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HD Mirror Cam Features

Buy HD Mirror Cam! The 1 and only “OFFICIAL” HD Mirror Cam. This awesome brand new innovative product turns your rearview mirror into an HD Dash Cam. It’s quick and easy to install and there is zero obstruction of view. The HD Mirror Cam is a whole lot more than just a Dash Cam.

HD Mirror Cam is a HD video recorder with time stamp too! This is very important in the unfortunate case that you’re involved in an accident. The HD Mirror Cam is also an audio recorder and an HD Camera as well. Take a look at the OFFICIAL HD Mirror Cam (As Seen On TV) Infomercial below.

Accidents Caught On Camera With The “OFFICIAL” HD Mirror Cam

As you can see in the video above, the HD Mirror Cam is a great new product having you wondering how can I live without it. This awesome new product released in 2017, is sure to be a hot seller this Holiday Season. It’s already selling off the shelves and it’s not even Halloween yet.

To see what all the buzz is about, I’m going to go over all the features and benefits the HD Mirror Cam has to offer. The video did a great job explaining everything there is to know about the HD Mirror Cam. I’m just going to remind you of the features your HD Mirror comes with.

HD Mirror Cam

HD Mirror Cam HD Video

Below is a list of features the AMAZING HD Mirror Cam has to offer. Very few products advertised on TV deliver as promised. However, the HD Mirror Cam delivers all that’s promised and a whole lot more. The best thing about the HD Mirror Cam is the price. Take a look at what you’re getting!

As Seen On TV!

HD Mirror Cam Contents

HD Mirror Cam Features:

HD Mirror Cam Rotating Camera

  • HD 720P Video – Record Everything While You’re Driving In Stunning HD Video.
  • Easy Installation – It Only Takes A Few Minutes To Set Up. Just Attach It On Your Existing Rearview Mirror & You’re Good To Go!
  • Motion Detection System – Even While Your Car Is Unattended, HD Mirror Cam Is Always Ready For Action.
  • Auto Ignition Start – Your HD Mirror Cam Will Turn On Automatically As Soon As You Start Your Car.
  • Exclusive Night Vision Technology – The HD Mirror Cam Records Just As Clear At Night Too!
  • 350 Degree Rotating Camera – You Can Position The Camera In Any Position You Want In Seconds.
  • Endless Loop Recording – Even If you Forget To Set The Recording Feature HD Mirror Cam Will Continue To Record For You. You Are Guaranteed To Never Miss A Thing!
  • Records Up To 14 Hours – There’s Plenty Of Storage For Those Long Road Trips.
  • Built-In Re-Chargable Battery – Your HD Mirror Cam Is Completely Portable. You Never Know When You’ll Need Your HD Mirror Cam As A Witness.
  • Captures Audio, Video & Photos – Not Only Does The HD Mirror Cam Record HD Videos But Records Audio & Takes Awesome Photos As Well.
  • 2.5″ LCD Playback Screen With Screen Shut Off Mode – You Can View The 2.5″ LCD Screen While Driving Or Simply Turn It Off & The Screen Will Disappear.
  • Supports Class 10 Speed Micro SD Memory Cards Up To 32*GB – Just Like A Cell Phone, Your HD Mirror Cam Supports A SD Memory Card.
  • Huge Discount! You Save $17.78 (Get 23% OFF!)
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCERETURN POLICYWorry-Free Warranty: 60 Day FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Please feel free to contact our Customer Support.

The Official HD Mirror Cam

*Special Note: Your HD Mirror Cam instantly qualifies for 23% Discount. You Save $17.78!

Did You Know?

These are just some of the reasons to Buy HD Mirror Cam. The Biggest reason you should get the HD Mirror Cam is PIECE IF MIND! Just having it installed on your car is like having an insurance policy.

In fact, some insurance companies offer a lower rate just for installing the HD Mirror Cam in your car. You should check with your insurance provider to see if you qualify for a lower rate. Just to see how awesome the HD Mirror Cam really is. Here are some comments from Amazon’s latest customers who purchased the HD Mirror Cam.

Here’s What People Are Saying!

HD Mirror Cam Reviews

These are just a few satisfied customers. As you can see, everybody loves their HD Mirror Cam and I’m sure you will too! It’s time to protect your property and family with the HD Mirror Cam. For a limited time only! You can Buy HD Mirror Cam for a low price but only for a short time!

Buy HD Mirror Cam Today!

Buy The Official HD Mirror Cam

Buy HD Mirror Cam and instantly save $17.78! That’s 23% off the regular price. Whether you’re buying the HD Mirror Cam for yourself or as a gift. There has never been a better time to get it. The price is cheap and you get a 60 Days No Questions Asked Money Back GUARANTEE!

