FMS Cessna 182 Sky Trainer – Fly The Best!

FMS Cessna 182 Sky Trainer - Fly The Best!

Fly The FMS Cessna 182 Sky Trainer

FMS Sky Trainer

Attention All Beginner RC Pilots!

Learn how to fly with the AMAZING FMS Cessna 182 Sky Trainer! You are literally starting with on of the finest RC trainers on the market! The FMS Cessna 182 Sky Trainer is more than a beginner RC plane. It comes with all the bells and whistles as well.

Traditional RC trainers have never looked anything like this before. The FMS Cessna 182 Sky Trainer is a Radio-controlled aircraft that has LED lights and landing lights for a realistic look that is second to none. The FMS Cessna 182 Sky Trainer even has flaps to make landings even easier. Take a look at the awesome demo video below!

Cessna 182 Skylane RTF! Super SCALE with Lights! FLIGHT REVIEW in HD!

I hope you enjoyed the FMS Sky Trainer demo video by Motion RC. As you can see the FMS Sky Trainer looks exactly like a real Cessna while she is in the air. The FMS Sky Trainer looks really good in the air at dusk as well. She handles well and does have some power.

The FMS Cessna 182 Sky Trainer is not a very fast plane but it is faster than most trainers. Your FMS Cessna 182 Sky Trainer, just like a real Cessna that is used to train student pilots. Will help you learn how to become a proficient and experienced RC Pilot in no time at all.

Before I get into the features your FMS Cessna 182 Sky Trainer has. I want to give you a little history on the Cessna. I think you’ll appreciate the development and history of this timeless civilian airplane. Just about every pilot made his first solo in a Cessna. My first solo was in a Cessna 172.

The History Of The Cessna Aircraft Company
Cessna DC-6A
“The 1929 Cessna Model DC-6A”

The Cessna Aircraft Company was founded by a farmer from Kansa named Clyde Cessna. In June of 191, Clyde built his own airplane and successfully flew it. Clyde was the first person to do this between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains.

Just like other airplanes of the time. Clyde’s airplanes were made of wood and fabric. Fast forward to 1929, you can see the Cessna D-6 pictured above, got it’s certification the same day the Stock Market crashed October 29, 1929. It may have been a bad day for the Stock Market but a legend was born.

The Cessna D-6 was used by the United States Army Air Corps as the UC-77/UC-77A and about 20 of these models were built. The D-6 was a huge success and ahead of it’s time. In 1934, Clyde’s nephews Dwayne and Dwight Wallace bought the company. They transformed it into the global company it is today.

Let’s Go Flying!

FMS Sky Trainer

Okay Pilot’s! Are you finally ready for take-off? Just like a real student pilot. You are about to start your training with the ultimate trainer aircraft. The FMS Cessna 182 Sky Trainer! Even if you’re an experienced RC Pilot. You’re going to love the FMS Cessna 182 Sky Trainer.

She is very easy to fly and handles like a dream. The FMS Cessna 182 Sky Trainer also looks extremely realistic. Especially, when she’s in the air! Your airplane will definitely get some attention at the airfield. Let’s take a look at all of FMS Cessna 182 Sky Trainer’s features below.

FMS Sky Trainer Features:

  • 5 LED Navigation Lights: Red, Green, 2 Ultra bright White On The Wings & Flashing Red On Vertical Stabilizer.
  • Working Flaps For Easy Landings & Slow Flight.
  • Carbon Wing Tube For Extra Strength.
  • Removable EPO Cowl
  • Wing Servo Cable Ducting
  • Increased Battery Capacity For Longer Flights!
  • Higher Power Motor For AWESOME Flights!
  • A Large Battery Hatch For Easy Access.
  • Large Battery Hatch For A Bigger Battery If You Choose.
  • Tinted Clear Canopy For A Realistic Look!
  • 3 Blade Propeller With Chrome Spinner
  • Pilot With Extremely Detailed Dash
  • 2 Piece Composite Main Undercarriage & Scale Steering Nose Wheel.

FMS Sky Trainer Specifications:

  • Wingspan: 1,410mm / 55.5 Inches
  • Overall Length: 1,100mm / 43.3 Inches
  • Flying Weight: Approximately 1520g
  • Motor Size: Brushless 3536 KV850
  • ESC: 40A
  • Servos: 6 x 9g
  • Radio: 5 Channel Radio (Not Included)
  • Center Of Gravity: 60mm
  • Propeller Size: 11 x 6
  • Recommended Battery: 11.1V 2200mAh (Not Included)
  • Is Assembly Required: Yes
  • Material: Durable EPO Foam
  • Package Options: PNP (Does Not Include 5 Channel Radio, Receiver, Charger & Battery

*Special Note: Your FMS Cessna Sky Trainer will not come with glue. The glue will be taken out prior to shipment because it is considered prohibited goods.

