Nikola Tesla Inventions List – UNSEALED!

Nikola Tesla Inventions List - UNSEALED!

Nikola Tesla Inventions List

Tesla Electric Company LogoBelieve it or not! Most people never heard the name Nikola Tesla. I’m going to reveal a Nikola Tesla Inventions List you never knew existed. Why do you think that is? I am going to introduce you to arguably the greatest mind that ever lived! I know that’s a pretty bold statement to make considering scientists such as Albert Einstein, Galileo Galilei, Aristotle, Thomas Edison, Sir Isaac Newton, Johannes Kepler and Stephen Hawking.

There are many more great scientists that I didn’t list. I’m pretty sure you get the idea. The point is, many of you recognize some of the names above. Who doesn’t know who Albert Einstein is, right? You are about to discover a conspiracy so vast, that it will literally take your breath away. You are about to experience history like never before.

There is a thick cloud of mystery surrounding Nikola Tesla and his contributions to mankind and science. I am going to list several inventions created by Nikola Tesla that you may or may not use every single day of your life. It will blow your mind once I start to reveal the real truth about Nikola Tesla and his inventions.

The first of Nikola Tesla’s inventions on the list is perhaps the greatest of them all and the one we take for granted the most. Without this amazing technology, life as we know would not exist. The funny thing is, from time to time we may have to go anywhere from a few minutes to few hours without it.

Top 10 Amazing Nikola Tesla Inventions and Innovations

Nikola Tesla’s Top 3 Inventions

#1. A/C – Alternating Current

Alternating Current Nikola TeslaEvery time the power goes out, we are quickly reminded how much we can’t live without it. Most of the time, a storm may blow through and knock out the power. Usually, the power is restored in minutes to hours. As inconvenient as it is, imagine if the power didn’t come on for a few days or even weeks.

The point is, we take electricity for granted the most until the lights go out. We can thank Nikola Tesla and his A/C Alternating Current system, which we still use today to run our power grid, for the magic of electricity. An invention we can all agree upon, that we literally can’t live without!

The #2 invention on the Nikola Tesla inventions list is arguably his greatest invention of them all. I chose Alternating Current because this invention alone, powered modern civilization into what it is today. It was an easy choice considering we still use Nikola Tesla’s Alternating Current to power our every day lives.

#2. FREE Energy!

Nikola Tesla Free Energy

FREE Energy! What a concept, wouldn’t it be awesome if we didn’t have to pay that dreaded electric bill every month? Well, if Nikola Tesla had his way, our great grandparents would have had FREE ELECTRICITY. As much electricity as they needed, all for FREE! Just imagine the World we could’ve lived in with an unlimited supply FREE ENERGY.

This idea about FREE ENERGY was not just a theory Nikola Tesla had, he actually invented it in Shoreham, New York in 1901-1902. The facility was called the Wardenclyffe Tower. It was the first transmission tower in the World designed to transmit electricity through the air. This technology worked but needed to be perfected.

Wardenclyffe Tower – Shoreham, New York in 1901

Tesla Wireless Tower Wardenclyffe

Nikola Tesla desperately tried to secure funding for his FREE ENERGY project. Nikola Tesla was never able to achieve his dream that every man, woman and child would have access to unlimited FREE ELECTRICITY. You see, during the late 1800’s, J.P. Morgan invested in Thomas Edison and his D/C (Direct Current) electrical system.

At that time, the majority of people were using oil to light up their lamps at night. At the same time, George Westinghouse invested in Nikola Tesla and his A/C (Alternating Current) system. This began what was known at the time as “The Current Wars”. Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse would win “The Current War” and go on to secure a contract to build their A/C Current system in Niagra Falls, N.Y.

Edison Tesla War Of Currents

J.P. Morgan and his vast wealth strong armed George Westinghouse to sell his and Nikola Tesla’s electric company along with all of Tesla’s patents. You see, Nikola Tesla signed over all of his patents over to George Westinghouse in order to help finance their new electric company (Tesla Electric Co.). Nikola Tesla lost everything! Including who history would record as the father of electricity, Thomas Edison.

J.P. Morgan wanted to corner the market before a market even existed. Another words, he wanted to charge every single American for electricity as opposed to Nikola Tesla’s FREE ENERGY alternative. Keep in mind that Tesla’s Alternate Current had nothing to do with his Wireless Electricity project.

His Alternate Current system was superior to Edison’s Direct Current System. Nikola Tesla’s Alternate Current system transmitted electricity over vast distances more efficiently. The use of Tesla’s transformers every few miles was a cheaper alternative to build than an entire power station every mile, which would be required had Edison’s Direct Current system won the day.

