How To Shoot A Pistol Accurately Every Single Time!

How To Shoot A Pistol Accurately Every Single Time!

How To Shoot A Pistol Accurately

In order to learn How To Shoot A Pistol Accurately, you need to practice. Shooting a handgun at a target and hitting it, is a lot harder to do than most people realize. There is a shorter radius between the front and rear sights unlike that of a rifle.

How To Shoot A Pistol Accurately
Learn How To Shoot Accurately

This increases our inability to focus when aiming at a target. You also don’t have the stability of the third locking point on your shoulder you get with the butt of a long gun pressed firmly against you. Then there’s the problem of a lot less gun to hold onto compared to a rifle.

With all that said, you can still shoot a pistol accurately by performing five basic steps. What you are doing here is, building a foundation to achieve maximum accuracy. Practice these five steps until it becomes second nature to you. You will hit your target every time. Guaranteed!

How to shoot a Pistol with world champion shooter, Jerry Miculek

Important To Note! Before we get started, I wan’t to point out that it is CRUCIAL that you hire a certified gun instructor. You need to learn how to operate your firearm safely. Always hire and consult with a professional before you go out and shoot your gun. You can find a certified gun instructor near you at

How To Shoot A Pistol Accurately Consistently

1. How To Use The Power Stance

Just like a foundation for a house, you need to lay down the first brick. The first brick in our foundation is the power stance. In order to explain this in the easiest possible terms, think of how a boxer or martial artist stands.

This is the same exact stance you would use on a surfboard or skateboard. The power stance gives you the ability to balance your weight on a moving platform. If you ever tried your hand at surfing. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Shooting Stance
The Power Stance

Imagine the stability you will have using this stance on solid ground. If you are a right handed shooter, you’re going to want your pelvis at a 45 degree angle facing towards your target with your left leg forward and your right leg behind you bending your knees slightly for stability.

If you are a left handed shooter, you would have your right leg forward and your left leg behind you. Now you are completely balanced forward and back ready to take aim at your target. You want your shoulders to be slightly forward when sooting.

This will get your body weight behind your gun and help you control the recoil from shooting. This is important in a rapid fire situation. You have a better chance of keeping your gun on target this way. Even taking slow shots, you should always keep your shoulders forward.

2. How To Properly Use The High hand Grasp

If you are shooting a double action revolver, you want the web of your hand firmly against the rear edge of the back strap of your gun. If you are shooting a semi-automatic handgun, you want to have the web of your hand so high against the back strap you see a ripple of flesh between your thumb and index finger.

Handgun High Grasp
The High Hand Grasp

If you hold the gun to low, this will force your shot to be low as well. Holding a semi-automatic pistol to low can cause the gun to jam. A low grasp will cause the gun to recoil upwards while the mechanism is automatically cycling causing the gun to possibly jam. You can prevent all of this with a high hand grasp.

3. How To Hard Grip Your Pistol

The key to an accurate shot is a hard firm grip. What you want to do here is to grip your gun as hard as you can until your hand starts to tremor. Then ease off until your hand stops shaking. This is extremely important in order to keep your gun as steady as possible during recoil. This is key to accuracy!

Hard Grip
The Hard Grip

It’s important to note while firmly gripping your gun. While aiming at your target with a firm hard grip, you will notice your hand tremble a little bit. This will make your target dance around in your gun site. This is perfectly fine because you have a direct line of sight on your target.

Just slowly pull the trigger and you’ll hit your target every time. It seems awkward at first, because you are actually trying to crush the gun in your hand. It takes a lot of practice to get used to it but extremely important to master.

4. How To Use Your Front Sight For Maximum Efficiency

The most important thing to remember is, when aiming at your target. Your focus should always be on your front sight. The front site lines up in between the notch of the rear site. The problem is, the human eye can’t focus on the back and front sights along with the target too.

Front Sight
Always Focus On The Front Sight

If you focus on the target instead of the front sight when aiming your pistol. Chances are, you’ll miss your shot. This is a common mistake among shooters and easily overlooked. Always focus on your front sight when aiming at your target. This is crucial to being as accurate as possible!

5. How To Smoothly Pull The Trigger

Now that you know how to stand, hold your gun and aim at the target. The next thing to do is pull the trigger. Even though you know how to do all these things. If you don’t pull the trigger correctly, you will miss your shot. This happens all the time to shooters.

You have to pull the trigger in a way that does not move the gun off target. This means the trigger has to come straight back towards you. The best way to pull the trigger is to slowly pull back until it discharges. This takes lots of practice.

Trigger On Handgun
Slowly Pull The Trigger

The best way to do this is to dry shoot. Practice aiming at your target while slowly pulling the trigger. You don’t want that muzzle to move even the slightest bit or you will be off target! This is the most critical part of the shot. Pulling the trigger.

Some call it rolling the trigger. It’s very important to remember to practice, practice and practice some more until you get it! This is the only way you will be able to consistently hit your targets. The best marksmen in the world use these five simple techniques to achieve consistent results every time.

Gun Safety Always Comes First!

Spec Ops Shooting Book CoverAlways remember to practice extreme caution whenever you handle any type of firearm. I suggest you take a course on gun safety and learn how to properly use your firearm. Make sure you hire a certified shooting instructor and always follow your state and local laws. Gun Safety First!

This information is not to be used as professional advice and you should always seek consultation from a trained professional. I got these shooting tips from a book called Spec Ops Shooting, written by a former Green Beret sniper and combat veteran.

If you have any tips or comments please feel free to leave them below now or email me by clicking HERE Contact Jack! Thank you and Stay Safe!

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How To Shoot A Pistol Accurately Every Single Time!
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How To Shoot A Pistol Accurately Every Single Time!
Learn how to shoot a pistol accurately every single time, in only 5 easy to do steps! Practice these tips and become a marksman in no time at all!
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4 thoughts on “How To Shoot A Pistol Accurately Every Single Time!

  1. You make this look so easy. I always wanted to learn how to target shoot, but one fear I have is holding a gun. Whenever I see people target shooting it seems like they almost close their eyes and that also makes me uneasy to be around where people are trying to practice shooting.

    1. Hi Jagi,

      It’s not as easy as it looks. I can now hit the target every time using these techniques. Hitting the bullseye is another story. I am getting better as I shoot more.

      It takes time getting comfortable holding the gun so firmly. I’m not an expert, I just shoot at the gun range for fun. I would like to try skeet shooting some day. That looks like a lot of fun.

      You don’t have to fear holding a gun if you have a firm hold of it. That’s the key to being more accurate with your shots. You should go to a gun range and have a pro show you the ropes.

      Target shooting is a lot of fun. Just make sure the use proper gun safety and your good to go. They’ll teach you all about gun safety at the range.

      Thanks for stopping by


  2. I must say, shooting is so much more difficult than most people realize! I have mad respect for accurate shooters. I think people underestimate the important of your stance, and your grip. I have gotten pinched a couple times from the recoil (ouch), I always get instructed on how to hold it, but darn it , it takes practice! Good tips, thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Your Welcome Jen, It is difficult to shoot accurately! Most people don’t realize you have to grab onto that gun like your life depended on it.

      Without a hard firm grip, the gun will move off target and you will miss your shot. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Thanks for stopping by Jen.

      All the best,


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