Order HD Mirror Cam now and get it in time for the Holidays! You’d better act fast because demand is already through the roof. Go ahead and click on the red button below now and beat the Holiday Shopping Season Today! You will be taken to Amazon’s OFFICIAL website where your discount will automatically be applied.

If you have any questions or comments on the HD Mirror Cam. Please feel free to leave them below now or you can contact me personally by sending me an email. Don’t hesitate to ask, I’d love to hear from you and will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for taking the time to stop by today.

Thanks Again! 😉

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The Official HD Mirror CamProduct Name: HD Mirror Cam
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HD Mirror Cam Rating: 5 Out Of 5 Stars
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8 thoughts on “Buy HD Mirror Cam & Get 23% Off Today!

  1. These cameras are becoming the future now and if you haven’t got one it could be a great time to grab one. It could save you a lot of legal issues in court and as well. The HD Mirror Cam is so important for road safety. Your analogy of the product gets straight to the point. It is cheap and is worth the money!

    1. Hi Josh,

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by and share your thoughts on the HD Mirror Cam. It is definitely one of 2017’s hot new products.

      Demand is already high and the HD Mirror Cam is selling like hot cakes. You can’t beat the price on the HD Mirror Cam either. 

      You have great piece of mind knowing that your HD Mirror Cam is recording everything while your driving. The HD Mirror Cam also has a motion detector and will start recording as soon as it senses movement.

      Thanks again for visiting with us today Josh. I hope you buy the HD Mirror Cam before the Holiday shopping season.


  2. Your website RedHotDeals is very informative.

    I never heard of HD Mirror CAM but I will try it one day. I am so use to looking at my rear view mirror when I am driving. Reading your review on HD Mirror CAM makes me want to buy it because I like the benefits that come with the product.

    1. Hello Felisha,

      If you buy HD Mirror Cam while the sale is going, you’ll instantly save 23% off the retail price! That’s a great deal! Especially, just before the start of the Holiday Shopping Season.

      HD Mirror Cam also makes a great gift too! I bought one for my wife’s car too! She’s not into gadgets as much as I am but she loves her HD Mirror Cam and it’s easy for her to use.

      It’s also like having a silent car alarm with a camera. As soon as the HD Mirror Cam’s motion sensor detects movement. It automatically powers on and starts recording.

      Another benefit of owning a HD Mirror Cam is that some insurance companies offer a discount just for installing an HD Mirror Cam in your car.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment on the HD Mirror Cam. I think the technology is coll and that everyone should Buy HD Mirror Cam for their cars.

      Thanks again for visiting,


  3. This is a great concept! If you have the dash cam facing the front and the kids are acting up or you want to look at the kids while talking to them, you can also keep an eye on what’s going on in front of you. This will definitely lower the risk of having an accident.

    Great site!

    1. Hi Eric,

      I agree with you, it is a great concept and is one of the best NEW products of 2017! The HD Mirror Cam is the only dashboard cam that starts recording automatically and is legal too!

      The HD Mirror Cam attaches to your rearview mirror and does not block your view like other dash cams that mount on the windshield or dashboard.

      You bring up a good point about being able to see what’s going on inside the car while keeping your eyes on the road. HD Mirror Cam is definitely with the money and more.

      The HD Mirror Cam does more than record HD video. IT also records audio as well so if you want to record your beautiful singing voice, you can.

      Thank you for visiting today and sharing your comment. I’m glad that you like the site. I hope you come back and visit with us again.

      Best Wishes Eric,


  4. This seems like the real deal! Driving a car can be demanding and a HD Mirror Cam should be standard in all cars in the future. First you get more consentrated on every side of your car and just in case of an incident or if a accident happens. You will have the live footage and the bare truth about the incident. It’s great that you can shut it off and turn back on as you wish. It would have become a constant distraction otherwise.

    1. Hello Tyler,

      I’m glad that you like the HD Mirror Cam too! It’s funny because as I’m responding to your comment. There’s an HD Mirror Cam commercial on TV.

      I love having the HD Mirror Cam in my car while I’m driving. I like the LED screen in the mirror so you can see what the camera is recording.

      Another great feature is that the HD Mirror Cam is larger than the rearview mirror in my car. Now I have better rearview vision with less blind spots.

      I highly recommend that you Buy HD Mirror Cam while the price is this cheap and before the Holiday Rush. People are already buying the HD Mirror Cam in record numbers.

      The HD Mirror Can is a brand new product for 2017 so it’s going to be a hot seller this Holiday Season.  Thanks for stopping by today Tyler.

      I hope you Buy HD Mirror Cam before you have to wait for more stock to arrive. So far they have plenty in stock so you better hurry in you want a HD Mirror Cam.


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