Nikola Tesla Free Energy Flying Cars 2

Unfortunately, money is the reason Nikola Tesla’s FREE ENERGY DREAM was realized. Fossil fuels would have been a 19th Century fuel while we powered a way to a future of unlimited FREE ENERGY. Imagine that every device we use today didn’t need to be powered by electricity or fossil fuels. Heck, we should be piloting flying cars by now!

Our World would be so different than it is today! Just imagine others advanced technologies probably being kept from us just to keep the status quo going. Nikola Tesla was a man who worked his whole life to improve mankind. He never ever invented anything with the idea of making money off of it. He wasn’t a business man and was known to have made a few bad investments.

*Important To Note: Had Nikola Tesla realized his FREE ENERGY dream, I would have easily ranked this invention #1.

#3. Tesla Death Ray – “The Teleforce”

Tesla Death Ray

It is rumored that the Russian and American militaries possess a weapon based on Nikola Tesla’s Teleforce. Nikola Tesla called his Death Ray the Teleforce. Whether this technology exists or not is up for debate. Imagine being able to aim a weapon like this at an Army in the field or even worse, a civilian population.

Like I said earlier, I’m not sure if this is science fiction or not. I thought it was interesting enough to make my top 3 Nikola Tesla inventions list. I can go into great detail with many more of Nikola Tesla’s inventions. Below is a complete list of Nikola Tesla’s U.S. Patents. I may have missed 1 or 2 patents so please forgive me.

*Special Note: I got Tesla’s patents list from

Here’s The Complete UNSEALED List Of Nikola Tesla’s Inventions Below:

