Gold Shipwreck Coins Sale – RARE 2 Escudos!

Gold Shipwreck Coins Sale - RARE 2 Escudos!

Gold Shipwreck Coins Sale

Attention all treasure hunters! Take advantage of this AMAZING Gold Shipwreck Coins Sale today! This awesome one of a kind gold 2 escudo is extremely RARE so you’d better act FAST!

The coin is dated between 1598-1621 during King Philip the III’s reign in Spain and is a gold Spanish escudo. This is the exact type of gold coin found on shipwrecks from the time period. It’s also associated with pirates treasure as well. Take a look at a similar gold coin 2 escudo below.

“Gold Doubloon” Old Gold Pirate Treasure Cob Coin – 2 Escudos Philip III of Spain

I hope you enjoyed the video above as much as I did. I love history and antique gold treasure coins as well. Ever since we were kids, who didn’t dream of pirate treasure! Now is your chance to own a piece of real history!

The best investment in the world today is GOLD. Antique gold coins are even better and worth more than their weight in gold. You are not only buying gold, you are getting a piece of priceless history that will only increase in value because of it’s rarity! Let’s take a look at this HISTORIC Antique Gold Coin 2 Escudos below.

ES 1598-1621 AD Spain Crusader Knights Templar Cross Rare Antique Gold Coin 2 Escudos XF-40 NGC

Shipwreck Gold Coins Sale

Shipwreck Coins Sale

*There are several different Gold Escudo Coins! The different denominations were 2, 4 and 8 Escudos. The first Gold Coins were Escudos introduced in 1535-1537 and issued until 1833.

Rare Antique Gold Coin 2 Escudos:
  • Obverse: Crusader Knights Templar Cross
  • Reverse: Flanked By Mint Letter S (Seville) & Crowned Spanish Arms
  • Crusader Knights Templar Cross, Rare Gold Coin & Dated 1598-1621 AD Spain
  • Graded & Authenticated By NGC, The Coin Is In Extremely Fine Condition (XF 40)
Product Description:
  • Rare Gold Coin Flanked In 1598-1621 AD Spain. It Has A Crusader Knights Templar Cross On The Front Of The Coin. It Is In Extremely Fine Condition (XF 40) & Graded & Authenticated By Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). The pictures on this page is of the coin you will receive.
  • ASIN: B06XR2263F

*Special Note: This particular Gold Coin 2 Escudos is very RARE and one of a kind. This gold coin pictured on this site is the coin you will recieve.

There is only one coin in stock and will not last long at this price. Gold Escudo coins are highly collectible and very expensive! It is wise to buy these coins as soon as you see them because they don’t come up for sale very often.

“HUGE” Gold Shipwreck Coins Sale!

Shipwreck Gold CoinsBuy your Shipwreck Gold Coins for a great price from Amazon now! Click on the red button below and claim your piece of pirate treasure today! You don’t don’t have to pillage and plunder a ship to own this one of a kind Gold Coin 2 Escudo.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out this AWESOME treasure coin today. If you have any questions or comments about the Gold Coin 2 Escudo, please leave them below or contact me personally by sending me an email. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks again for visiting! 🙂

Jack Taylor Signature 2

*Update: Please forgive us but the ES 1598-1621 AD Spain Crusader Knights Templar Cross Rare Antique Gold Coin 2 Escudos XF-40 NGC is no longer available and there are no more in stock. This is a one of a kind treasure coin and coins like these don’t come up for sale very often.

However, click on the red button below and check out other similar coins that may be available on Amazon. There are always other gold and silver coins available! Sorry for your inconvenience but if you find a similar coin. Don’t hesitate to buy it because these coins don’t last long.


Shipwreck Gold CoinsProduct Name: ES 1598-1621 AD Spain Crusader Knights Templar Cross Rare Antique Gold Coin 2 Escudos XF-40 NGC
Flanked By: Mint Letter S (Seville)
Current Market Price: $3,199.00
Buy Gold Coin 2 Escudos:
Money Back Guarantee: YES!
2 Escudos Gold Coin Rating: 5 Out Of 5 Stars

product image
Author Rating
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Brand Name
Mint Letter S (Seville)
Product Name
ES 1598-1621 AD Spain Crusader Knights Templar Cross Rare Antique Gold Coin 2 Escudos XF-40 NGC
USD $3,199.00
Product Availability
Out of Stock

4 thoughts on “Gold Shipwreck Coins Sale – RARE 2 Escudos!

  1. Seriously that single piece of gold is worth over $3000! 

    It seems like a decent investment to make purely for the increase in price it’ll continue to receive even after you’ve bought it

    Do you enjoy collecting these coins and antiques and would you recommend others to start an antique gold collection today? 

    I would like to hear your thoughts on that. 



    1. Hello Amhil,

      Thank you for visiting with us and sharing your thoughts on my Gold Shipwreck Coins Sale. I love old antique gold coins. Especially Spanish Gold and Silver coins from the 1500’s thru the 1700’s.

      The golden age of Pirates. These coins are most associated with Pirates because these are the same type of coins that pirates would’ve looted from ships during that time.

      I’ve been collecting old coins exactly like the one in this article for years. I’ve even had some of them made into pendants. They look great on any gold or silver necklace.

      I would definitely suggest to anyone that can afford to buy a coin like this, get it now while you can! These particular coins are very rare and hardly ever come up for sale.

      You are guaranteed a good return on your money buying gold and silver coins like these. They are worth more than their weight in metal and will always go up in price.

      Definitely start collecting today. You can even start with replica silver and gold coins which will go up in value too! Please come back and let me know which coin you decide to start your collection with.

      Happy Collecting!


  2. I have the exact same coin but in better shape.since it’s in better shape does it make it worth more?

    1. Hello Vincent,

      Yes! Having a 2 Escudos in better condition makes your coin worth more money. You should have it graded and find out what it’s worth. Congratulations on having such a great coin. I have a 2 Escudos as well and wear it as a pendant. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.


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