Build A Copper Moonshine Still In 2 Hours!

Build A Copper Moonshine Still In 2 Hours!

Build A Copper Moonshine Still

It is not illegal to Build A Copper Moonshine Still. However, it is illegal to distill moonshine anywhere within the United States without a distillers license. The penalties are severe and the fines are extremely expensive. I am not telling you in any way to distill moonshine.

WarningThe information on this website is for informational purposes only! It’s legal to build a moonshine still but if you choose to distill liquor, you are breaking the law. I would also like to point out that using a still can be dangerous. Especially, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

There are other things that can be made other than moonshine. A copper still can also be used to make rubbing alcohol or gasoline for example. I don’t know if any of you ever smelled moonshine before but, it smells exactly like rubbing alcohol to me. Anyways, be safe and don’t break the law!

*For more information, check out US Food and Drug Administration at

How to Make 5 Gallon Moonshine Still: Time-Lapse

Materials You Will Need

The information I’m giving you today is for a 1 gallon copper moonshine still. You can make 5, 10, 15, 20 or however many gallon still you want. If you want to make a larger still, don’t worry! I’ll give you a link to the perfect source at the end of the article.

Copper Moonshine Still Parts

The most important part of the whole process is the copper you use to make your still. You want to make sure to use C-110 Food Grade Copper. Anything else is unacceptable and can be dangerous to use. If you do not use C-110 Food Grade Copper, the copper you use may have dangerous contaminants in it.

This will contaminate everything you distill making your moonshine undrinkable. There could be contaminants such as lead, which can cause permanent neurological damage. So be very careful what copper you choose. There are also kits you can buy online.

Lead Free SolderWhatever you decide to do, whether it’s building your own moonshine still from scratch or buying a kit. Always make sure you are using C-110 Food Grade Copper to build your still . The next thing we’re going to talk about is the type of solder and flux you need to use.

Just like choosing your copper, you need to be very careful what flux and solder to choose as well. Make sure to use a lead free solder and water soluble flux. If you do not, you will contaminate everything you distill with lead.

If you do not use water soluble flux, it will be very difficult to remove the flux off of your still. Remember, only use C-110 Food Grade Copper with lead free solder and water soluble flux.

How To Prepare Your Materials

Moonshine Still Parts

If you are building your moonshiner still with kit, you want to bend the teeth at the bottom of the boiler. If you are making your own still from scratch, you want to cut the copper so you have your own teeth to bend in a 90 degree angle.

This is to make the bottom of the boiler easier to solder together. Before you start soldering, make sure to sand or score all the places that are going to be soldered together. The next thing you’re going to do is apply fix to every seem before you start soldering.

This is an extremely important step so don’t skip it. If you do you’re going to have a hard time getting the solder to stick. You’re going to end up with one giant mess! Whatever you do, do not forget to apply some flux to every seem before you start soldering your still together.

How To Install The Rivets

Copper RivetIf you are using a moonshine still kit, you will have predrilled holes in your copper still parts. If not, you will have to drill your own holes for the rivets. It’s best to rivet your still together before you solder it. It makes it much easier to solder this way.

It’s important to note, that you don’t have to flatten out the rivets. Just hit them hard enough to where they mushroom out a little bit. Just enough to hold the still together. Remember, it’s the solder that really holds your still together.

How To Solder The Copper Still Boiler

Copper Moonshine Boiler

The first thing you want to do is seal the boiler by soldering it. The next thing is to drop the copper bottom into the boiler and solder it together. Then solder the vapor cone to the boiler. After you have soldered the cone in place, it’s time to solder the small collar piece into the top of the cone.

The boiler, vapor cone and collar piece all make up one part of the assembly. This part of the assembly is complete. Nothing else gets soldered to any part of this part of the still. Now it’s time to build the column assembly. The column assembly does not get soldered to the boiler.

If you solder these two pieces together you won’t be able to clean, fill or empty your still. Remember, don’t solder the column assembly to the boiler. This is very important to remember. Believe it or not, some people to this day, make this simple but avoidable mistake. The column assembly will friction fit on the boiler.

How To Solder The Copper Still Column

Copper Still Column

The next step is to assemble the column, cap skirt, cap plate and condenser parts together. Solder the cap skirt together first, then solder the cap plate into the cap skirt. The next thing to do is solder the column into the cap plate. The last thing to do is assemble the condenser parts and solder them to the column.

It’s Time To Finish Your Copper Still

Finished Moonshine StillYour copper moonshine still is now completely soldered and assembled. The last and final step is cleaning your still. Building your own moonshine still is messy and there is excess solder and carbon deposits that need to be removed before you can use your still.

This can easily be done using 100 grit sandpaper. This will remove the excess carbon and solder on your still. It will also leave that clean cooper look to it when you’re done. You can also buff it after you sand it to get a mirror finish. Assembly time to complete your still is about 2 hours.

If you want to know more about making copper moonshine stills, click on the red button below. Get more tips like these and get step-by-step detailed instructions on moonshine stills from a book called The Lost Ways. Read my complete review and learn how you can get moonshine recipes survival tips and more!

Please feel free to leave any comments and questions you may have below or email me by clicking HERE Contact Jack. Thank you! 🙂

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Build A Copper Moonshine Still In 2 Hours!
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Build A Copper Moonshine Still In 2 Hours!
Learn how to build a copper moonshine still in 2 hours or less! Check out my easy step-by-step instructions now!
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6 thoughts on “Build A Copper Moonshine Still In 2 Hours!

  1. Its funny because my grandfather used to make moonshine to sell to others in the deep south when I was little. I never thought about making my own, but it does sound interesting. I didn’t know you could also make rubbing alcohol with this machine too! As much as I use rubbing alcohol that could save me some money. Thanks for the information!

    1. Hello Liz,

      I would love to sit around a campfire and listen to your grandfathers stories about making moonshine. Imagine the stories he could tell.

      People today still make moonshine to support their families. Even though it is illegal to distill moonshine. The history of moonshine is intrenched with American history and very interesting to say the least.

      Thank you for sharing your story about your grandfather Liz.


  2. Hey Jack,

    Wow a copper moonshine still, so happy to see one of these, very hard to meet people who actually know about them. I used to play brewery when I was a kid making my own concoctions on my uncle’s lab still. I grew up learning about distillation.

    Might be a bit off-topic but do you plan on selling it by any chance? People would spend a lot if you can produce these beauties 😀

    1. Hi Riaz,

      Copper moonshine stills are great and can be used for more than making moonshine. Keep in mind that it is illegal to distill moonshine without a distillers license.

      As far as selling them goes, there are kits they sell for moonshine stills. I will write an article on where to buy still kits in the near future. Check out my review of The Lost Ways book.

      There are moonshine recipes and survival tips as well as step-by-step instructions on how to build your own moonshine still. Thanks for your comment and question.


  3. Wow.
    That would be such a cool thing to have and show off to everyone! 🙂
    Having said that. I would be tempted to distill if I had one of these lol

    1. Hi Anna,

      It’s funny you mention how cool it would be to show to your friends. The other day my friend bought an old Moonshine still he found in a barn in North Carolina. He plans on displaying it in his living room. I’m not sure if his wife will allow it. lol

      Thanks for your comment Anna,


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