Nikola Tesla Classified 3

Nikola Tesla United States Patents #1 – #110
  1. U.S. Patent 0,334,823 – January 2, 1886“Commutator For Dynamo Electric Machines”
  2. U.S. Patent 0,335,786 – February 9, 1886“Electric Arc Lamp”
  3. U.S. Patent 0,335,787 – February 9, 1886“Electric Arc Lamp”
  4. U.S. Patent 0,336,961 – March 2, 1886“Regulator For Dynamo Electric Machines”
  5. U.S. Patent 0,336,962 – March 2, 1886“Regulator For Dynamo Electric Machines”
  6. U.S. Patent 0,350,954 – October 19, 1886“Regulator For Dynamo Electric Machines”
  7. U.S. Patent 0,359,748 – March 22, 1887“Dynamo Electric Machine”
  8. U.S. Patent 0,381,968 – May 1, 1888“Electro Magnetic Motor”
  9. U.S. Patent 0,381,969 – May 1, 1888“Electro Magnetic Motor”
  10. U.S. Patent 0,381,970 – May 1, 1888“System Of Electrical Distribution”
  11. U.S. Patent 0,382,279 – May 1, 1888“Electro Magnetic Motor”
  12. U.S. Patent 0,382,280 – May 1, 1888“Electrical Transmission Of Power”
  13. U.S. Patent 0,382,281 – May 1, 1888“Electrical Transmission Of Power”
  14. U.S. Patent 0,382,282 – May 1, 1888“Method of Converting And Distributing Electric Currents”
  15. U.S. Patent 0,382,845 – May 15, 1888“Commutator For Dynamo Electric Machines”
  16. U.S. Patent 0,390,413 – October 2, 1888“System Of Electrical Distribution”
  17. U.S. Patent 0,390,414 – October 2, 1888“Dynamo Electric Machine”
  18. U.S. Patent 0,390,415 – October 2, 1888“Dynamo Electric Machine Or Motor”
  19. U.S. Patent 0,390,721 – October 9, 1888“Dynamo Electric Machine”
  20. U.S. Patent 0,390,820 – October 9, 1888“Regulator For Alternate Current Motors”
  21. U.S. Patent 0,396,121 – January 15, 1888“Thermo Magnetic Motor”
  22. U.S. Patent 0,401,520 – April 16, 1889“Method Of Operating Electro Magnetic Motors”
  23. U.S. Patent 0,405,858 – June 25, 1889“Electro Magnetic Motor”
  24. U.S. Patent 0,405,859 – June 25, 1889“Method Of Electrical Power Transmission”
  25. U.S. Patent 0,406,968 – July 16, 1889“Dynamo Electric Machine”
  26. U.S. Patent 0,413,353 – October 22, 1889“Method Of Obtaining Direct Current From Alternating Currents”
  27. U.S. Patent 0,416,191 – December 3, 1889“Electro Magnetic Motor”
  28. U.S. Patent 0,416,192 – December 3, 1889“Method Of Operating Electro Magnetic Motors”
  29. U.S. Patent 0,416,193 – December 3, 1889“Electro Magnetic Motor”
  30. U.S. Patent 0,416,194 – December 3, 1889“Electric Motor”
  31. U.S. Patent 0,416,195 – December 3, 1889“Electro Magnetic Motor”
  32. U.S. Patent 0,417,794 – December 24, 1889“Armature For Electric Machines”
  33. U.S. Patent 0,418,248 – December 31, 1889“Electro Magnetic Motor”
  34. U.S. Patent 0,424,036 – March 25, 1890“Electro Magnetic Motor”
  35. U.S. Patent 0,428,057 – May 13, 1890“Pyromagneto Electric Generator”
  36. U.S. Patent 0,433,700 – August 5, 1890“Alternating Current Electro Magnetic Motor”
  37. U.S. Patent 0,433,701 – August 5, 1890“Alternating Current Motor”
  38. U.S. Patent 0,433,702 – August 5, 1890“Electrical Transformer Or Induction Device”
  39. U.S. Patent 0,433,703 – August 5, 1890“Electro Magnetic Motor”
  40. U.S. Patent 0,445,207 – January 27, 1891“Electro Magnetic Motor”
  41. U.S. Patent 0,447,920 – March 10, 1891“Method Of Operating Arc Lamps”
  42. U.S. Patent 0,447,921 – March 10, 1891“Alternating Electric Current Generator”
  43. U.S. Patent 0,454,622 – March 10, 1891“System Of Electric Lighting”
  44. U.S. Patent 0,455,067 – June 30, 1891“Electro Magnetic Motor”
  45. U.S. Patent 0,455,068 – June 30, 1891“Electrical Meter”
  46. U.S. Patent 0,455,069 – June 30, 1891“Electric Incandescent Lamp”
  47. U.S. Patent 0,459,772 – September 22, 1891“Electro Magnetic Motor”
  48. U.S. Patent 0,462,418 – November 3, 1891“Method Of And Apparatus For Electrical Conversion And Distribution”
  49. U.S. Patent 0,464,666 – December 8, 1891“Electro Magnetic Motor”
  50. U.S. Patent 0,464,667 – December 8, 1891“Electrical Condenser”
  51. U.S. Patent 0,487,796 – December 13, 1892“System Of Electrical Transmission Of Power”
  52. U.S. Patent 0,511,559 – December 26, 1893“Electrical Transmission Of Power”
  53. U.S. Patent 0,511,560 – December 26, 1893“System Of Electrical Power Transmission”
  54. U.S. Patent 0,511,915 – January 2, 1894“Electrical Transmission Of Power”
  55. U.S. Patent 0,511,916 – January 2, 1894“Electric Generator”
  56. U.S. Patent 0,512,340 – January 9, 1894“Coil For Electro Magnets”
  57. U.S. Patent 0,514,167 – February 6, 1894“Electrical Conductor”
  58. U.S. Patent 0,514,168 – February 6, 1894“Means For Generating Electric Currents”
  59. U.S. Patent 0,514,169 – February 6, 1894“Reciprocating Engine”