Start Flying Now!

Buy FMS Cessna Sky Trainer

Buy FMS Cessna 182 Sky Trainer and get an AWESOME plane for beginners and experienced pilots alike! There is a word of caution about the front landing gear. Even though the improved version of the FMS Cessna 182 Sky Trainer has a reinforced front landing strut, it has a tendency to bend on hard landings.

Other than that, the FMS Cessna Sky Trainer is a great plane and perfect for a beginner. Go ahead and click on the red button below now! Takeoff into the wild blue yonder with your FMS Cessna Sky Trainer today! Thank you for stopping by and reading my FMS Cessna Sky Trainer review.

I hope you enjoyed the article. If you have any comments or questions about the FMS Cessna Sky Trainer, please leave them below. I love talking RC and would love to hear from you. You can also contact me personally by sending me an email.

Thanks again and I’ll see you at the airfield! 😉

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FMS Sky TrainerProduct Name: FMS Sky Trainer 182 RC Airplane 5CH 1400mm RC Beginner
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FMS Sky Trainer 182 RC Airplane 5CH 1400mm RC Beginner
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9 thoughts on “FMS Cessna 182 Sky Trainer – Fly The Best!

  1. Hello Jack!

    I know it might sound weird but my girlfriend loves these airplanes and I was thinking to buy one for her upcoming birthday (of course I’m going to use it too). She is a beginner and even though this one is beginner friendly you mentioned that it has a tendency to bend on hard landings. Do you think I should buy it, or find a cheaper alternative to start?

    1. Hello Antonis,

      I would buy a cheaper version, not because she’s a girl, because even though the FMS Cessna 182 Sky Trainer is beginner friendly the landing gear is not.

      That is the only complaint about the Sky Trainer. Other than that, it’s a very easy plane to fly, even for beginners. I do have a friend with no RC experience.

      He bought the FMS Cessna 182 Sky Trainer and had no problems at all flying the plane. Landing were a little different for him. He bent his font landing gear several times.

      If you do buy the Sky Trainer, plan on having some spare landing struts available because you will have to replace them. I’ve been flying since I was a kid and bent my gear as well.

      If you decide to buy the FMS cESSNA 182 Sky Trainer, you will not be disappointed. It’s a great airplane and is beginner friendly despite the landing gear.

      It’s the nose wheel that has a tendency to bend not the other landing gear under the fuselage. Thank you for stopping by and asking your question.

      Check back with me in a couple days, I’ll find a cheaper alternative for you. There are RC trainers for as low as $50. Thanks again for stopping by Antonis.

      I hope to hear from you again once you start flying!

      Best wishes to you and your girlfriend,


    2. Hello Antonis,

      I’m sorry for taking so long but I did find an RC Trainer your girlfriend is going to love. It’s easy to fly and the price is cheap too!

      This is a great plane to learn how to fly with. I bought one for my 10 year old nephew because he like to hang out at the airfield with me.

      I figured it was time for him to earn his wings. After showing him a few thing on the controller, he was up in the air in a few minutes.

      He did pretty good for a rookie pilot. He even managed to land the plane on his own. I took the landing gear off his first few flights and let him land in the grass.

      Anyways, you and your girlfriend can start flying by clicking here and reading my RTF RC HobbyZone Duet RC Beginner Airplane.

      Please come back and let me know how you guys did on your first flight. I wish you guys the best of luck and years of RC Flying fun.


  2. Hi Jack,

    The FMS Cessna 182 Sky Trainer really looks like the real thing. My dad was a pilot and used to take us up in Cessna 150’s all the time so I have continued my interest in these fascinating aircraft. I also tried my hand at flying hobby aircraft but life and time interrupted me. Your article has rekindled my interest.



    1. Hi Ed,

      I grew up around airplanes, Mt grandfather was a B-17 pilot during World War 2. When I was a kid we always went flying.

      The FMS Cessna 182 Sky Trainer reminds of my grandfathers Cessna 172. His Cessna was blue and white. There is another version of the FMS Sky Trainer.

      You can get in red and white or blue and white. I bought the blue and white Cessna Sky Trainer. I’m glad that you’re interested in RC flying.

