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Lost Ways Ebook Inside the Lost Ways PDF you will learn survival skills that our forefathers used to tame an unforgiving North American Continent. These same skills were used by Native Americans, trappers, early pioneers and mountain men. These skills were essential to everyday life in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

These very same survival skills can be applied to any 21st century disaster no matter if they are manmade or not. Surviving a disaster is the easy part. It’s the aftermath of a disaster that’s a whole different ball game. The aftermath of a disaster is where most casualties occur.

This is because of lack of clean water, food, medicine and most important of all, POWER! Our whole way of life is dependent on electricity. We have a difficult time when the power goes out for a few minutes or hours. Imagine what it would be like to survive without power for days, weeks or even months.

The loss of power can happen in a hurricane, earthquake or the dreaded EMP (Electric Magnetic Pulse) attack which is a nuclear detonation in the atmosphere or a country such the United States for example. Such an attack would be devastating and you wouldn’t even know what happened at first. It would seem to be just another power outage.

An EMP attack would be devastating because such an attack would fry our power grid, all modern vehicles and technology. We would be thrown back to the eighteenth century in the blink of an eye and the power would takes years to restore if at all! It is estimated that 80% or more of the population would die within the first year. You don’t have to be a statistic!

Give You And Your Family A Fighting Chance To Live!

Lost Ways Homesteading

The Lost Ways book may be the BEST investment you’ll ever make. This AMAZING book is a whole lot more than the #1 survival book you can buy online. It’s also a book of early American history and will take you back to a time where everyday life was hard and extremely challenging.

These very same survival skills helped America become what it is today and if were not for these skills and the rugged people that were here before us. This country may not have grown into the GREATEST country the world has ever known. The Lost Ways is America’s real book of secrets as far as I’m concerned.

It doesn’t matter if you are a survivalist, prepper, hunter or avid outdoorsmen. You will all learn life saving skills that will save your ass should you ever find yourself in a life or death situation. Even you historians will love the Lost Ways Book. It is truly a national treasure and should be in every American home.

The survival skills inside the Lost Ways Book were lost to us generations ago. It was during and after the industrial revolution to be exact. These survival skills should NOT be lost to time and passes down to generation to generation. The Lost Ways Book is who we really are as Americans. It’s our heritage!

I strongly believe that The Lost Ways Book should be a mandatory course for all students in our schools. The information in this book is priceless and ingrained in our DNA. You need to read the Lost Ways Book to better understand what it daily life was really like in eighteenth century America. It will literally take you on a trip back in time!

Lost Ways PDF – How To Build A Self Feeding Fire – 14+ Hour Fire

As an added bonus just for stopping by today. I decided to give you a sneak peek inside the Lost Ways Book. Please take a few moments to watch the AMAZING demonstration video above. You are about to learn a skill early pioneers used when they were traveling across the continent to settle in the American west.

It would take 6 long months to complete the harrowing journey. They used a self feeding fire that would last all night long. You can try this out on your next camping trip. This is just one of the countless survival skills you’ll learn inside the Lost Ways PDF. I hope you enjoy the video!

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You can download the Lost Ways Book or order the physical copy and or both. There is no extra charge if you order the physical copy of the book and you will still get instant access to the PDF version of the book as soon as you finish checking out. You do have to pay a small shipping and handing fee.

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