Famous Restaurant Recipes – Brand [NEW] 2018 Edition!

Famous Restaurant Recipes

Secret Recipes Book Famous Restaurant Recipes are now available in one awesome cookbook! Now you can cook your favorite restaurant dishes from the comfort of your home and for a fraction of the price. Going out to dinner can be vey expensive these days.

So why not experience the next best thing and learn how to prepare your favorite dishes from your favorite restaurants at home. America’s Restaurant Recipes is by far my favorite cookbook my wife owns. Every recipe in the book is better than the next. I can’t wait to taste my wifes next dish.

The other night, my wife surprised me with my favorite appetizer of all time, the blooming onion from Outback Steakhouse. I live in the Appalachian Mountains so there is no Outback near us. It tasted exactly like the blooming onion at the restaurant and sure was delicious.

Dinners at my house have never been better since I bought America’s Restaurant Recipes. Who would think that there is a recipe book with all your favorite dishes from all of your favorite restaurants. You will not find another recipe on the market quite like this.

There are other recipe books claiming that they have all the secret restaurant recipes in their books. Beware of all the imitators out there! If it’s not America’s Restaurant Recipes by Ron Douglas, don’t buy it! This is the one and only official book released by Ron.

Famous Restaurant Recipes Dishes

Dinner will never be the same in your house ever again. You and your family can enjoy all of your favorite meals and these meals are easy to prepare. All restaurant recipes are easy to follow and understand. Everything you need to know to make your favorite dishes are in this AMAZING book.

You are moments away from discovering all of those favorite restaurant dishes you’ve come to love and learn how to easily prepare them yourself. Ever since Ron released this fantastic collection of jealously guarded recipes. These recipe books have been flying off the shelves and now you can get your copy too!

About America’s Restaurant Recipes

America’s Restaurant Recipes is the creation of Ron Douglas. I think this recipe book is an absolute masterpiece and highly recommend it! Ron is a former Wall Street guy who wanted to leave all the hustle and bustle and work from home to spend more time with his family.

Fortunately for us, America’s Restaurant Recipes was born and the rest was history. Ron even discover the KFC secret recipe and revealed it in his book. Nobody ever thought that recipe could be revealed but Ron was able to discover it and more!

Here are some of the restaurants that Ron covers in his book. All of America’s Restaurant Recipes are in this book. You are going to get well over 260 mouth watering secret recipes and as an added bonus you’ll also get America’s Restaurant Recipes 2!

This is the long awaited second edition and companion book to America’s Restaurant Recipes 1. Inside this fantastic recipe book you’ll find even more restaurant recipes from many more famous restaurants in America. This is in addition to over 160 recipes from over 60 restaurants you are already getting.

Below are some of the restaurants that are featured in America’s Restaurant Recipes 1 & 2. I think you’ll agree that Ron has put together an impressive list of restaurants and I’m sure as you read on, you’ll see some of your favorite restaurants listed.

You’ll get famous recipes from KFC, Red Lobster, T.G.I.Friday’s, Ruby Tuesday’s, Applebee’s, Outback Steakhouse, Olive Garden, PF Chang’s, Chili’s and many, many more! If you didn’t see your favorite restaurant listed here, don’t worry. This is just a partial list.

Famous Restaurant Recipes – Ron Douglas Reveals KFC’s Secret Recipe!

Ron Douglas has become a celebrity since releasing his best selling recipe book and has made all the rounds on the talk and news shows. He’s been on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Fox News, CNN and more. In the video above you can watch Ron on the Wendy Williams Show where he reveals KFC’s secret recipe.

You can get instant access to all these Famous Restaurant Recipes and more in just a few moments. Just click the red button below now to download your copy. It only takes a few minutes to download after you complete your purchase.

You can even opt for the physical copy of America’s Restaurant Recipes 1 & 2. All you have to do is add shipping and handling. You still have the option to download your copies so you can start cooking your favorite restaurant dishes tonight!

If you have any questions or comments about America’s Restaurant Recipes 1 & 2, please feel free to leave them below now. I’d love to hear from you and and would like to hear about some of the dishes you’ve prepared so far. Thank you for stopping by today.

So go ahead and start cooking your favorite Famous Restaurant Recipes tonight and bring those restaurants into your home. It costs pennies on the dollar for most recipes and they taste so good! Going out to dinner is fun but now you don’t have to go out to enjoy your favorite dishes, if you don’t want to.

Happy cooking!

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