RC P-51 Mustang Sale Plus FREE Shipping!

RC P-51 Mustang Sale Plus FREE Shipping!

RC P-51 Mustang Sale

FMS P-51 Flying

Okay RC Pilots!

There is a HUGE RC P-51 Mustang Sale and you get FREE shipping too! This is not your ordinary RC P-51 Mustang. It’s a state-of-the-art giant scale P-51 Mustang PNP RC Warbird. This beautifully detailed airplane is almost five feet long with a six foot wingspan.

She flies like she’s on rails and she is extremely fast. The FMS P-51 Mustang looks like the real thing while she’s in the air! She has LED lights, retractable landing gear including the tail gear and is a Radio-controlled aircraft. She comes completely detailed and painted. Take a look at the P-51 demonstration video below.

P-51 1700mm FMS P-51D ☜㋡☞ ESS-AIR Maiden Flight Demonstration

I hope you enjoyed the demo video as much as I did. The guy in the video is one heck of a pilot. He beautifully demonstrated how agile and fast the FMS P-51 Mustang is. As you can see, she is very maneuverable and can turn on a dime. She handles extremely well for a P-51.

Just like the real P-51, she is just as good looking as her counterpart. Before I get into the specifications and features of the FMS P-51 Mustang. I’m going to take you on a trip through time and give you a brief history of the Legendary P-51 Mustang RC Plane. She is arguably the greatest fighter plane of all time!

History Of The North American P-51 Mustang

P-51D Ferocious Frankie

The P-51 Mustang was designed by the North American Aviation (NAA) in 1940 in response to fulfill a requirement of the British Purchasing Commission. The Purchasing Commission approached North American to produce the P-40 under license for the Royal Air Force (RAF).

North American Aviation did not want to produce an aircraft with an old design from another company so they approached the RAF and proposed to design a completely new modern fighter. As they say, the rest is history. On September 9, 1940, the proto-type NA-73X airframe rolled.

The P-51 Mustang first flew October 26, 1940. Only 1-02 days from signing the contract with the British Purchasing Commission. The P-51 Mustang was originally powered by the Allison V-1710 engine which did not do well at altitudes higher than 15,000 feet. She was underpowered!

A Legend Is Born!

It wasn’t until the addition of the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine to the P-51B and C model a legend was born. The Rolls-Royce Merlin engine gave her the opportunity to compete at altitude levels above 15,000 feet. She made an immediate impact on the Luftwaffe shredding them to bits.

For the first time, the Allies had a fighter that could escort the B-17 bombers all the way to Germany and back to England. The legendary Tuskegee Airmen flew P-51 Mustang’s. They were also known as the red tails and escorted B-17 during World War 2. They NEVER lost a bomber to an enemy fighter.

The Tuskegee Airmen are the only squadron with this AMAZING combat record. As an added bonus. I found a video of a real P-51 Mustang in action. Her name is “Ferocious Frankie”, the same name as your FMS P-51 Mustang. Sit back and enjoy the ride. This is a great demonstration of what the P-51 can do. Enjoy!

P-51D Mustang “Ferocious Frankie”

As you can see, the P-51 was the ultimate bird of prey during World War 2. She quickly made a name for herself and soon dominated the skies over Europe. The P-51 is also the only fighter plane of the war, credited with shooting down a ME-262. This was the first operational jet in the history of warfare.

The ME-262 was far superior to anything the Allies had in the air at the time. She was over 100 knots faster than anything flying at time. However, the P-51 Mustang did manage to shoot a few ME-262’s down. They were mostly shot down when they were most vulnerable, coming in for a landing.

The P-51 Mustang was one of the most successful aircraft during World War 2. She had a kill ratio of 19:1. This means that she shot down 19 planes to every 1 Mustang lost. That’s an astonishing kill ratio! The P-51 Mustang is credited with 4,950 Luftwaffe kills. More than any other Allied fighter during the war!

Let’s Check Out The P-51 Mustang!