      It’s the best hobby in the world as far as I’m concerned. You should get into the hobby. It’s never been easier and planes have never been better.

      Technology has come a long way since I first started when I was a kid. I really like the RC electric planes. I just wish the battery life was a little longer.

      You can solve the issue easily by having a few spare batteries on hand.. I hope you gat a FMS Cessna 182 Sky Trainer and start flying today!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us on the FMS Cessna Sky Trainer. I’m glad that you have a renewed interest in RC flying.

      I hope to see you in the air!


  3. I love seeing planes take off and land. I was even thinking of getting my pilots license. I couldn’t because I’m getting ready to go on disability so it wasn’t cost effective for me. 

    I do have a Cessna that I’ve put into the garage because it would get hot where the battery is. The thing didn’t come with directions due to coming from China I guess. 

    My wife got it for me for Christmas one year. I liked your post though, it was informative and I noticed on one of the comments a guy was talking about getting one for his girlfriend. 

    He wanted to know if it would be ok to get the one you had on your post or get one that is more for beginners because of the landing gear. You told him the truth to get a different one. 

    I commend you for doing that because most won’t. Great post!

    1. Hello Eric,

      Back in the old days, before I became an Affiliate Marketer. I owned a Locksmith Company for 25 years. My truck was my office so I was on the road 90% of the time.

      Anyways, I used to park my truck near the runway at the airport and watch the planes take-off and land. It’s a beautiful sight to see as a 777 comes in for a landing with the sunset in the background.

      You either love aviation or you don’t However, there’s plenty of aviation enthusiasts like ourselves. Getting a pilot’s license cost a small fortune these days.

      Back in the early 90’s when first I started flying. It cost around $40 or $50 an hour for an instructor and plane (Cessna 172). I can’t imagine what it costs today.

      Everything from parts to fuel for aviation are very expensive. You should try out flight simulators. I have a couple that on the site that are realistic flight simulations.

      You can fly over 200 real airplanes with real cockpit controls that are clickable. Another words, you have to fly the plane the way way a real pilot does or you don’t get of the ground.

      Here’s a link to Virtual Pilot 3D. You can read my review by Clicking Here!. This almost as fun as flying a real airplane and you get to actually learn how to fly a plane or helicopter.

      About the landing gear on the FMS Cessna Sky Trainer. Although I really love the plane. The front landing gear is a weak point in the design. They did build a beer front gear on this model.

      Even experienced pilot’s have a hard landing every once in a while so you need some extra nose gear handy just in case. This plane is super easy to fly.

      I just wanted to inform Antonis of the landing gear issue so he and his girlfriend wouldn’t have a frustrating experience the first time they went flying.

      Thank you so much for your kind words Eric. I’m glad that you enjoyed the article about the FMS Cessna 182 Sky Trainer. 

      Thanks again and best wishes Eric,


  4. What a cool site. I get the impression you are a genuine RC enthusiast – not just a retailer. I especially like the history of the Cessna company. Great info and fun.

    What’s the lowest age is this appropriate for? Is it OK for a first timer?

    Do you know if it can be shipped to Europe?

    Can I fly it in medium winds?

    1. Hi Ben,

      I’m happy that you like the website. I’ve been flying ever since I was a Kid. I’ve had times in my life where I didn’t fly for a while but I always come back.

      Rc flying is one of the best hobbies whether you are young and old. I particularly like the RC electric planes. The tech enology has come a long way in a short time.

      It’s never been easier to get into RC flying. These new RC electric planes make flying easy for just about anyone. You do have to learn how to fly.

      Once you learn what you’re doing, you can fly just about any RC plane. The FMS Cessna 182 Sky Trainer is beginner friendly and easy to fly. 

      However, the front landing gear has a tendency to bend on hard landings so I would recommend something cheaper to start with.

      In a couple of days I’ll be adding a trainer that is more user friendly for beginners. The FMS Cessna is recommended for ages 10 and up.

      The FMS Cessna Sky Trainer can be shipped to Europe. The FMS Cessna performs better in light winds. I would not fly this airplane in medium winds if you’re a beginner.

      It’s challenging even for experienced pilots. I hope that I was able to answer all of your questions and that you find the information useful.

      I really appreciate you stopping by today and leaving good feedback on the site along with great questions about the FMS Cessna 182 Sky Trainer.

      I hope you get into RC flying. It’s a lot of fun for the entire family. Thanks again for visiting with us.  Don’t forget to come back and share your flying adventures.

      Best wishes,


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