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The Complete History Of Numerology

Roman Coliseum

Julius CaesarNumerology can be traced all the way back to the Roman Empire. Pythagoras of Samos (A Famous Greek Philosopher) and other philosophers of the time. Believed that mathematical equations were far more practical, easier to regulate and classify than physical ones. They had greater actuality.

Philosophers of Pythagoras’s day believed that everything had a numerical value or relationship. It was up to the human mind to explore and discover the hidden secrets of these relationships. They also believed that the secrets would be exposed by a supreme being or divine entity.

The First Council of Nicaea was held in 325 AD. They decided that departure from the beliefs of the State Church were in civil violation within the Roman Empire. Numerology along with astrology, occultism and any other forms of beliefs, known to the Church as MAGIC. These were all outlawed by the Christian authority of that time.

Even though the Church outlawed Numerology. There have been strong arguments that Numerology exists in the Bible and in all religious architecture around the World. For example, in Christianity. The numbers 3 and 7 have a very strong spiritual meaning in the Bible. Another example is that God created the Earth in 7 days.

The Vatican House In Rome, Italy

The Vatican House 3

As for the number 3, another example would be that Jesus asked God 3 times if he could avoid his inevitable crucifixion. Only to be crucified at 3 in the afternoon. The number 7 is the length of time for a famine or other God enforced events. Which is almost always followed by the number 8 which is also known as a symbol for change.

Modern Numerology is combined with Pythagoras’s work along with Biblical reference. Modern Numerology is also known as Pythagorean. Pythagorean is almost the same exact system used by Pythagoras to indentify key numerological influences in birth dates and names which Numerologists still use to this day.

Beyond The Numbers!

Now that you have a little understanding about Numerology and it’s history. It’s time to go beyond The numbers! Today’s modern Numerologists, just like the Numerologists at Will provide you with the most accurate forecasts humanly possible, using 4,000 year old science.

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Numerology Testimonials 2

As you can see from the testimonials above. People from all walks of life. From all over the World, are getting life changing advice from Numerology can improve your relationship, career and a whole lot more! Numerology is more than numbers, it’s knowledge. Knowledge is power!

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4 thoughts on “FREE Numerology Full Reading Here!

  1. Thank you for introducing this special subject of numerology. It is intriguing that the council Of Nacea outlawed it so long ago and that its decisions are still upheld. I read about that council and it was only men which make the whole thing very suspicious and to think that the world follows these men like a herd…go figure
    neumerology is great as it is a natural art which i very much believe in.


    1. Hi Orion,

      The Council Of Nacea outlawed a whole lot more than numerology. They outlawed whatever didn’t fit the Church’s agenda at the time. The Church still looks down on Numerology but has been silent on the subject for years.

      I suspect Pope Francis may have an open mind on the subject but that remains to be seen. I’m not aware of Pope Frances’s stance on Numerology.

      Today, millions of people like yourself believe in numerology and apply it to their day to day lives. Politicians, artists and the rich and famous are known to use numerology to make business, personal and career decisions.

      Thank you for stopping by today and leaving a great comment on numerology. I hope that you got your FREE Numerology reading Orion. 

      Thanks Again,


  2. Hi Jack, 

    I hope you’re well! In the past I had heard of numerology, and had belived in it to some extent. This is a very interesting read! I had no idea about the histories of such an interesting notion.. and I had never really thought about the way that numerology is in all of our lives, until now. Numbers can be very spiritual to some of us, I love to read about the history behind it. 

    Thanks for the interesting article,


    1. Hello Sophie,

      I am doing very good and I hope all is well with you! Thank you for stopping by and reading my article on the FREE Numerology reading and the history of Numerology.

      I ‘m glad that you found the article useful and interesting. The history of Numerology is over 4,000 years old and is still used today.

      Be sure to take advantage of your FREE Numerology reading before the offer expires. Thanks again for visiting with us and leaving your comment Sophie.

      Best wishes,


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