custom Audio Amp Along With Four Speakers Guaranteed To Immerse You In The Game.
  • Feel The High Energy 100 Watt Vibration Transducer That Will Literally Shake You To The Core. Literally Feel Every Road Bump Or Turbulence In Flight. Truly Amazing!
Quick Flip Game Control Switch:
  • With Just The Press Of A Button, You Can Switch From Flying Planes On Your PC To Driving Again The Best Nascar Drivers In The World On Your Playstation 4. Fly Or Drive in seconds!

Redline GT Optional Flight Controls

High Quality Arcade Cabinetry That Features:
  • Just Like A Real Car Your Redline GT Comes With A Trunk In The Back Of The Racing Simulator Where You Can Store Your Games & Other Accessories.
  • You Can’t Use Your Keyboard & Mouse Without A Keyboard Drawer Which Is Located In The Perfect Location In front Of The Driver.
  • The Blue LEDs That Illuminate The Undercarriage Of The Redline GT Creates A Beautiful Blue Halo Effect. It Looks Really Cool At Night!
  • 42” LCD Shown In The Product Images Is Not Included!
  • Your Redline GT Supports PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC Games (Xbox One, PC & PlayStation 4 Are Not Included).
  • The Redline GT Is Made In The USA by the Chicago Gaming Company, A Premier Manufacturer Of Coin Operated Arcade Games & High Quality Custom Cabinetry.

Redline GT Arcade Game

Redline GT Dimensions:
  • 82” Long 35” Wide
  • 30” Wide without Flight Controls
  • 40” With Monitor

Redline GT Not Included

*Special Note: Your Redline GT Racing Simulator weighs over 300 pounds and may not be able to be delivered to your front door!

Here’s What Redline GT Drivers Have To Say!

Redline GT Customer Comments

I was able to find 2 comments about the Redline GT Full Immersion Racing Simulator on the Amazon. These guys obviously love their Redline GT’S. Who wouldn’t? The Redline GT would be any gamers dream. Having your own car to flight simulator cockpit to play your favorite games in is the ultimate simulator experience!

The Redline Gt does not come with the 42″ HDTV shown in the images. You do have to supply your own TV Monitor. This is not as bad as it sounds. You could add a curved 55″ or 65″ 4K HDTV for an unbelievable immersive simulator experience. You could hang the TV on the wall and roll your Redline GT right in front of it.

Imagine the view you’ll have and the feeling of being part of the action with the curved 4K TV or you can just go with a 42′ HDTV just like the one in the images and still have one mean racing simulator machine. The choice is all yours! Well, it’s finally time to jump in the drivers seat and take the checkered flag!

Okay Drivers, Start Your Engines!

Real Race Simulator

Go ahead and click on the red button below now. You will not find a better racing or flight simulator at this price anywhere online. The Redline GT Racing Simulator is the best real race simulator on the market in its class! Similar simulators retail for well over $8,000.

Why spend a fortune when you can have the Redline Racing Simulator for a fraction of the price delivered right to your front door! Get the AMAZING Redline GT before the holidays. There’s only 2 left in stock with many, many more on the way! This is definitely a Hot item so they won’t last long during the holiday season.

I hope I covered everything about the Redline GT Racing Simulator. If you have any questions or comments about the Redline GT please don’t hesitate to leave them below or just contact me personally by sending me an email. Thank you for taking some time and visiting with us today.

I’ll see you at the next race and thanks again! 😉

Jack Taylor Signature 2


Redline GT SimulatorProduct Name: Redline GT Full Immersion Racing Simulator
Produced By: Chicago Gaming Co.
Hottest Price Online: $3,014.66
Cheapest Place To Buy:
Money Back Guarantee: YES!
Simulator Rating: 5 Out Of 5 Stars
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Chicago Gaming Co.
Product Name
Redline GT Full Immersion Racing Simulator
USD $3,014.66
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10 thoughts on “Redline GT Racing Simulator Experience!

