DIY Dog House Plans For All Skill Levels!

DIY Dog House Plans For All Skill Levels!

DIY Dog House Plans

Oscar “Winston” Taylor III
I wanted to build my best friend “Oscar” his own house. Even though he’s an inside dog, I figured he should have a place of his own while he’s out playing in the yard. I started researching for DIY Dog House Plans online. I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed before starting my project. While researching dog house plans, I soon realized there was more to building a dog house than I thought.

You see, while looking for Doghouse plans I came across different types of dog houses. Well, that changed everything! If I was going to build a dog house, it was going to be cool. After all, it’s nothing but the best for our best friends.

DIY Insulated Dog House Build

There are all kinds of dog houses to choose from. If you can imagine it, it probably already exists. It’s a dog’s World these days. Dog houses come in a variety of choices. Your dog is going to be living in style! Check Out Some examples below:

Dog House Designs

Here are some examples of different dog house designs I came across. Some of these dog house designs are amazing and look like fun to build. If you’re going to build your own dog house, why not build one with style? You can build a traditional dog house or build one of these below.

Dog House With Gourmet Kitchen

Dog House With Kitchen

As you can see, this guy isn’t going to miss any meals. His dog house comes with a gourmet kitchen. I bet he even has an air conditioner too! This has a nice wood design and looks like a simple build.

Dog House With Sun Deck

Dog House With Porch

This guy has a huge wooden deck to enjoy a nice summer day. I’m surprised he’s not barbecuing a steak and drinking a beer. I know I would, that’s what having a deck is all about!

Dog Cabin With Metal Roof

Dog Cabin

Here’s a dog that has a pioneer spirit. He lives in a dog cabin with a metal roof! Even dogs hate a leaky roof! If you love log cabins as much as I do, I’m sure your dog does too!

Dog House With It’s Own Address

Dog House With Address

Here’s a clever dog. Ruger’s dog house comes with it’s own address. Ruger loves to sit on his porch and wait for the mailman everyday! After all, that new shipment of bones from Amazon should be here any day now.

Dog House With Modern Look

Dog House With Modern Design

This dog house has a modern design with an open concept. Even the kitchen has a modern sleek look to it. As you can see, there’s plenty of open space for entertaining! I almost forgot to mention the panoramic mountain views from the front deck.

Dog Log Mansion With Hot Tub

Dog Mansion With Hot Tub

Some dogs are just born with a gold bone in their mouth. This guy lives in a luxurious two story log mansion. You can see Bill relaxing in his hot tub after a long day of eating, playing and taking a few naps. Inside, there is a private movie theater and bowling alley.

Kitty Cottage Retreat

Cat Cottage

Why should dogs have all the fun? These three cats chipped in and bought themselves a 4 bedroom kitty cottage. They even have a man cave inside with a pool table, bar and 65 inch HDTV. There’s also a pool and hot tub in the back yard. These cats are COOL!

I just gave you a few varieties of dog house designs you can choose to build. You can get as fancy as you want. In the end it’s all for fun. Best of all, your best friend will have his own dog house. Regardless of what style you chose to build, it’s important you have the right dog house plans.

Oscar’s Rock Dog House

Oscars Rock Dog House

Oscar decided to go with a rock dog house to match his dad’s house. My house is a 2 story river rock house. My wife says it looks like a gingerbread house. I found some of the original rock they used to build my house in 1950, in the basement. I’m not a professional, but it looks pretty good and matches my house perfectly.

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Get Illustrated Dog House Plans With A Complete Parts List!

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Thank you for reading my article on DIY Dog House Plans. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below or contact me personally. Thanks again!

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DIY Dog House Plans For All Skill Levels!
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DIY Dog House Plans For All Skill Levels!
Get beautifully illustrated DIY Dog House Plans that are guaranteed to help you get the job done. Detailed step-by-step instructions with a complete materials list.
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6 thoughts on “DIY Dog House Plans For All Skill Levels!”

  1. Wow, I love these dog House designs. The dog log mansion with hot tub is out of this world! what a great idea to offer plans to make these awesome dog houses for our furry friends.

    My dog is an indoor dog too but he sure loves to spend time outside in the summer. I am considering building him a little house but I think I will skip the hot tub for now.

    1. Hi Dave,

      Those are just some designs I came across researching DIY dog house plans. The dog house plans that come with Ted’s Woodworking are not the same designs in the images.

      You can easily find plans for other dog house plans online. There are a lot more designs to choose from. I never realized how creative you could be with a dog house.

      I originally wanted to build a replica of Snoopy’s dog house but settled on the rock dog house instead. I had the rock and leftover shingles so it made sense to build it.

      I love the dog log mansion image too! Who ever thought of adding the hot tub gets an A for their humor. The dog sure looks like he’s having a good time.

      Thanks for your comment Dave,


  2. Very well thought out. I have never thought or dreamed that dog houses could be so luxurious. For someone who does not know much about woodworking, if I decided to make one of those on your list, being a novice can it be done with ease? Thanks again for the great article

    1. Hello Nathan,

      The dog houses in the images above are for more advanced woodworkers. The dog house plans you get with Ted’s Woodworking are not the same dog house plans I featured in the article.

      I only highlighted those dog houses to show my readers the variety of designs you can choose to build. As a novice woodworker. You will be able to build a professional quality dog house.

      Ted’s Woodworking dog house plans come with step-by-step illustrated instructions with a complete parts list. Even a guy with two left thumbs could build a dog house with Ted’s Woodworking plans.

      Thanks for your question and comment Nathan,


  3. Oh my goodness, what a great selection here…and for the cats too. Brilliant, I am very inspired now to do a total renovation of our dogs’ house. These are totally beautiful! Actually, it might pay for me to go totally all out for our pooch. The hard part would be to figure out just which design to choose from, they are all beautiful. I’m leaning to Oscar’s Rock Dog House for now 🙂

    1. Hi Rina,

      You can get as creative as you want with your dog house. I was completely surprised at the designs of some of the dog houses. I’m sure you will like the rock dog house as much as Oscar and his friends do.

      I hard a hard time deciding which type of dog house to build until I stumbled on some of the original rock used to build my house in the basement. Was even lucky enough to have some extra shingles too!

      The only things I needed to buy was tar paper for the roof and some wood to build the dog house. It was a very inexpensive dog house to build and it didn’t take that much time. Maybe 2 weeks or so to build.

      Thanks for your comment Rina, please let us know how your rock dog house turns out!


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