Buy Virtual Pilot 3D – Join The Evolution!

Buy Virtual Pilot 3D - Join The Evolution!

Buy Virtual Pilot 3D

Space Shuttle DiscoveryBuy Virtual Pilot 3D and experience gaming evolution at it’s best! You are about to fly the World’s most advanced flight simulator. There has never been such a leap in simulation technology until Virtual Pilot 3D. Fasten your seat-belts and prepare for take-off! Get ready for a kick-ass ride!

Watch The Amazing Demo Video Below!

After watching the video, I know you’re ready to jump into your favorite airplane and takeoff! Before you do, I’m going to give you a complete Virtual Pilot 3D review. I’m going to highlight the best features AWESOME flight simulator has to offer! For those of you in a hurry to catch the next flight. Click on the button below to start flying NOW!

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Virtual Pilot 3D Product Image

Virtual Pilot Team 5

Virtual Pilot 3D is the closest you’ll ever get to real flying. Every attention to detail has been addressed and the flight simulator is constantly being updated with new scenery and aircraft. This is a state-of-the-art flying simulation that leaves the competition light years behind! I going to review some of Virtual Pilot 3D’s awesome features.

I’m only going to touch on a few things here or this would be a 10,000 word article. I know you’d rather be flying anyway! Just click on any of the links in the review or on the red button below. You will be sent to Virtual Pilot 3D’s Official website where you can see everything this AMAZING flight simulator has to offer.

FAA Certified Flight Training Simulator

Virtual Pilot 3D FAA Certified 1

Did you know? Student and Professional Pilots all around the World use Virtual Pilot 3D for their fight simulator training. Pilot’s know that in order to become a proficient pilot, you have to fly as much as possible. There is no better way to train a pilot than in a flight simulator.

It’s much cheaper than actual flight time. There is no cost for fuel and aircraft maintenance. Each aircraft in Virtual Pilot 3D comes with an exact replica of the cockpit and controls. All gauges, buttons and controls work just like they do in a real airplane. You can fly arcade style or plan a cross country flight. The choice is yours!

The best part about Virtual Pilot 3D is you have over 200 airplanes and helicopters to fly. You can fly the 1903 Wright Flyer or fly the Space Shuttle and everything in between. There has never been so many historic aircraft assembled in one flight simulator. I’ll cover these aircraft in more detail below.

Fly From 25,000 Airports Worldwide!

Virtual Pilot 3D Airports

Take-off from exotic locations like Honolulu, Hawaii or Cairo, Egypt. Fly around the World and visit locations you could only dream about before! With Virtual Pilot 3D’s state-of-the-art graphics, looking out of your airplane window wouldn’t look much different than in real life.

Fly over Paris at night in 4K HD. Outstanding graphics! The traffic actually moves in real time as you fly overhead. My favorite is flying over Washington D.C. at night over a fireworks display, you have never seen fireworks until you see them from above. A spectacular view!

Awesome Graphics & Weather Effects!

Virtual Pilot 3D Weather

There is nothing more challenging in Aviation than trying to land on an aircraft carrier at night. Add an intense thunderstorm with 20 foot seas. Well, you get the picture. You are trying to land on a moving target in the middle of the ocean. Most combat pilots say some of their scariest moments were trying to land on deck.

See if you’ve got what it takes to land a 40,000 pound airplane on the deck of an aircraft carrier. Trust me, it’s not as easy as you may think. You can set the weather to your liking. Fly on a clear sunny day or in the middle of a thunderstorm. You can also fly in real-time weather.

For example, if it were raining in London right now and we are flying in London right now. We would be experiencing the exact same weather conditions inside Virtual Pilot 3D. How cool is that! You could technically fly in the middle of a hurricane if you wanted to. I’ll have to give that a shot the next time a hurricane forms.

Over 200 Aircraft To Choose From!

Red Baron Dogfight 2

A flight simulator is a whole lot more than eye popping graphics and game play. I’m a flight simulator fan since the beginning. I always thought, a flight simulator is only as good as its airplanes. I own dozens of flight simulators. Not one of those flight simulators have over 200+ airplanes and helicopters.

I have flight simulators with WW1 aircraft, WW2 aircraft, jets, commercial aircraft and the list goes on. I bought most of my flight simulators just to fly specific aircraft. Since I bought Virtual Pilot 3D, I can fly any type of aircraft I want in the same flight simulator game. Take a look at some of the aircraft you have to choose from below.

Hellcat Zero 2

Plane List 1Plane List 3

3 Jets 2

There are many more historic aircraft not on the list above. You have to admit, what is on the list is impressive to say the least. This list continues to grow monthly. The Virtual Pilot team is always adding new aircraft and scenery. You are getting a flight simulator that automatically updates itself for life. Virtual Pilot 3D will never be outdated!

