How To Brew Your Beer 2 Different Ways

How To Brew Your Beer 2 Different Ways

How To Brew Your Beer

Brew BeerFor millennia, people have been brewing their own beer. Since that time, not much has changed in the process, except for the equipment used. Brewing beer is an art and something that people take pride in doing. It’s not as hard as you may think to learn How To Brew Your Beer the right way every single time.

All you beer lovers are in for a real treat today. I’m going to talk about the ingredients that are needed for brewing your own beer. There’s nothing more satisfying than drinking a tall glass of ice cold beer brewed in your very own kitchen. It’s also a lot cheaper than buying beer in your local store.

The Beginner’s Guide to Making Home Brew

The Brewing Process Explained

There are two types of methods for brewing beer. The first method is extract brewing. This process is easier for the first time beer brewer because you use ready made malt extract. There is no sugar extraction process because it has already been done for you.

The second method is all grain. There are several steps in this process to remove the sugars from malted partially germinated grains. This is how beer is made and the key process in brewing the perfect beer. I would recommend that first time brewers use the extract brewing method first. It’s a much easier process to do!

Main Ingredients For Brewing Beer

There are only five ingredients needed to brew beer. You can easily find these ingredients online. It’s important to buy your ingredients from reputable distributers in order to insure you brew that perfect beer every single time. Let’s take a look at what we need below.

#1 Water


Water is the main ingredient in beer. Beer contains 90% water so you want to use the best water you can find. You don’t want bad tasting water used for brewing beer. For example, you don’t want water that tastes and smells like chlorine. Most people use tap water but you can choose what you want. I prefer to use bottled water.

#2 Hops


Hops are probably the most well known ingredient of them all. We have all seen those beer commercials talking about hops. Anyways hops are flowers which are also called strobiles or cones. Hops come from a plant called Humulus lupulus. This is where the taste comes from.

The acid levels in hops vary from year to year and region to region. It’s important to keep track when and where you buy yours hops. You will brew different tasting beer depending on the acidity in your hops. By keeping accurate records, you will have no problem duplicating your most favorite brews.

#3 Malt Extracts

Malt Extracts

I would recommend using malt extracts if you’re brewing beer for the first time. It makes the process so much easier and enjoyable. Believe me, this is the best way to go for beginners. Even seasoned beer brewers use malt extracts. The quality of malt extracts are outstanding nowadays and can produce great tasting beer.

#4 Grains

Grains For Beer

Grains are probably the most important ingredient of them all. Grains are cornmeal, wheat, barley and flaked oats. These are just a few but there’s more. Grains are used for their sugar. You can skip this step by simply using malt extracts. The extraction of sugar is done for you already.

Using grains to brew your beer will add body, color, aroma and taste. There are all kinds of specialty grains to choose from. They vary in price and quality. Make sure you buy your grains from a reputable supplier. You can easily find them online by doing a Google search.

#5 Yeast

Beer Yeast

Without yeast, we’d be drinking something similar to molasses. Well, not as thick but just as sweet. Yeast is what turns a sweet drink into beer. There are hundreds of kinds of yeast. Back in the old days there were two kinds of yeast. The first was ale yeast and the second was lager yeast.

Is It Legal?

Prohibition Headline

You may be asking yourself, is it legal to brew your own beer? Yes, it is legal to brew your own beer at home. Thousands of people brew their own beer every day. It is illegal to sell homemade beer without a distillers license. Don’t break the law! The penalties are stiff! For more information, you can visit the Food and Drug Administrations official website at

In 1919, prohibition made it illegal to brew your own beer. In 1978, homebrewing was federally legalized for the first time since prohibition. Since then, in is now legal to brew your own beer in all 50 states. I’m not sure what the laws are in other countries. Those outside the U.S., check your local laws.

*Important to note: Laws do change so, it would be a good idea to check the laws in your local jurisdiction.

Step-By-Step Brewing Instructions

The Lost Ways BookIn order to learn how to brew your own beer, you need to get The Lost Ways Book. >Click on the red button below now and read my review. You will find beer recipes and step-by-step illustrated brewing instructions. It’s like having a master brewer standing right next to you.

There are also 22 chapters of life saving survival skills as well! Learn how to build a self feeding fire that will last all night long or build a survival shelter. You will even learn how to make your own moonshine and much much more! Please leave any comments and questions you may have below or email me. Thank you for stopping by today!

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How To Brew Your Beer 2 Different Ways
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How To Brew Your Beer 2 Different Ways
There are 2 different ways to brew your beer. The first method is using all grain and the second method is extract brewing. You can even use a combination of both methods.
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8 thoughts on “How To Brew Your Beer 2 Different Ways

  1. Incredible article, I never really saw myself making my own beer, but reading this article makes me just want to do it. Is there like any best kinds of grains to actually use or does the grain not matter as much. When choosing the right taste? Also, is there different kinds of yeast or is that just about the same and what about the bottle and caps. Does those matter as much or is that just prefernce?

    1. Hello Jesus,

      I felt like you when I came across beer brewing in the Lost Ways book. I like to have a few beers every once in a while but never considered brewing my own beer.

      There are all kinds of different grains you can use to brew beer. It all depends on what kind of beer you want to brew. I can suggest what type of grain to use buy my taste will probably differ from yours.

      It’s best to go to a website that sells grain. There, you can find the exact grain you’re looking for. You may also find everything you need to bottle your beer as well.

      Thanks for your comment and questions Jesus. I wish you the best of luck with your first brew.


  2. Hi Jack, I am glad that you included a section on Extract Brewing. I am a total newbie and really need lots of guidance in order to successfully brew my first batch of beer to impress my friends. The extra bonus of Make your own moonshine sounds great! I think I will get the Lost Ways book for the family to share.

    1. Hi GBIG,

      Extract brewing is definitely the best way to brew beer for beginners. It’s much easier and takes a lot less time to brew. There are lots of quality extracts to choose from.

      Even some seasoned beer brewers prefer the extract brewing process. That’s because of the quality of the extract you can buy nowadays. I hope you enjoy your copy of the Lost Ways book.


  3. This is a great article, Really informative! We all drink beer but not many of us know how its actually made. I really like the Lost Ways book. This would make a great present for fathers day! The Lost Ways book looks really cool, love the look of it, could be one for the library.

    1. Hi Jas,

      I’m really glad that you liked my article on beer brewing and found the information useful. I love the Lost Ways book too! It’s one of my favorite books in my collection.

      There is so much information in it. The only thing I don’t like about the book is it only comes in paperback. I would love to find a hard cover copy but I don’t think it’s available.

      Thank you for your comment and stopping by today. I hope you and your family enjoy your copy of the Lost Ways book. It will make a great addition to your library.


  4. I never liked the taste or smell of beer. I would rather have liquor although the effects on the body and mind can be worse. How do you brew Hennessy is the real question. One day I may brew my own beer to sell being the entrepreneur I am. I will have to refer back to this site if I really take that last statement into consideration.

    1. Hi Max,

      I don’t really care for the smell or taste of most beers as well. I’m not really a beer drinker. I do like to have a good tasting beer every once in a while.

      My friend brewed some beer a few weeks ago that I even liked the taste of. It had a caramel taste and was know where near as bitter as the beer I brewed with my brother.

      You should consider picking up a copy of the Lost Ways book. There is information on distilling liquor and making wine. There is even a chapter on making your own soda.

      Thanks for your comment and good luck with your brewing company. I hope you remember to send me a case of your first brew!


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