Build The Ultimate Survival Shelter – Click Here If You Want To Live!

Build The Ultimate Survival Shelter - Click Here If You Want To Live!

Build The Ultimate Survival Shelter

In an emergency situation such as, getting lost in the woods on a winter day. If you don’t know how to Build The Ultimate Survival Shelter, your chances of survival drop dramatically. Every year hikers are faced with scenarios exactly like this and perish because they have no survival skills.

Fallout Shelter 2That’s one example, the next type of survival shelter would be a fallout or bomb shelter. These type of shelters were first introduced commercially in the 1950’s and 60’s during the cold war with the Soviet Union. Due to the current events of the last decade, fallout shelters have made a comeback.

Fallout or bomb shelters are popular with doomsday preppers. These are the ultimate survival shelters. You can customize your basement, like most people do or you can break the bank and have an elaborate survival shelter built for you. There are several reputable companies to choose from.

I’m going to give you a few different examples of survival shelters that you can easily build yourself. Everything from temporary emergency shelters to permanent structures like bomb and fallout shelters. At the end of this article I’m going to send you to a resource that will teach you everything you need to know.

Primitive Survival Shelter Build with Bare Hands – No Tools Needed

Top 3 Ultimate Survival Shelters

#1. Fallout Or Bomb Shelter

Ultimate Survival Shelter

Fallout or bomb shelters are the ultimate survival shelter you can build. They are also the safest and give you and your family the best chance at survival. These shelters can be constructed using existing structures, a basement would be a perfect example. With a few modifications, a basement would do just fine.

Than there are doomsday shelters (like the one pictured above) that are the ultimate shelters money can buy. Some people out in the mid-west purchased old missile silos and turned them into luxurious fallout shelters. Complete with a hospital, movie theater and even a gym. You can buy spaces for you and your family, if there are any spots still available.

*For more information on buying a bomb or fallout shelter, visit

#2. Leaf Hut Survival Shelter

Leaf Hut Survival Shelter

This type of shelter is used in the great outdoors. It’s a very simple shelter to build once you know how to do it. Every outdoorsman should know how to build a leaf shelter. All you need is a branch about 2 inches think and about 6 to 9 feet long. You can use 2 tree trunks or 2 forked heavy branches to prop up the 6 or 9 foot branch.

Than what you do is attach a bunch of branches on the sides so it looks like wedge shaped rib cage. Than you cover the rib cage with vegetation such as grass and leaves. The last step is to add another layer of branches and twigs. This is done so your roof won’t be blown away by heavy winds. That’s it, you have shelter.

#3. Snow Cave Survival Shelter

Snow Cave

The snow cave shelter may be the only option in some cases and it is also the most dangerous survival shelter you can build. Especially, if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you don’t know how to choose the correct snow and know how to properly build a snow cave, you might as well just freeze to death in the elements.

Because, your chances of building a safe snow cave are ZERO. You have to choose a hard pack of snow before you can even consider building a snow cave. If the snow is to soft, you risk the roof caving in on you and being buried alive. Check out the illustration above, you will see how to properly build a snow cave. Remember, find the hardest snow pack you can!

These are just 3 examples out of many survival shelters you can build. For the outdoorsman, there’s emergency shelters such as the leaf hut or snow cave. For those looking to survive the apocalypse, you can build the ultimate survival shelter of them all, bomb or fallout shelters.

Now that you have an idea of the different types of survival shelters there are to build. It’s time to learn how to build them yourself. Building an emergency survival shelter is a crucial skill for any outdoorsman. You are literally rolling the dice with your life if you don’t know this crucial skill.

Learn How To Build The Ultimate Survival Shelter Yourself!

The Lost Ways BookLearn how to build emergency survival shelters or the ultimate survival shelter of them all, the fallout or bomb shelter. Get the exact step-by-step plans from a book called The Lost Ways. Learn the survival skills you need to save you and your families life.

The Lost Ways book is a book of survival secrets lost to us generations ago. Learn how to survive just like our forefathers did before the industrial revolution. Learn how to build survival shelters, distill liquor, make pemmican (The Ultimate Survival Food) and much, much more!

Click on the red button below now and read my review on The Lost Ways book. This book is a must have book for the survivalist and preppers. I own a copy and it is my most treasured resource. Thank you for stopping by and please don’t forget to leave your questions and comments below or contact me personally. I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

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Build The Ultimate Survival Shelter - Click Here If You Want To Live!
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Build The Ultimate Survival Shelter - Click Here If You Want To Live!
Learn how to build the ultimate survival shelter yourself! Build a fallout or bomb shelter or an emergency survival shelter!
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4 thoughts on “Build The Ultimate Survival Shelter – Click Here If You Want To Live!

  1. I have been hearing a lot about doomsday shelters lately, and I have been thinking of building one as a basement, you know just in case. I really like your bomb shelter image, but I was thinking what if you used shipping containers and put them underground, do you think that would still work in case of doomsday?

    On another note, I have seen snow caves before and I really want to build one of my own just to say I have, with the design you have here, its pretty elaborate and can be lived in for quite some time as long as the weather stays cold!

    I’m going to check out your recommendation, The Lost Ways, seems interesting, I should learn something useful!

    1. Hello Kenny,

      My brother and I fortified our basements the best we could but the best shelters are the ones they build underground. Especially during a nuclear attack.

      You are safer from the fallout underground. The problem is, how would you have the live underground. It’s always a good idea to prepare for emergencies.

      I’m just not sure if it’s worth trying to survive a thermonuclear war. Today’s nuclear arsenals are much more lethal than atomic weapons.

      Unfortunately, if there ever is a thermonuclear war, it would most likely end civilization as we know it. I have seen television shows that do show some bomb shelters being built using storage containers buried underground.

      I hope we never have a need for such a shelter. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a great comment Kenny. You are going to love The Lost Ways book!


  2. Wow…I’m thrilled that I came across this blog today. It’s right up my husbands alley. I wouldn’t call him a doomsday prepper but he’s close. We’ve learned a lot on how to build shelters by watching the TV show “Alone” but the book you recommend is excellent. I’ll be purchasing this for my husband. Thank you.

    1. Hello Karen,

      I’m glad that you enjoyed my article on survival shelters and found the information useful. It’s funny that you mention your husband being prepper because my wife makes fun of me as well.

      I ‘m not really into the whole doomsday thing but I do like to have food, water and a generator handy in case we lose power for a few days or something. It pays to have some sort of preparation.

      I think of it as insurance, you never know when a natural or manmade disaster can strike. I love watching the TV show “Alone”. You can see just how cruel mother nature can be if you’re not prepared for it.

      Each person on that show should have a copy of The Lost Ways book. Your husband is going to love this book. It is my favorite book in my collection and my most treasured resource.

      Inside this book is life saving survival knowledge lost to us generations ago. Your husband is going to learn the exact same skills our forefathers used just survive daily life.

      As a prepper, he’s really going to love The Lost Ways book as much as I do. All the knowledge you need to survive off the land is in this AMAZING book.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment Karen. I would also like to thank you for buying The Lost Ways Book for your husband as well.

      Best wishes to you and your husband,


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