  1. This seems like the ultimate experience for any gamer with the money to drop on something this amazing! This reminds me of the old arcade days when you’d see cabinet after cabinet set up with racing games like Daytona and Crusin’ USA! Definitely looks like a must buy for anyone looking to set up a local arcade business or just really serious about their racing games!

    1. Hi Ken,

      I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s when game games were the place to go. Every mall in America had an Arcade back in those days.

      I still remember walking inside and going right to my favorite Arcade game, Galaga. We used to put a quarter in the machine and play that game for hours.

      Fast forward to today and you can bring the Arcade experience right into your home with the AMAZING Redline GT Racing Simulator.

      As soon as I saw the Redline GT Racing Simulator, I just had to have it. I’m a flight simulator junkie and I do love racing games as well.

      Especially, Formula 1 racing! I do remember Cruising’ USA and Daytona, those racing games would be great to drive with the Redline GT Racing Simulator.

      You are right when you say that the Redline GT would be the ultimate experience for any gamer. It makes a big difference when you jump in the drivers seat and feel every bump in the road.

      It really is just like having an Arcade in your living room. The price will be a little expensive for some people but if you can afford the Redline GT, it’s worth every penny and more.

      Thank you for taking the time and leaving your comment. It’s nice to meet another gamer from the old days. Even though I’m older now I still have a little kid in me that still wants to have fun. I guess we all do!

      Thanks again for stopping by Ken,


  2. Being a person who loves gaming — I could see this as being really fun — especially since it’s compatible with PlayStation.

    My wife also loves these types of games — and is pretty much the only thing she will play when we are at a arcade.

    The only thing that kind of turns me off is the price — 3k is a lot of money. I could buy a whole lot of PlayStation games for that kind of money. Other than that I really like this game and overall simulator.

    Thanks for the reveiw. : )

    1. Hello Michael,

      Thank you for taking the time for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on the Redline GT Racing Simulator. Any gamer would love one of these in their home.

      The Redline GT is compatible with any gaming system you choose and you can hook up a PC to it as well. There are lots of awesome PC Games that will work great with this racing simulator.

      It also doubles as a flight simulator as well making the Redline GT the ultimate simulator. I do agree that $3.000.00 is a lot of money.

      However, you do what pay for what you get. You will not find another racing simulator for this price on the market. There is no other simulator in it’s class.

      You will easily pay an additional $5,000.oo or more for similar racing simulators and they are not a flight simulator as well.

      Thanks again for stopping by and reading my article on the AMAZING Redline GT Racing Simulator by the Chicago Gaming Company.

      Best wishes,


  3. Ahh, this looks so awesome. The total arcade experience for your home! Can this interface be used to control all racing and flying games on PC and PS4 or is it only compatible with some of them? Also, it would be cool if they offered the unit in different colours. For me, blue wouldn’t fit the colour scheme of my room haha! Either way, this thing would make any kids dream come true for Christmas!

    1. Hi Tony,

      I’m glad that you like the Redline GT Racing Simulator. What guy wouldn’t want one in their man cave? It’s like going back in time to me.

      Back in the days when I was a kid, we skipped every day of summer school to go to the Arcade and play games all day. Just to be clear! Kids do not skip school!

      Anyways, the Redline GT Racing Simulator is compatible with any system you choose to add. It could be a PC and any type of xBox or Playstation.

      The Redline GT Racing Simulator does come with the Logitech G27 driving controls with feedback steering, tri pedal shifter brake, clutch, gas and a six-speed shifter.

      The Logitech G27 does work with the Play Station 3 and I think up to Windows 10. I don’t Know if it will work with the xBox 1 or the Playstation 4.

      You may have to buy new driving controls for new newer game consoles. You can add any system and controllers you want to the Redline GT Racing Simulator.

      It’s designed to be versatile. You can customize your Redline GT the way you want! You bring up a good point about color.