*Fly these 2 legendary aircraft below. You are just minutes away from flying into history!

Go Back In Time & Fly The Wright Flyer!

Wright Flyer

December 17, 1903 at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Wilbur and Orville Wright made history and successfully achieved man’s first powered flight. Although it was only a 12 second flight traveling only 120 feet (36 Meters), Orville Wright’s historic flight that started it all. Eventually, Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin would go on to land on the Moon July 20, 1969, only 65 years after the Wright brothers historic first flight in 1903.

Now you have a chance to relive history! Take Orville’s seat in the 1903 Wright Flyer. See if you can fly longer than 12 seconds and farther than 120 feet! It’s a cold windy day at Kitty Hawk, but you’re still sweating! You pull down your goggles and check your control surfaces one last time. The wind is blowing in your face, the throttle is full and you take-off into history!

Explore The Final Frontier!

Shuttle Launch 2

July 21, 2011, the Space Shuttle Atlantis blasted off for the final time. This was the 135th and final mission bringing the legendary Space Shuttle Program to an end. Having flown more missions and hours than they were originally designed. The Space Shuttle Fleet was just to costly to maintain.

However, you now have the opportunity to resurrect the legendary Space Shuttle Program. Climb aboard the Space Shuttle and go through your checklist. After a small delay, your at t-minus 10 seconds and counting. The engines are starting to fire up. You can feel your bones start to shake. Now you’re at t-minus 3-2-1 and blastoff! You’re only 8 1/2 minutes from orbit now!

VirtualPilot3D System Requirements

You don’t have to have an expensive gaming computer to fly Virtual Pilot 3D. Just about any modern day computer on the market today can easily handle Virtual Pilot 3D’s software. The more distinct processors and cores your system has, the better Virtual Pilot 3D will perform. The sky’s the limit!

OS: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP and MAC
Processor: Dual-core CPU @1.8 Ghz or better
PC Memory: 2 GB RAM
Space: 5GB
Graphics: Direct X compatible card with 512 MB or better

*Most flight controllers will work with Virtual Pilot 3D. There’s no need to buy a joystick or flight controls if you already have them.

FREE Lifetime Updates Included!

Virtual Pilot 3D is among the top flight simulators on the market today! Unlike brand name flight simulators, Virtual Pilot 3D comes with FREE life-time updates! What this means is, every time the Virtual Pilot Team adds new aircraft and/or scenery. Your flight simulator will automatically be updated!

Virtual Pilot 3D Lifetime MembershipVirtual Pilot 3D is designed with the future in mind. Your flight simulator will continue to grow and update for the rest of it’s life. The possibilities are endless and no two flights are ever alike. If you ever wondered what it’s like to be a real-life pilot, here’s your chance!

Virtual Pilot 3D Testimonials

As you can see, people love Virtual Pilot 3D. This is only a few satisfied Virtual Pilots out of tens of thousands. I just wanted you to see some feedback from real people like you and I. If you’re a as much as a flight simulators fan as I am, I know you won’t be disappointed with Virtual Pilot 3D. You are in for one heck of a ride! Guaranteed!

Are You Ready For Take-Off?

Virtual Pilot 3D Start Flying

Virtual Pilot 3D is an outstanding flight simulator! No two flights are ever the same. The scenarios are endless and the Virtual Pilot Team payed attention to every single little detail. Right down to activity moving around the airpot as you get ready for take-off or landing.

Virtual Pilot 3D CoverGo ahead and click on the red button below now! You instantly get 50% off the best flight simulator in the World. You will be taken to Virtual Pilot 3D’s Official Website to checkout. It only takes about 6 minutes to download Virtual Pilot 3D. You’re only minutes away from being in the air!

*Thank you for stopping by and reading my Virtual Pilot 3D review. Please leave any questions and comments you may have below or contact me personally. 😉

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20 thoughts on “Buy Virtual Pilot 3D – Join The Evolution!

  1. Hey Jack,

    Wonderful, I can see this Virtual Pilot 3D works the same as real airplane flight. What an experience it will be to try flying using Virtual Pilot 3D.

    I’m pretty sure that all aspiring pilots who visit your website would really love what they see. I personally like the many images you provided in this review, especially the video, very awesome.

    Though I’m not a pilot, I love how airplanes fly. Sometimes I go to YouTube only to watch videos about plane crash investigations. In fact, I will like to try buying this virtual pilot 3D to experience things for myself and to see just how it works.

    Thanks for sharing this article.

    1. Hi Stephen,

      I’m glad you liked my Virtual Pilot 3D review. Virtual Pilot 3D is the most realistic flight simulator I have ever flown. I have a high end 27 inch Mac.

      The graphics are awesome on this huge 4k HD monitor. It’s very addicting and if you’re not careful, you’ll crash your plane looking at all the sights.