  60. U.S. Patent 0,514,170 – February 6, 1894“Incandescent Electric Light”
  61. U.S. Patent 0,514,972 – February 20, 1894“Electric Railway System”
  62. U.S. Patent 0,514,973 – February 20, 1894“Electrical Meter”
  63. U.S. Patent 0,517,900 – April 10, 1894“Steam Engine”
  64. U.S. Patent 0,524,426 – August 14, 1894“Electromagnetic Motor”
  65. U.S. Patent 0,555,190 – February 25, 1896“Alternating Motor”
  66. U.S. Patent 0,567,818 – September 15, 1896“Electrical Condenser”
  67. U.S. Patent 0,568,176 – September 22, 1896“Apparatus For Producing Electrical Currents Of High Frequency And Potential”
  68. U.S. Patent 0,568,177 – September 22, 1896“Apparatus For Producing Ozone”
  69. U.S. Patent 0,568,178 – September 22, 1896“Method Of Regulating Apparatus For Producing Electric Currents Of High Frequency”
  70. U.S. Patent 0,568,179 – September 22, 1896“Method Of And Apparatus For Producing Currents Of High Frequency”
  71. U.S. Patent 0,568,180 – September 22, 1896“Apparatus For Producing Electrical Currents Of High Frequency”
  72. U.S. Patent 0,577,670 – February 23, 1896“Apparatus For Producing Electrical Currents Of High Frequency”
  73. U.S. Patent 0,577,671 – February 23, 1896“Manufacture Of Electrical Condensers, Coils And Similar Devices”
  74. U.S. Patent 0,583,953 – June 8, 1897“Apparatus For Producing Currents Of High Frequency”
  75. U.S. Patent 0,593,138 – November 2, 1897“Electrical Transformer”
  76. U.S. Patent 0,609,245 – August 16, 1898“Electrical Circuit Controller”
  77. U.S. Patent 0,609,246 – August 16, 1898“Electric Circuit Controller”
  78. U.S. Patent 0,609,247 – August 16, 1898“Electric Circuit Controller”
  79. U.S. Patent 0,609,248 – August 16, 1898“Electric Circuit Controller”
  80. U.S. Patent 0,609,249 – August 16, 1898“Electric Circuit Controller”
  81. U.S. Patent 0,609,250 – August 16, 1898“Electrical Igniter For Gas Engines”
  82. U.S. Patent 0,609,251 – August 16, 1898“Electric Circuit Controller”
  83. U.S. Patent 0,611,719 – October 4, 1898“Electrical Circuit Controller”
  84. U.S. Patent 0,613,735 – November 8, 1898“Electric Circuit Controller”
  85. U.S. Patent 0,613,809 – July 1, 1898“Method Of And Apparatus For Controlling Mechanism Of Moving Vehicle Or Vehicles”
  86. U.S. Patent 0,645,576 – March 20, 1900“System Of Transmission Of Electrical Energy – Wireless Transmission Of Electric Power”
  87. U.S. Patent 0,649,621 – May 15, 1900“Apparatus For Transmission Of Electrical Energy – Related To US645576”
  88. U.S. Patent 0,655,838 – October 2, 1900“Method of Insulating Electric Conductors – Reissued As U.S. Patent RE11,865”
  89. U.S. Patent 0,685,012 – March 21, 1900“Means For Increasing The Intensity Of Electrical Oscillations”
  90. U.S. Patent 0,685,953 – November 5, 1901“Apparatus For Utilizing Effects Transmitted From A Distance To A Receiving Device Through Natural Media”
  91. U.S. Patent 0,685,954 – November 5, 1901“Method Of Utilizing Effects Transmitted Through Natural Media”
  92. U.S. Patent 0,685,955 – November 5, 1901“Apparatus For Utilizing Effects Transmitted From A Distance To A Receiving Device Through Natural Media”
  93. U.S. Patent 0,685,956 – November 5, 1901“Apparatus For Utilizing Effects Transmitted through Natural Media”
  94. U.S. Patent 0,685,957 – November 5, 1901“Apparatus For The Utilization Of Radiant Energy”
  95. U.S. Patent 0,685,958 – November 5, 1901“Method Of Utilizing Of Radiant Energy”
  96. U.S. Patent 0,723,188 – March 17, 1903“Method Of Signaling”
  97. U.S. Patent 0,725,605 – April 14, 1903“System Of Signaling”
  98. U.S. Patent 0,787,412 – April 18, 1905“Art Of Transmitting Electrical Energy Through The Natural Mediums”
  99. U.S. Patent 1,061,142 – October 21, 1909“Fluid Propulsion”
  100. U.S. Patent 1,061,206 – October 21, 1909“Turbine”
  101. U.S. Patent 1,113,716 – October 13, 1914“Fountain”
  102. U.S. Patent 1,119,732 – December 1, 1914“Apparatus For Transmitting Electrical Energy”
  103. U.S. Patent 1,209,359 – December 19, 1916“Speed Indicator”
  104. U.S. Patent 1,266,175 – May 14, 1918“Lightning Protector”
  105. U.S. Patent 1,274,816 – August 6, 1918“Speed Indicator”
  106. U.S. Patent 1,314,718 – September 2, 1919“Ship’s Log”
  107. U.S. Patent 1,329,559 – February 3, 1920“Valvular Conduit”
  108. U.S. Patent 1,365,547 – January 11, 1921“Flow Meter”
  109. U.S. Patent 1,402,025 – January 3, 1922“Frequency Meter”
  110. U.S. Patent 1,655,113 – January 3, 1928“Method Of Aerial Transportation”
  111. U.S. Patent 1,655,114 – January 3, 1928“Apparatus For Aerial Transportation”