FMS P-51D Ferocious Frankie

FMS P-51 Mustang Features:

FMS P-51 Mustang Landing Gear

  • Extremely Large 1700mm Wingspan That Offers A True Scale Appearance & Performance
  • 25g Digital Metal Gear Servos For Ailerons, Elevator & Rudder
  • FMS Designed Retracts With Metal Trunnions For Better Durability & Scale Open / Close speed (Set For 6 Seconds)
  • Gigantic 85A ESC & 5060-300KV Motor
  • 17″ Super Scale 4 Blade Propeller
  • Flaps
  • Retractable Main & Tail Gear
  • Durable EPO Foam

FMS P-51 Mustang Specifications:

FMS P-51 Mustang Tail Gear

  • Wingspan: 1700mm / 66.9 inches
  • Length: 1490mm / 58.2 inches
  • Flying Weight: Approximately 4080g
  • Engine Size: 5060-Kv300 Brushless Motor
  • Speed Control: 85A, Internal 8A SBEC, EC5 Connector
  • Propeller / EDF: 17×10 4 Blade
  • Servos: 25g × 6 (digital metal), 17g x 1, 9g x 3
  • Landing Gear: Electronic Retracts (main gear and tail)
  • Required Battery: 6 Cell 22.2V 4500 – 5000 MAH Lipo Battery With EC5 Connector (Required)
  • Required Radio: 6 Channel
  • Rudder: Yes
  • Flaps: Yes
  • Ailerons: Yes
  • Lights: Yes
  • Hinge Type: Foam
  • Material: EPO Foam

Your FMS P-51 Mustang Requires:

FMS P-51 Mustang Pilot

  • 6 Channel Radio – Make Sure You Select A Minimum 6 Channel Radio
  • 6 Channel Receiver – Make Sure You Select A Minimum 6 Channel Receiver
  • Recommended EPR45006E – 6 Cell 22.2V 4500 – 5000 MAH Lipo Battery With EC5 Connector
  • 6 Cell Compatible Battery Charger – Make Sure You Select A Minimum 6 Cell (6S) Charger

*Special Note: Your RC P-51 Mustang Kit will be shipped for FREE!

Fly The P-51 Mustang Now!

Buy FMS P-51 Mustang

I hope you enjoyed the FMS P-51 Mustang review. Thank you for taking the time to read my review all the way to the end. If you read this far, go ahead and click on the red button below now! You instantly qualify for FREE shipping! Order your P-51 before the holidays.

If you have any comments or questions about the FMS P-51 Mustang Sale, please leave them below or contact me by sending an email! I love talking RC airplanes so I look forward to hearing from you.

I’ll see you in the air and thanks again! 😉

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6 thoughts on “RC P-51 Mustang Sale Plus FREE Shipping!

  1. You are right, the guy in the video is a heck of a pilot. I am looking for a step up from the trainer I have been using. I don’t know if I am quite ready for this or not. I didn’t realize how big it is until I saw the Youtube video. As a new pilot, do you know if this is a good next step for me? I can tell your RC-P51 Mustang looks really cool and would certainly be fun to fly. Can you tell me how long the battery will last and if there are extra batteries available? Thank you for reviewing the plane, I think it might be a great next step for me. I look forward to hearing back from you.

    1. Hi Steve & Kris,

      When you fly your trainer efficiently and consistently then I would try a plane like the P-51 Mustang. This is a high performance fighter plane.

      The P-51 is scaled exactly like its real-life counterpart and does have some of the same flight characteristics. This plane can stall in certain maneuvers just like the real P-51.

      The flight time for this aircraft is about 6 or 7 minutes. I always set the timer for 6 minutes and land about a minute later. 

      You can buy all the extra batteries you want. Some planes that I own use the same battery so I don’t have to buy lots of batteries. I do make sure to have 4 batteries per plane.

      You know when you’ll be ready for the P-51 Mustang. If you’re already a descent pilot, you can try this plane out as long as you don’t get to fancy.

      The P-51 flies well and is a very stable airplane but you do have to know how to fly it. It’s a lot faster, maneuverable and responds quicker than what you’re used to.

      The guy in the video made it all look too easy. He’s definitely a very skilled pilot for sure. I enjoyed watching him fly the P-51 Mustang in the demonstration video.