      Although blue looks great! I wish I could get one in candy apple red or have it look like a fighter jet. The Redline GT Racing Simulator is so AWESOME, the color is a minor detail.

      I don’t know about you but as old as I am. I’d love to have one under my Christmas Tree too! Us Generation X guys are getting old but we were the first generation to grow up with video games in our homes.

      It all started with Pong in the early 70’s I think. We had an Atari and a Sega Genesis to name a few. It’s hard to believe her far video games have come since then.

      Thanks for visiting and taking the time to share your thoughts and question. I hope you have a great holiday season and hope you visit again.

      Thanks again,


  4. As someone who plays a ton of video games and misses the days when arcades were as big as they were, I think this looks awesome and would definitely be interested in owning one!

    I like the idea of inserting a game console and playing racing games this way. It is also convenient having a compartment to store all of your games and play any of them.

    My question is, does this arcade device work with any game console you hook up to it? In the video, I see that it says PS3 and PC but what about Xbox 360, XB1, and PS4?

    1. Hello Arie,

      I grew up in the 80’s when Game Rooms were the place to go. It brings back a lot of memories. Remember when Pac-Man first came out?

      We all thought it was the coolest thing. How about Space Invaders? Another Arcade hit from the 80’s that everyone played. I could keep going on but you know what I mean.

      Unlike the Arcade games of the past that were only based on one game. The Redline GT Racing Simulator allows you to add any gaming platform you want.

      This includes a PC or MAC. Preferably a fancy gaming PC would be even better. The Redline GT Racing Simulator also comes with a switch.

      With the flick of a switch, you can go from driving in the Daytona 500 on your Play Station 4 to flying the Space Shuttle on your PC.

      The Redline GT Racing Simulator works with any game system you want. It does come with the Logitech G27 driving controls with feedback steering, pedals, clutch and 6 speed shifter.

      You do need to make sure the driving controls are compatible with the system you decide to run. You can simply buy driving and flight controllers that are compatible.

      One more thing about the Redline GT Racing Simulator. It does not come with the 42″ monitor in the images. This is not a bad thing because just like the game systems you choose.

      You can choose the type of HDTV you want to add. You could add a 42′ HDTV like the one displayed or you can swing for the fences and add a 65″ 4K curved HDTV!

      The 65″ TV would not fit on the Redline GT, you would have to hang it on a wall and roll the Redline GT in front of it. Just imagine the driving experience with a 4K Curved HDTV.

      You would literally be in the game. especially, with surround sound speakers and vibration activated racing seat for an even more realistic driving experience.

      Thank you for stopping by and asking your question Arie. Please make sure to come back and share your feedback on the Redline GT Racing Simulator after you get it and try it out.

      Happy Racing and I hope you don’t get car sick! Ha Ha


  5. Hey Jack, this actually looks pretty awesome. But I will have to agree with you and everyone else about the price for what you get. Seems something more the rich or someone with a lot of extra cash and room would buy. While I love simulators and can see myself really enjoying my games on this the price really hurts, nonetheless with some extra cash I would certainly buy it haha. Thanks for showing me this.

    1. Hi Victor,

      All I do is review cool product after cool product. If I only had an unlimited supply of cash. I already drive my wife crazy with the things I buy now.

      I imagine if I was rich! Anyways, you do get what you pay for. It is expensive but is really a great price considering there are other racing simulators starting at $8,000 and up. 

      They are way more expensive than the Redline GT Racing Simulator. There are a lot more people that can afford to drop $3,000 on the Redline GT as opposed to $8,000 and up for the others

      These simulators that are considerably more expensive are full motion flight and racing simulators. Those are way out of my price range. At least the Redline GT Racing Simulator is relatively affordable.

      The Redline GT Racing Simulator is fun for everyone and especially older people who can afford to have a little fun and buy the toys they never had.

      Thanks for stopping by and weighing in on the AMAZING Redline GT Racing Simulator. Who knows, maybe a Redline GT may find a way to your front door.

      Thanks again Victor,


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