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Buy Star Shower

Buy Star Shower

Why hang lights when you can Buy Star Shower! All you have to do is plug it in and you’re good to go. Gone are the days of untangling Christmas lights. I almost forgot to mention my favorite part. Looking for the bad bulb in a string of lights.

Everyone knows how frustrating that can be. With Star Shower, you no longer have these issues and it sets up in mere minutes. You can light your entire house with the flick of a switch. Those of you that have 2 story houses. You’ll be happy to know you don’t need an extension ladder to hang Star Shower (As Seen On TV).

Take a look at the video below. This is the Official Star Shower commercial you’ve all seen on TV. See how easy it is to light up your entire house with Star Shower. If you’ve been traditionally hanging lights for the holidays. You are definitely going to want to buy Star Shower after watching this video!

Get Star Shower – Easy Holiday Decor

Okay, now you know you don’t have to do that dreaded chore of hanging Christmas lights this year. Unless you like untangling lights and falling off ladders, of course. You will also love your electric bill too! Traditional lighting costs 99% more than Star Shower. That’s over $300.00 a month off my electric bill.

I don’t know about you, I don’t mind saving that kind of money every month. It couldn’t happen at a better time too! Right around the holidays when more money is going out of your wallet than in it! Now when my wife asks me to hang the Christmas lights, all I have to do is plug in my Star Shower.

Your Star Shower Is Very Easy To Use!

Learn How To Use Star Shower

Before you learn how to use your Star Shower. I want you to look at the chart above. You can clearly see the disadvantages of traditional lighting compared to laser technology. I did mention earlier that the Star Shower is 99% more energy efficient as well.

Now that you know what you’re getting, lets learn how to use this thing. Once you buy Star Shower from Amazon, it will take anywhere from 1 to 3 days depending on the vendor, to receive your Star Shower in the mail. As soon as your Star Shower arrives, it’s time to unpack the contents inside the box.

Star Shower Motion Large Product Box

Here’s What’s Inside Your Box …

*Star Shower Motion Instruction Manual

Star Shower Motion Instruction Manual

Inside the box is your Star Shower Motion Instruction Manual. Everything you need to know is in this manual. Make sure you read everything in the manual before you use your Star Shower Motion. Like I said earlier, your Star Shower is very easy to use use. It’s always wise to read the directions first!

*Star Shower Motion + 8″ Lawn Stake & Indoor Base

Star Shower Contents

You will also find your Star Shower, 8″ lawn spike and an indoor base. You can use your Star Shower indoors as well. This adds an awesome effect at Christmas or Halloween parties. The 8″ lawn spike is for outdoor use. You will need a 50 or 100 foot weather proof extension chord depending how far away you set your Star Shower up. See chart below:

Star Shower Distance Chart

The longer the distance between your house and Star Shower, the more area the lasers cover. If you have a large 2 story house, you should be able to place your Star Shower about 40 to 50 feet away. If you have to move your Star Shower more than 50 feet away from your house. You must be loaded with cash! All kidding aside. No more than 40 feet is usually needed.

It’s important to note that if you live within 10 nautical miles of an airport. You must make sure not to point your Star Shower into the sky. For example, you may want to light up the trees around your house. You MUST remember that the Star Shower uses hundreds of lasers that will impair a pilots vision. Be Careful!

This can be very dangerous even though its unintentional. The penalties for this are severe with huge expensive fines and years of jail time. I just wanted to point that out because who would think of it. It is in you Star Shower Motion Instruction Manual as well.

Star Shower Quick Set Up Out Of The Box …

Star Shower Installation

Alright guys! This is going to be a quick and easy set up. Your house will look like a million bucks in just a few minutes. The first thing you’re going to do is, take your 8″ lawn stake and push it into the ground firmly. Do not attach your Star Shower to the stake before you drive it into the ground.

You would obviously have to push down on the Star Shower itself damaging it. Now that we got that out of the way and the lawn stake is in the ground. It’s time to attach your Star Shower to the lawn stake. There is a hole in the center of the stake for the Star Shower to slide into.

That’s it! Just plug it in and power on your Star Shower Motion. In just a few minute time, you now have the best looking house on the block. Don’t forget, you do have to run at a 50 foot outdoor extortion chord to power your Star Shower. You see, I told you set up would be FAST and EASY! I almost forgot …

You Need To Know!

Where To Buy Star Shower …

Star Shower Motion Product BoxYou can buy Star Shower at There you will find the best prices anywhere online. Guaranteed! You will find a variety of prices from different vendors, so you can choose the cheapest price! Go ahead and get Star Shower before the holiday season starts. Never hang another Christmas light ever again!

Thank you for visiting with us today and learning all about the AMAZING Star Shower. Please leave any questions or comments you may have about Star Shower below. You can even contact me personally by sending me an email. I hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks again for stopping by! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Buy Star Shower Motion Laser Light Now!

  1. Star Shower is a time and money saver. I spend hours after work setting up my X-mas decorations. This would really help me save time and work on other important things around the house. I like how easy it is to set up and it illuminates wonderfully.

    I see there is a 30 day money back guarantee. I know guarantees can be a bit tricky. I wonder what are the conditions of the guarantee. The pricing is fair and it seems like I’m getting a lot for my money. I would have never known about this products unless I came to your site. 

    Thanks for sharing and I hope my Step Shower will work as advertised. Take care!

    1. Hi Angel,

      I’m glad that you stopped by today and discovered the amazing Star Shower Laser Light projector. I’m glad that you found the information useful.

      The Star Shower is a time and money saver. Last year during the holidays, it cost me around $700 to light up the house. Star Shower costs a fraction of the price to light up.

      I love my Star Shower so much, I bought 2 more to light up the back and side of my house. It only takes minutes to set up as opposed to 3 days to hang lights before.

      Thank you for visiting with us today and buying a Star Shower. I’m sure you will be disappointed with your purchase. Please come back and let me know how you like your Star Shower.

      Best of luck and happy holidays Angel,


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