DIY Coffee Table Plans At A Discount Price!

DIY Coffee Table Plans At A Discount Price!

DIY Coffee Table Plans

You are about to get the best DIY Coffee Table Plans anywhere online and as an added bonus, over 16,000 additional working plans too! Why just build a coffee table when there is so much more to build. This woodworking plans collection is a dream come true for woodworkers all around the World!

Wooden Coffee TableBefore I refer you to the most complete collection of woodworking plans ever assembled, I’m going to share a few different coffee table designs you can easily build yourself. There are so many coffee tables designs to choose from so I decided to pick a few, just to give you some ideas.

The $30 Farmhouse Coffee Table – Easy DIY Project

Easy Coffee Table Designs

I found some common coffee table designs as well as elaborate designs. You can build a simple coffee table with 4 legs and a top or you can build a coffee table with a drawer. The choices are unlimited! It’s actually harder to decide which type of coffee table to choose than it is to build it.

#1. Farmhouse Coffee Table Design

Farmhouse Coffee Table

This is one of my favorite coffee table designs. I just love the look of it and it is relatively easy to build. If you are like me and love the rustic look, than the farmhouse coffee table is for you. There are several different styles of farmhouse coffee tables to choose from. Each design is better than the next!

This coffee table design is perfect for a country house or log cabin. As you can see in the image above, you can also add the farmhouse coffee table to a modern or contemporary living room. This design works with just about any style living room. The farmhouse coffee table will make a great addition to any living room.

#2. Wood Pallet Coffee Table Design

Wood Pallet Coffee Table
I chose the wood pallet coffee table design because it has an interesting look and it is very cheap to build. The wood pallet coffee table looks awesome when finished. I love the weathered look of the wood. You can also stain the wood if you want to. It all depends on the look you want.

I like the wood the way it is. I love tho old rustic look of the wood pallet coffee table. Not only is the wood pallet coffee table look good, it’s also very easy to build. The best part is, you may be able to find an old pallet for FREE somewhere. It doesn’t get any cheaper than that!

#3. Lift Top Wooden Coffee Table Design

Lift Top Coffee Table
I really like the lift top wooden coffee table design. It has lots of storage underneath the table top and the top lifts up and towards you. It’s perfect for eating your favorite meal while watching television. The lift top coffee table also comes in a stylish design that will go with just about ant design theme.

The lift top coffee table is easy to build and you may be able to find the brackets and other parts for your lift top coffee table on or try Google. If you take your time and search for the parts you need for your project, just search a little more and you may find what you’re looking for at a very reasonable price.

These are just a few coffee table designs that you can easily build yourself. There are endless coffee table designs to choose from or go ahead and design your own and put your own signature stamp on your coffee table project. Okay, you can’t build a coffee table without plans. Checkout …

… Ted’s Woodworking Plans!

Ted's Woodworking Plus Bonuses

Now that you’ve got an idea of what types of coffee tables you can build, it’s time to get some coffee table plans so you can get to work! Not only are you going to get the best coffee table plans on the planet, you’re going to get over 16,000 woodworking plans as well. You will never run out of projects to build again!

Ted’s Woodworking Plans are the most complete collection of woodworking plans ever assembled in one complete package. Ted’s Woodworking Plans are beautifully illustrated with 3D color photos and very easy to understand step by step instructions. These woodworking plans are so easy to follow, a baby could build a coffee table.

Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit but Ted’s Woodworking Plans are easy enough for me to follow. I’m not a master woodworker but I can even build beautiful woodworking projects with ease. Each woodworking plan also comes with a materials list and estimates how much you would need to spend to complete each project. How cool is that!

Click on the red button below now! Read my Ted’s Woodworking review for yourself and grab your coffee table plans for a DISCOUNTED PRICE! If you have any questions or comments, you can leave them below or you can send me an email. Either way, I’d love to hear from you! Thank you for stopping by today and checking out my article on coffee table plans. 🙂

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DIY Coffee Table Plans At A Discount Price!
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DIY Coffee Table Plans At A Discount Price!
Get your set of DIY coffee table plans plus over 16,000 woodworking plans all in one place. Build more than just a coffee table.
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4 thoughts on “DIY Coffee Table Plans At A Discount Price!

  1. Hi Jack,

    Great article, I really enjoyed the reading! These coffee tables look great! I personally think that the Pallet coffee table design is just beautiful! This one would fit my living room. My husband used to build things with wood. So I have all the tools for it. These discs would be of great help. Are there explanations on how to make the pallet table as well? 

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. Hello Daniella,

      Thank you for stopping by and reading my article on DIY coffee table plans. I’m really glad that you liked my article and liked the pallet coffee table too!

      I also like the pallet coffee table because I like the look of the old wood. If you like the rustic look, the pallet coffee table is for you.

      There are plans for pallet coffee table plans and plans for other projects using pallets as well. There is over 16,000 woodworking plans that are in Ted’s Woodworking Plans Package.

      You will not run out of things to build with Ted’s Woodworking Plans. I’m sure your husband will love these woodworking plans. I know I do!

      Come back and let me know how your pallet coffee table turns out. I’m sure your husband will do a great job! Thanks again for visiting with us today and leaving your comment and question Daniella.

      Best of luck building your coffee table!


  2. I really like the lift top coffee table and don’t mind one of those actually but I’m dreading putting them together.

    I see you also put together some wood working plans to use, this will really come in handy when I start to put my lift top coffee table together.

    Thanks for this insightful post.

    1. Hello Excelle,

      I like the lift top coffee table too! It’s great if you want to eat dinner while you’re watching TV or working on your laptop. There is lots of storage under the lift top as well.

      You can always buy a lift top coffee table already assembled if you feel that you don’t want to build it. Either way, you are getting a great coffee table that will go with any living room theme.

      If you get Ted’s Woodworking Plans, inside the collection of over 16,000 woodworking plans are coffee table plans. These plans are beautifully illustrated with easy to follow step by step instructions.

      These coffee table plans are easy to follow and come with a parts list. There is no guessing and there is also an approximate cost added to the list as well. This way you’ll know exactly what it will cost to build your coffee table.

      Thank you for visiting with us today! I wish you the best of luck on your lift top coffee table project. If you decide to build your own, Ted’s Woodworking Plans has the best coffee table plans online.


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