      If you do decide to get this plane, you couldn’t have picked a better time. You should take advantage of the RC P-51 Mustang Sale from Amazon while the price is this low.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving your questions. I hope you do get the P-51 Mustang, she’s beautiful! I have a question for you. What kind of RC Trainer are you flying?

      Best wishes,


  2. This is amazing. I know a friend of mine who is actually in those miniaturized planes. It feels complete. Your deals are amazing. I compared prices with other sites offering the same product and yours are the best. Red hot deals will be recommended to family and friends. Its great to meet you Jack!

    1. Hello Dominic,

      It’s nice to meet you too! I’m happy that you liked the website and products. Most of the time, I can find great deals on products.

      For example, I’m a ClickBank vendor and have access to bonuses and discounts for most digital products. This allows me to offer great products for low prices.

      I don’t have this kind of access to Amazon products because the individual sellers set the prices. However, there are thousands of discounts deals on Amazon.

      Thank you for stopping by and reading my RC P-51 Mustang Sale article. I would also like to thank you for sharing my website with your friends and family.

      I can’t say enough in words how much I really appreciate that. I hope you come back from time to time and check out brand new Red Hot Deals I add weekly.

      Thanks for your feedback as well, user experience and offering great deals for products that people want are my #1 priority! Your feedback helps me in this regard.

      Thanks again for visiting with us today Dominic,

      Best wishes,


  3. I really like that you have included the history of the P-51 Mustang. It is such a magnificent airplane!

    The holidays are coming soon and my son loves airplanes! He is 15, so I was wondering if this is a good model for him? How easy is this to learn to fly?

    Also I was wondering if you need a special license to fly these type of RC Airplanes?

    Are there any FAA regulations that I need to be aware of when it comes to a plane of this size?

    Thanks for the great history lesson!



    1. Hi Brendon,

      Most RC pilots are aviation enthusiasts like myself. I always add the history of the RC Plane that I’m reviewing. I just love the history of aviation.

      Especially, World War 2 Aircraft. If you look back at the advancements in aviation technology throughout the war. You can clearly see a huge leap in technology.

      Airplanes such as the P-51 Mustang, Super Marine Spitfire, BF-109, P-47 Thunderbolt and the first operational jet in history, the ME-262 are all prime examples in this leap in technology.

      These are just a few airplanes I used as examples. There are many more examples like the Yak-3 which was an awesome Soviet frontline fighter on the eastern front.

      The point is, these huge leaps in technology directly led to the Apollo Moon landings just 24 years later. Anyways, sorry to get off track here but I just love aviation.

      I could talk about it all day long. Let’s get back to the P-51 Mustang. If your son is new to RC Flying, I would suggest an RC Trainer that’s beginner friendly.

      What I mean by beginner friendly is a plane that’s easy to fly. The P-51 Mustang is a high performance airplane ind is scaled exactly like the real P-51.

      This means that this plane has the same fight characteristics as the real plane. You have to be an experienced pilot to fly this plane.

      Here is an RC Trainer that I recommend. The FMS Cessna 182 Sky Trainer. You can read my review FMS Cessna 182 Sky Trainer – Fly The Best!.

      This plane is very easy to fly and looks like a real Cessna with LED lights. Anyways, I would master this plane first before flying more advanced planes like the P-51 Mustang.

      Learning to fly is easy with todays RC aircraft. They’re easy to maintain and are made of durable EPO Foam. They can take some punishment and are easy to repair in most cases.

      As far as licensing goes, I know that you have to register your drones with the government. There is a website that you have to register your drone with.

      It is called the FAA Drone Registration System. You do not have to register your P-51 Mustang or any other RC airplane in this class. That’s as far as I know right now.

      This could change in the future. There are giant scale RC Jets that I’ve seen at the airfield from time to time. I’m not sure if those planes fall into the same category as drones.

      Thanks you for taking the time to check out the RC P-51 Mustang Sale. She would look good hanging from your ceiling until he’s ready to fly it.

      Who knows. you may get into the the hobby and start flying the P-51 yourself. Thanks for stopping by and asking some great questions about RC Flying.

      Best wishes and Happy Holidays to you and your family!


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