      I have flown over the Pyramids in Egypt and Mexico. I have also flown over Stone Henge in England. I’ve been all around the World sitting right in front of my Mac.

      Let me know how you like Virtual Pilot 3D. Thank you for your comment Stephen.


  2. Flying a real plane will definitely take many years of training and dedication. But at least for people like me, who just want to have some fun, the Virtual Pilot 3D will be a fantastic program.

    It’s great that the software comes with free lifetime updates. The system requirements for Virtual Pilot is also not very demanding, and my PC can definitely run the program smoothly.

    Great review!

    1. Hello Farhan,

      If you have enough money and time, you can earn a Private Pilot License in a matter of months. When I was a student pilot back in the 1980’s, it cost about $30 an hour with the price of the flight instructor included.

      I’m sure it’s well over $100 USD per hour with an instructor. It’s expensive to take flight lessons. There are other certificates as well. Private Pilot License, Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot License.

      There’s even more training if you want to fly a Boeing 777 or Military aircraft. You can fly and learn how to fly just like in real life but from your Desktop PC.

      It won’t cost you more than a $100 an hour either. For a limited time only! Buy Virtual Pilot 3D today and instantly get 50% Off the regular price!

      Fly Safe!


  3. This is awesome! Great deal on this software. I did not know about this flight simulator until I visited your website and now I want it bad! I especially want it at that price. Thanks for finding such low priced deals! This is awesome. I will return regularly to see what you are offering next.

    1. Hi Austin,

      You are absolutely going to love Virtual Pilot 3D! it’s a whole lot more than a flight simulator game. It’s also one of the best flight training platform in the the Aviation industry.

      If you want to buy Virtual Pilot 3D for $67. You better act fast! I don’t know how long they are going let this special offer run. This is a limited time offer only!

      Thank you for stopping by and reading my Virtual Pilot 3D review. Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter and get the latest Red Hot Deals by email. 

      I’ll see you in the air Austin!


  4. This flight simulator brings back a lot of childhood memories. As a kid, I remember there were video games that you needed to fly an airplane. I am glad I came across your Virtual Pilot 3D review. It is something that I have always had an interest in. I have always loved flight simulators ever since I could remember. This flight simulator looks way more advanced so it will be more fun to fly! Who knows I may learn how to be an actual pilot lol.

    1. Hello Peter,

      Virtual Pilot 3D is definitely not the same type of flight simulator you played as a kid. Virtual Pilot 3D is the most realistic flight simulator ever created for the private sector.

      Virtual Pilot 3D is an evolution in flight simulation technology. Virtual Pilot 3D is several generations removed from flight simulators of the past and way ahead of it’s time!

      It wasn’t that long ago that only the Military and Government agencies had access to state-of-the-art flight simulation technology like Virtual Pilot 3D.

      Virtual Pilot 3D is FAA approved as a training tool for student pilots all around the World! When you fly an airplane in Virtual Pilot 3D, you experience what being a real life pilot is like.

      When you say you may learn to be an actual pilot, you will! Let me know how your first flight went. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy Virtual Pilot 3D Peter.


  5. Wow that looks so cool! That would be awesome to try and fly any of those planes or helicopters! And it’s not even 70 bucks?! Looks like I could get air sick real easy too by looking at the graphics. So much better than the Top Gun game I used to play on the original Nintendo. Definitely a Red Hot Deal!

    1. Hi Russell,

      You will definitely need a barf bag with Virtual Pilot 3D. This is not your Daddy’s flight simulator game, that’s for sure! Virtual Pilot 3D is a next generation flight simulator.

      All the other top name brand flight simulators just got left in the dust! They are all scrambling to catch up with Virtual Pilot 3D! Good luck with that! 

      You can’t make a flight simulator any better than Virtual Pilot 3D. The competition is going to have a hard time catching up to Virtual Pilot 3D.

      I think Virtual Pilot 3D caught the flight simulator industry off guard. Three unknown programmers brought the flight simulator market to it’s knees and for only $67!

      Thank you for your great comment and don’t get air sick Russell!


  6. Sounds like good old flight simulator from back in 2000. I always enjoyed airplane simulators very much! I will definitely give it a try! Do you also have any suggestions on a good, but not to crazy expensive, joystick? I always like to try and make the experience as close to real as possible (although the stick probably doesn’t come close to the real deal on a plane).

    Thank you

    1. Hi Gian,

      You will not be disappointed with Virtual Pilot 3D. This flight simulator has it all! You can fly just like a real life pilot or you can fly arcade style, dogfighting other Virtual Pilots in real-time all over the World.

      I have a 27 inch 4K HD Mac. I use a joystick called the Thrustmaster. I can’t see who the manufacturer is on the joystick but it works great. I know it’s specifically designed for Mac and PC.