As I said earlier, I may have missed 1 or 2 of Nikola Tesla’s Patents. I have 111 on my list and has a total of 111 Tesla U.S. Patents. Once again, please forgive me if I missed some on my list. Nikola Tesla does have an additional 52 patents outside the United States that I did not list here.

Nikola Tesla has 29 British patents, 7 Canadian patents, 10 French patents and 6 Spanish patents for a total of 52. Nikola Tesla’s final patent was issued January 3, 1928 and was issued a total of 163 patents during his lifetime. Truly, one of if not the greatest scientist of them all!

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Nikola Tesla Inventions List - UNSEALED!
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Nikola Tesla Inventions List - UNSEALED!
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18 thoughts on “Nikola Tesla Inventions List – UNSEALED!

  1. This is absolutely FASCINATING.
    One credit you forgot: The rock band TESLA. lol

    So, I was a science major and have so much AWE and respect for these old-school scientists. To think that each time they did invent something they ran the risk of mass crazy criticism, dogmatic ignorance and other opposing forces. BUT they were the foundation for the modern age. WHAT A TRIP! And I had no idea Tesla was any sort of sooth-sayer.

    The patent list is JUST mind blowing. Imagine.

    By the way, great read, great photos, GREAT quotes, great graphics. U need to teach the internet world to CREATE!

    1. Hello Alexx,

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts about Nikola Tesla. Since you are a science major, I would love to hear more of your perspective on Nikola Tesla.

      The more I learn about him, the more I am fascinated by him. I think he was the greatest of all the scientists including Albert Einstein. I mean no disrespect to the other great scientists.

      Their contributions to mankind are cemented in stone forever. Nikola Tesla deserves his place among these men. His name has been intentionally ignored by history.

      If it wasn’t for the internet, I probably wouldn’t have ever known he existed. There are very few documentaries an television about Tesla and his inventions.

      Thanks again for visiting my website and I really appreciate the kinds words as well. I value feedback like yours. I always try to create the best user experience possible.

      Best wishes,


  2. Wow, honestly I had no idea what these inventions are. Of course I love Einstein, Aristotle, Thomas Edison, etc but I never really thought anyone today could come up with an invention that could match those of these famous guys.

    I love new discoveries and inventions and I would love to see some inventions that could potentially give a new meaning to innovations.

    1. Hello Alice,

      Thank you for leaving a great comment on Nikola Tesla. Most of Nikola Tesla’s inventions were invented well  over one hundred years ago.

      His biggest contribution was to our power grid. Nikola Tesla invented it! It was then stolen from him and his financial backer J.P. Morgan. History wrongfully gives credit to Thomas Edison.

      I’m not trying to take anything away from Thomas Edison,. After all, he did invent the light bulb but not our power grid. It is Nikola Tesla’s invention which still powers our civilization today.

      I love all the other scientists and contributions they have all made to mankind. However, I have a special place in my heart from Nikola Tesla. He was perhaps the best scientist of them all.

      Thank you again for stopping by and sharing your awesome comment Alice.


      1. Hey Jack, thanks for the additional information. I really do have a lot more to learn about scientists. Oh well, not my favorite subject that’s why. But I’m thankful for their contributions which we are still enjoying today.

        1. Hello Alice,

          You’re welcome and thank you for your response. It’s hard to learn about a subject if you’re not interested in it. However, Nikola Tesla’s story is more than science. I find his biography fascinating to say the least.

          It amazes me that his legacy is not taught in schools. I’m not sure if they are even teaching the kids about Einstein, Edison or any of the other great scientists. Every time I turn on a light switch I always think of Nikola Tesla.

          Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment Alice!

          Best wishes,


  3. I have checked out your website and I have got to say it has the best opening page I have ever seen. The graphics with the flames was awesome. I guess the site content seemed to be really pushy selling something, but I guess it was not being pushy just being really enthusiastic about what you were selling. I have seen a lot of those items you are selling on one of the affiliate marketing sign up sites. You have done a great job of putting them all in one place.

    1. Hi Jim,

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  4. I must say… THANK YOU SO MUCH for this blog post! I myself is kind of an inventor (at least sometimes I tend to invent and discover something) After reading this blog post, something really sparked an idea within me and made me realize that if Nikola Tesla had that kind of mindset even in his time of limited resources, how much more capable are we, now that information is just a click away from us. Thank you! : )

    1. Hello Anfernee,

      It is amazing what Nikola Tesla and other scientists in their time were able to accomplish with what we would call today, primitive resources.

