AR Parrot Drone Sale – Save $260.01 Today!

AR Parrot Drone Sale - Save $260.01 Today!

AR Parrot Drone Sale

Parrot FPV 2 Drone

Take advantage of the HUGE AR Parrot Drone Sale going on right now! Get 37% off the regular price when you buy Parrot Drone today. The list price is $699.99, YOU SAVE $260.01 INSTANTLY! This is a time limited offer only so you’d better hurray!

Get the Parrot Bebop 2 FPV (First Person View) Unmanned aerial vehicle and experience a birds eye view! With your Parrot Cockpit Glasses, you will have a pilots view of your Parrot Bebop 2. Take a look at the Official Parrot Bebop demo video and see for yourself!

Parrot BEBOP 2 FPV – Official Video

I have several Drones in my fleet. I don’t have anything like the Parrot Bebop 2 in my collection. Flying a Drone in first person must be an incredible experience. It adds a whole different dynamic to flying.

I hope you enjoyed the Official Parrot Bebop 2 Drone demo video. As you can see, there is a whole lot of technology involved here. Fly your Parrot Bebop in first person view with the patented Parrot Cockpit Glasses and take high definition video and photos too!

This AMAZING machine has range of 1.5 miles and has a flight time of 25 minutes on a full charge! She is not very fast out of the box. However, with a few adjustments on your iPad or smartphone, she quickly turns into a quick agile drone.

The Parrot Bebop 2 FPV

Parrot Bebop 2 Large Product Box

You can record 1080p HD Video and take HD photos as well. The Parrot AR Drone is a very stable platform and is suitable for beginners and seasoned pilots alike! Lets Take a look at this FANTASTIC drone below!

*You’re GUARANTEED to get the best AR Parrot Drone Price anywhere online!

Drone Specifications:

Parrot Bebop 2 Drone

  • Video: 3-Axis Full HD 1080p
  • Camera: 14 Mega-Pixels With fish-Eye Lens
  • GPS: Yes
  • Stabilisation: Digital Stabilisation (Exclusive Parrot System)
  • Battery life: 25 Minutes Of Flying Time With A Fully Charged 2700 MAH Battery
  • Storage: 8 GB Flash Storage System
  • Processor: Quad-Core GPU With Dual Core Processor
Connectivity & Performance:
  • Wi-Fi 802.11A/B/G/N/AC
  • Network: MIMO Dual Band
  • Wi-Fi Aerials: 5 GHZ & 2.4 Dual Dipole Aerials
  • Output Power: Up To 21 DBM
  • Signal Range: 300 M
  • Max Horizontal Speed: 16 M/S
  • Max Upward Speed: 6 M/S
  • Optical: Crystal Clear Sunny 180° Fish-Eye Lens: 1 / 2.3″ Aperture
  • Sensor: CMOS 14 MPX
  • Video Encoding: H264
  • Video Resolution: HD Video 1920 x 1080p (30 FPS)
  • Photo Format: JPEG, RAW, DNG
  • Video Stabiliser: Advanced 3-Axis Digital System
  • Photo Resolution: HD Photo 4096 x 3072 Pixels
  • Internal Memory: 8 GB Flash

Parrot Skycontroller 2

Parrot Skycontroller 2

Skycontroller Features:
  • 2 Game Style Joysticks
  • 8 Shortcut Buttons
  • Convenient USB Plug
  • Powerful WiFi MIMO Antennas
  • 1 Li-Po Battery: 2700 MAH
  • Battery Life: Approximately 240 Minutes
Controller Weight:
  • 500 G
Controller Dimensions:
  • 200 x 180 x 110 MM

Parrot Cockpit Glasses

Parrot Cockpit Glasses View

Parrot Cockpit Glasses

Exclusive Features:
  • Compatible With Most Popular Smartphones That Have Screen Sizes From 5.7″ to 4.7″ & A Thickness Between 6 MM & 9.5 MM. Compatible With A Large Variety Of Smartphone Brands Thanks To The Smart Design Adjustable Smartphone Dock.
Field Of View (FOV):
  • 90°
Controller Weight:
  • 390 G

*Important To Note: Claim your SPECIAL Parrot Drone Price and get FREE SHIPPING from Amazon! You can choose from 3 different Parrot Bebop colors. Red, White and Black. You can also choose the package you’d like as well.

I think one of the best ways to find out about a product is right from the horses mouth. After reading lots of feedback from people that have actually flown the Parrot Bebop 2 FPV convinced me that I have to get one of these!

Here’s What Parrot Pilots Are Saying!

Parrot Bebop 2 FPV Comments

Customers don’t lie! These Parrot Bebop 2 pilots love their birds and I’m sure you will too! The Parrot Bebop has more computer power than the Apollo 11 Command Module. Imagine that, your Parrot Bebop is more technologically advanced than the spacecraft that landed on the Moon!

Get The BEST Parrot Drone Price!

Parrot Bebop 2 FPV Drone Black

Start flying in first person view with the AMAZING Parrot Bebop 2 FPV. Save $260.01 when you Buy Parrot Drone today! That’s a 37% savings off the regular price. The timing couldn’t be more perfect! Whether you buy the Parrot Bebop as a gift or for yourself. One thing is for sure.

You are getting the one of the BEST Drones money can buy! This drone normally retails for $699.99 so you better act FAST! These drones are literally flying off the shelves and it’s not even the Holiday Shopping season yet. Make sure you get your Drone while it’s still in stock.

Thank you for visiting with us today and reading my Parrot Bebop 2 review. This is definitely one of the coolest products that I have reviewed so far. If you have any questions or comments on the Parrot Bebop 2. Please leave them below.

You can also contact me personally by sending me an email. Don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts, I love talking about this AWESOME Drone. I would definitely like to hear from those of you that have this drone too!

Thanks again for stopping by! 🙂

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Parrot Bebop 2 FPV Product BoxProduct Name: Parrot Bebop 2 FPV
Manufactured By: Parrot
Discounted Price: $439.98 Get 37% OFF!
Buy Parrot Drone:
Money Back Guarantee: YES!
Parrot Bebop Rating: 5 Stars

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Parrot Bebop 2 FPV
USD $439.98
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2 thoughts on “AR Parrot Drone Sale – Save $260.01 Today!

  1. I love this! Everything similiar I have looked at has been like twice the money. The cockpit glasses are so much better for viewing than just a screen on the remote. If you are in bright sunlight the screens on the remotes can be really hard to see, whereas these cockpit glasses would cure that, no matter how bright it is.

    I see where one reviewer comments that they get 25 minutes of flight time. That would be fantastic. Most I have seen offer somewhere around 15-20 minutes of flight time before needing charging. So if you really can get 25 minutes out of a charge that would be great.

    Thanks for the review and info.

    1. Hi Kevin,

      The AR Parrot Drone looks AMAZING! Especially the cockpit glasses. I can’t wait to give it a try. It looks like an awesome point of view.

      I have never flown a drone with cockpit glasses. None of the drones in my fleet have this capability. You’re right about not being able to see the screen on a bright day.

      There is always a problem with glare unless you can find a shady spot. This AR Parrot Drone looks like a racing drone.

      I have 2 racing drones and 4 other drones with HD video. I would love to have this drone just for the cockpit glasses.

      All the drones I have is a maximum of 10 minutes of flight time. This means if you want to fly fr an extended period of time, you’ll need extra batteries.

      25 minutes of flight time would be great. You could get almost 2 hours of flight time on 2 batteries. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the AR Parrot Drone Sale.


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