      If you are using a Windows PC, Saitech makes great flight controllers and accessories to choose from. You can even buy full cockpit displays with working instruments. 

      I have a complete Cessna 172 cockpit with a control yoke, carburetor heat a trim wheel and everything else you could imagine. I even have a working radio with simulated ATC transmissions.

      You can find all these flight simulators on Amazon or Ebay. They do sell full size cockpits with motion and all the bells and whistles. Just load up Virtual Pilot 3D and take-off!

      You can make your Virtual Pilot 3D experience as real as you want. I hope you enjoy your first flight Gian. Thanks for stopping by and purchasing Virtual Pilot 3D.


  7. This looks amazing! I can’t believe how far some of these simulators have come. I did play a bit of Warthunder which was a WW2 combat flying game, however the realism had a bit to be desired at times. It was cool to see the Spitfire on your list, it is an aircraft I have always had a bit of a fondness for, particularly considering its impact on WW2.
    I will definitely consider giving this a crack, thanks for the great review!

    1. Hi Mark,

      Virtual Pilot 3D makes all the other fight simulators, past and present look like babies toys. You will not fly a more realistic flight simulator than Virtual Pilot 3D!

      The Spitfire is one of my all time favorite airplanes from the World War 2 era. Along with the Hurricane, which looked similar to the Spitfire save England during the Battle of Britain in 1941.

      My favorite planes from this era is the North American P-51 Mustang and the Messerschmitt ME 262 which was the first operational jet ever used in combat.

      It’s a good thing that the Germans never produced enough ME 262’s to make an impact on the war or we would all be speaking German. What a remarkable plane the ME 262 was.

      The Germans were never able to produce the ME 262 in great numbers. The jet engine was not reliable and underpowered. Despite all of that, the ME 262 was still almost 200 knots faster than any allied plane.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your comment with us. I hope you enjoy Virtual Pilot 3D! Go ahead and jump in your Spitfire and fly a piece of aviation history.


  8. Hey Jack, this looks awesome! I didn’t even necessarily have an interest in flying until I landed on this post. The amount of controls, knobs and buttons in the cockpit always intimated me but with Virtual Pilot 3D I can learn it all obviously without stepping foot in a plane, helicopter or airport. Very great info here and thank you for the article!

    1. Hello Jaron,

      I’m glad my Virtual Pilot 3D review sparked an interest in aviation in you. Aviation is my first love ever since I could remember. I always wanted to be an Astronaut!

      I never made it into space but I did get my pilot’s license when I was a teenager. I still love to fly when I have the free time. There’s no better feeling in the World!

      Thanks to modern day computers and Virtual Pilot 3D you can experience what it’s actually like be a real life pilot. All from the comfort of your home.

      Thank you for reading my review Jaron. Please come back and share your experience with Virtual Pilot 3D with us. I’ll see you in the air!

      Happy Flying,


      1. Absolutely Jack! Wow you got your license as a teen, that’s amazing! It really was your first love. Funny side note, I’ve always been scared of heights but never in my life have I feared flying so this will be interesting. I’ll absolutely be back to share my experience because it looks like I’ll be learning AND having fun at the same time!

        Thanks again for this post!

        1. You’re welcome Jaron,

          There’s nothing better than learning and having fun at the same time. You’ll get the fun and excitement of an arcade game and a 1st class education in Aviation. Virtual Pilot 3D is the best of both World’s! Virtual Pilot 3D will give you a comprehensive understanding of everything you need to know on how to fly an airplane.

          However, it is NOT substitute for real-life flight training from a certified flight instructor. Virtual Pilot 3D is just part of your trying if you’re try to obtain a Private Pilot’s License. Anyways, fasten your seatbelt and take-off somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit. Explore your World in HD!

          Best wishes Jaron!


  9. Jack, this looks absolutely awesome.

    I am the proud owner of Flight Simulator X .. and I admit I love it… but this one seem to excel in all areas…

    I am going to be contacting you in the not so distant future to pick your brains…

    I am interested to upgrade.. so will be asking things with regards to PC power etc… and what I will need…

    I am following you on Facebook too… So I will catch you there…

    Great work and thanks for the heads up!


    1. Hi Chris,

      I also own Flight Simulator X and all the extension packs as well. I absolutely love it! I own lots of other Flight simulators too! Virtual Pilot 3D is just as good if not better than any of the leading Flight Simulators on the market.

      Virtual Pilot 3D works on all modern operating systems including iMac. I have a 27 inch 4K HD iMac and the graphics are stunning. I even flew over the Island Of Rhodes the other day. Thank you for following me on Facebook. I followed you back.

      Thank you for your awesome comment and question about Virtual Pilot 3D. If you have any more questions on Virtual Pilot 3D, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m always here! I’m also a fan of your website and have been following you for quite some time.

      Best wishes,


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