      People like Nikola Tesla were true geniuses. They were able to see things in their mind that never existed before and make it into reality.

      I guess we all have a little inventor in us. People like Nikola Tesla come along once every few hundred years. Nikola Tesla truly represents the best that mankind has to offer.

      The internet is the most powerful tool that man has ever created. All the knowledge that man has accumulated over the eons is just a click away. Totally amazing when you think about it.

      Knowledge is power and the internet empowers us all, good and bad unfortunately. Thank you for visiting my website and leaving your comment Anfernee.

      Best of luck with your inventions,


  5. Wow, your site is really well put together. As I have my own site I aspire to make mine be as well put together as yours is. You have provided a lot of valid information that I feel students doing research on Nikola Tesla could get information from this page alone.

    Thank you very much,

    1. Hi Samantha,

      Thank you for your positive feedback on my website. I value your feedback very much and is much appreciated as well. I love feedback from my visitors so I can make improvements where necessary.

      I did tons of research on Nikola Tesla before I wrote this article. I have enough research on Nikola Tesla to write a book. Nikola Tesla’s life story is amazing and sad at the same time.

      I hope future generations learn the true history of Nikola Tesla and the contributions he has made to better mankind. Thanks again for your kind words and stopping by today Samantha.

      I wish you the very best,


  6. Thanks for this very interesting article, Jack.

    I had heard of Tesla, but I really had no idea he had invented so many different things.

    I totally agree with you that free electricity would have been a great thing. Unfortunately, without the possibility of making a profit, it is very difficult to get funding for the infrastructure required, so of course the profitable option would win out.

    I may have to investigate each of those patents further. I’m interested in learning more about them.

    1. Hello Andy,

      I am glad that you liked my article on Nikola Tesla’s inventions. Most people like myself, never knew about Tesla. It’s as if he was intentionally removed from the history books.

      You are right about FREE ENERGY. Who would invest in something that does not return a profit. Nikola Tesla’s FREE ENERGY idea was noble but not practical from an investors stand point.

      The more you learn about Nikola Tesla and his inventions, you will soon realize many of his inventions are still used to this day. For example, I bet you didn’t know Tesla invented the radio.

      Just like most of his other invention, someone else got all the credit. Guglielmo Marconi was issued the patent for the radio which was stolen from Tesla.

      It was later discovered that Nikola Tesla is the inventor of radio not Guglielmo Marconi. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a great comment Andy.


  7. Jack, your website is really cool! It really gets your attention with all the bright colors. You also have a good writing style that’s easy to understand. And, with all the products you have to offer, I will be coming back to check out some of the great bargains. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you so much Eric, I’m glad that you like the website. I tried to design a site that was easy on the eyes and loaded with top quality discount products.

      I appreciate the great feedback and input you provided. The website is still a work in progress. Come back and visit, I’m always adding new discount products weekly.

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  8. Wow, that is an extremely interesting article. I had heard of the race between Tesla and Edison, and how Edison was in it for money, whereas Tesla was trying to better humanity. It is quite sad when the greed for “success” and money overpowers that of kind actions and pure intentions.

    With that being said, the last item on your list seems to not have kind motives, and whether it be true or not, there is someone working for the military (guessing, but could be very true) that goes through every recorded idea by the human race, from video games to sci fi to ancient records, looking for deadly weapons or anything that could keep the US on top. Entertaining this idea is both scary and gratifying, but mostly scary.

    1. Hello Christopher,

      I am glad you enjoyed my article on Nikola Tesla Inventions List. The Current Wars shaped the future of the power grid and civilization.

      There could only be one winner of the Current Wars. The winner which was Tesla and his Alternate Current, would have to opportunity to monopolize an industry that didn’t exist yet.

      Although Nikola Tesla was a modest man sort of like Einstein, Tesla did work for money but money was not his #1 priority. Inventing and creating was Nikola Tesla’s passion.

      The Current Wars was really between J.p. Morgan and George Westinghouse. Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla were really just part of the whole story.

      J.P. Morgan had the foresight to see electricity was the future and determined to corner the market by any means necessary. Even though Tesla and Westinghouse won the Current War, they still lost to Morgan.

      Westinghouse did not have the resources to fight, so he was eventually forced to sell out to Morgan. Edison Electric was born which is still in existence today.

      As far as the Tesla Death Ray is concerned, it probably does exist. Lets just hope they only use this weapon on the battlefield. Thanks for an awesome comment Christopher.


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