Buy Magic Tracks & Get FREE Shipping!

Buy Magic Tracks & Get FREE Shipping!

Buy Magic Tracks

Buy Magic Tracks Online

Buy Magic Tracks and get hours of fun for the entire family! It doesn’t matter if you are a boy, girl, young or old. You are absolutely going to love Magic Tracks. Racing has never been so much fun! You are only a few minutes away from experiencing a racing revolution. Say goodbye to old fashion race car sets with straight tracks.

You can bend, twist and curve Magic Tracks (As Seen On TV) any way you want. Unlike ancient race car sets from the past, you can create unlimited custom speedways from ovals to grand prix style racing in just a matter of seconds! Take a look at the Official Magic Tracks TV Commercial below.

Magic Tracks As Seen On TV Commercial!

Get Magic Tracks by clicking on the red button above. You will get the best price anywhere online from The prices do vary from vendor to vendor. I did find the cheapest price for Magic Tracks Mega Set. However, the price may be different when you click on the link.

For example, vendors change their prices all the time on Amazon. Chances are, the prices will be different but that’s an advantage to you. These vendors are competing against each other for your business. This means more choices and the lowest prices for your Magic Tracks Mega Set.

It usually takes less than 3 days to receive your Magic Tracks in the mail. You will also get FREE shipping and the lowest price I could find on Amazon. You are getting a better deal than the TV offer! Now that you received your Magic Tracks Mega Set …

… Let’s See What’s Inside Your Box:

Magic Tracks Product Box

Inside your Magic Tracks box, you will find 360 pieces of Glow Track, 2 Light Up Race Cars and a whole lot more! Here’s what you get below!

Magic Tracks 360 Piece Set

  • 360 Glow Track Pieces
  • 1 LED Light Up Racecar
  • 1 LED Light Up Police Car
  • Sheet of Peel n’ Stick Decals
  • Instruction Guide
  • 15 Additional Parts & Accessories

Magic Tracks Includes 2 Cars

Everything you need for hours of excitement is included in your Magic Tracks Mega Set box. There are also different Magic Tracks Sets to choose from. You can also buy more Glow Track pieces, Light Up Cars and other accessories too! Turn your whole garage into a racetrack any kid or MAN would envy.

Night Racing Racing Has Never Been So Bright!

Magic Tracks Glows In The Dark

Your Magic Tracks Mega Set is a glow in the dark Speedway way like no other on the market. Turn off the lights and the REAL MAGIC begins. Night racing has never been this cool before! Your light up race cars continuously keep your tracks glowing for hours and hours of midlight racing action!

The Latest Magic Tracks Reviews …

Magic Track Reviews

As you can see from the Magic Tracks reviews above. Everyone loves Magic Tracks and gave 5 stars. These Magic Tracks reviews are from real Amazon customers! I bought Magic Tracks for my nephew for his birthday in July. Although he’s only 6 years old, he absolutely loved it and played for hours.

The Funny Thing Is …

… Magic Tracks Isn’t Just For Kids!

Magic Tracks Family Fun

After my nephew went to bed, my brother and I had a few beers and started to play with Magic Tracks. Just like we used to play when we were kids. Without the beer of course. Anyways, we played for hours and didn’t realize how much time had passed. We were like a couple of kids again.

I bought extra Light Up Cars, Glow Track pieces and more parts and accessories. I didn’t realize how much more I bought on top of the 360 pieces that came with the Magic Tracks Mega Set. Within a couple of hours we set up the entire Magic Tracks set (including almost all the extra pieces I bought) inside my brothers garage.

It took up my brothers entire 4 car garage. We looked at each other and just laughed! Where were these toys when we were kids? Magic Tracks is fun for the entire family. Including a couple of old kids like my brother and I. My 9 year old niece loves Magic Tracks too!

Buy Magic Tracks!

Magic Tracks Product Box As Seen On TVGet Magic Tracks before the holiday rush starts! Buy Magic Tracks for an extremely low price from a trusted and secure source,! You will also get FREE shipping when you place your Magic Tracks order today! You won’t find this AMAZING DEAL on TV!

Beat the holiday crowd and click on the red button below NOW! You will receive your Magic Tracks Mega Set in less than 3 business day if you get today! Thank you for stopping by and reading my Magic Tracks review. Your kids are going to LOVE you for it on Christmas morning or any time of the year for that matter!

You can contact me personally by sending me an email or you can leave your questions and comments below. I’ll get your message either way and will respond to you as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks again for visiting and Happy Racing! 🙂

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Magic Tracks Product BoxProduct Name: Magic Tracks Mega Set
Product Creator: Magic Tracks®
Hottest Deal Online: $49.99
Buy Magic Tracks:
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days
Product Rating: 5 Out Of 5 Stars
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Magic Tracks
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4 thoughts on “Buy Magic Tracks & Get FREE Shipping!

  1. Looking sweet! Any idea if there is an age restriction on this thing? Seems like my kid will love it, however I’m not sure it is suitable for his age. Maybe I’ll buy it for myself LOL 

    We used to have car tracks when I was a kid but it was nothing like this! By the way, the price went down on Amazon (it is $46.55)

    1. Hello Omer,

      I bought Magic Tracks for my little nephew and he absolutely loved it. However, I think my brother and I enjoyed it even more. I bought extra tracks and cars.

      We set it up in my brothers garage and played with it for hours. It took us back to our childhood but we never had a racetrack set this cool.

      Thanks for the update on the price change. The prices are always vary on Amazon. It’s nice to see the price went down and I’m sure it’ll drop even more for the holidays.

      You should go ahead and buy Magic Tracks for your son. Even if he’s a little young, I’m sure you’ll have fun with it as well. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment Omer.

      Happy Racing!


  2. This looks like a fun toy. Especially if you could have multiple sets and make a huge track. A few people on Amazon were saying that their cars were jumping the track and other people were saying they loved it and played with it for hours. Did you guys have any problems with cars jumping the track? The fact that the track is glow in the dark would appeal to alot of kids too.

    1. Hello Jen,

      You can add track to the Magic Tracks set and make it as big as you want. Magic Tracks is a lot of fun, even for old kids like my brother and I.

      I bought a Magic Tracks set for my nephew which he absolutely loved. When he went to bed, my brother and I finished setting it up in the garage.

      We had a few beers and played around with it for a while. Our wives said we looked like a couple of kids. Anyways, it’s a lot of fun. Especially for the kids!

      There were times that the cars jumped off the track but that normal for most racetrack sets. The HotWheels racetrack sets we had as kids did the same thing but it happened it lot more.

      Magic Tracks glows in the dark and looks great! The Magic Tracks cars are cool and come with stickers the kids can put on their cars to personalize them.

      I recommend anybody with kids buy Magic Tracks. It even makes a great gift for older kids like myself. Thanks for stopping by and asking a great question Jen.

      Best wishes to you and your family,


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