Ancient Greek Coins Sale – Time Limited Offer!

Ancient Greek Coins Sale - Time Limited Offer!

Ancient Greek Coins Sale

The BIGGEST Ancient Greek Coins Sale online is going on right now! Up for sale today is a very RARE Antique Greek Silver Coin Tetradrachm dated around 440-404 BC! This coin weighs 17.16 grams and is in excellent condition!

You will not find a better deal anywhere online. Let’s take a look at a similar Ancient Greek Coin below. It’s dated to about the same time period as the coin for sale on this page. Notice the size of the Greek Silver Coin in the gentleman’s hand. It’s HUGE!

Attica, Athens, 454-404 BC, AR Tetradrachm

The Greek Coin in the video above is not the same coin featured here today. However, the coin in the video looks almost exactly alike with the exception that the coin in the video that Athena has a full helmut and the front and the coin for sale does not. Not to worry though, this coin is beautiful and highly desirable.

Ancient Greek Coins such as the 440-404 BC Ancient Greece Antique Greek Silver Coin Tetradrachm are extremely hard to find and are valuable. These coins are one of my favorites because of their age and because they are among the most beautiful coins of the ancient world.

GR 440-404 BC Ancient Greece Antique Greek Silver Coin Tetradrachm Choice About Uncirculated NGC

Ancient Greek Coins For Sale

Ancient Greek Coins

*The Ancient Greek Monetary System has three important standards you should know about. The Attic standard based on the Athenian Drachma that is 4.3 grams of silver, the Corinthian standard based on the Stater which is 8.6 grams of silver that is subdivided into three silver Drachmas that is 2.9 grams and the Aeginetan Stater or Didrachm which is 12.2 grams and based on a Drachma that is 6.1 grams.

Antique Greek Silver Coin Tetradrachm:
  • Obverse: Athena
  • Reverse: Owl, Olive Spray & Moon
  • Strike rating: 5/5
  • surface rating:: 5/5
  • Weight: 17.16g
  • Dated 440-404 BC ancient Greek tetradrachm silver coin
  • In choice about uncirculated (Ch AU) condition.
Greek Coin Description:
  • This Ancient Greek Tetradrachm Silver Coin Is Dated 440-404 BC. That’s Well Over 2,400 Years Old! Authenticated And Graded By Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) And Is In choice About Uncirculated (Ch AU) Condition. The Strike Is Rated 5/5 And The Surface Of The Coin Is Rated 5/5.
  • ASIN: B076R9W5HR

*Very Important To Note: The Ancient Greek Coin featured on this page is the exact same coin you will receive. You are buying the coin pictured on this page, so buy with confidence!

This particular coin is over 2,400 years old and highly desirable and collectible. This coin is a survivor! Imagine who held this coin back in ancient Greece. It could have been Socrates himself! This is the last Antique Silver Coin so you’d better act FAST!

“HISTORIC” Ancient Greek Coins Sale!

Ancient Coins SaleThere are not many Ancient Greek Coins For Sale. When these magnificant coins do come up for sale, buy them right then and there. There is no guarantee you will find another one! These coins are extremely RARE and highly collectible!

Please share your questions or thoughts about the Antique Greek Silver Coin Tetradrachm below now or contact me personally by simply sending me an email. If you are looking for a particular coin, let me know! I have access to lots of resources.

Thanks you for visiting with us today! 🙂

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Ancient Coins SaleProduct Name: GR 440-404 BC Ancient Greece Antique Greek Silver Coin Tetradrachm Choice About Uncirculated NGC
Mint Location: Athens
Current Market Price: $3,450.00
Buy Ancient Greek Coin:
Money Back Guarantee: YES!
Greek Silver Coin Rating: 5 Out Of 5 Stars
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Brand Name
Mint Location: Athens
Product Name
GR 440-404 BC Ancient Greece Antique Greek Silver Coin Tetradrachm Choice About Uncirculated NGC
USD $3,450.00
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Available in Stock

4 thoughts on “Ancient Greek Coins Sale – Time Limited Offer!

  1. Hello Jack,

    It was a pleasure to read such a nice article like yours. I have never read this type of an article before. It’s so specific, that I can’t stop myself from giving feedback to you.

    This is just amazing to have 2,000 year old Greek coins in your collection. Really, I want to have this type of coin business here in my native country.

    And trust me after this, I am going to start the same business ASAP.


    SR Affiliate

    1. Hello SR Affiliate,

      Thank you you for your wonderful feedback about the Ancient Greek Coins Sale! I’m really glad that you found the information useful.

      I try to give as much information as possible whenever I do a product review because unlike shopping in a store, you can’t physically touch the product.

      My goal is to provide as much information as possible so people like you can make an informed decision before buying the product.

      The best part is, I only deal with trusted and secure websites like Amazon, Ebay, Clickbank etc. These are well known and trusted websites that guarantee their products.

      Which means if you’re not happy with your purchase, you’re GUARANTEED to get your money back or exchange the products without any problems.

      There are millions of satisfied Amazon customers that prove my point! Thanks again for your GREAT feedback on the Greek coins and I wish you the best of luck opening your business!


  2. Nice. The thing I find so fascinating about anything ancient is how they managed to do so much with so little technology. Those coins look awesome. I would’ve loved to have seen them when they were new.

    The artistry on each coin is great and consistent and those people had to make every one of them by hand. That is a great addition to any coin lover’s collection.

    1. Hi LaShaun,

      I agree with you 100%! I think everyone of these Ancient Greek Coins are a work of art. I sure wish I afford this particular Greek Coin. The detail is amazing!

      It’s hard to believe that a coin over 2,000 years old could still look this good. I love Spanish Coins as well. Especially, Spanish Treasure Coins.

      I do have several in my collection and each one is more stunning than the next. Just imagine who might have held these coins in their hands throughout the ages.

      When you buy an Ancient Greek Coin like the one above, you are buying a piece of one of a kind history. There are other coins like this available but not many.

      I’d also like to point out that no two coins are alike. These coins were hand struck so each coin is unique. Thank you for stopping buy LaShaun.

      Best wishes to you and your family.


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