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America’s Restaurant Recipes

Secret Recipes BookAmerica’s Restaurant Recipes is full of top secret recipes that have been jealously guarded over the years until one man decided to find out what KFC’s famous mix of 11 herbs and spices were.

This famous recipe is so so secret that no one know what the actual ingredients are because the come premixed from corporate headquarters and the recipe is mixed in two separate locations. All these precautions have kept the Colonel’s famous recipe a secret for decades.

There is only one copy of this recipe and it’s kept in an electronic volt under armed guard with security cameras and motion sensors inside KFC’s main headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. The author of America’s Restaurant Recipes didn’t steal the secret recipe.

He did a lot of painstaking research online and discovered there were hundreds of thousands of people online looking for the same recipe. There were lots of recipes claiming that they were KFC’s secret recipe. Some recipes were actually pretty good but not the Colonel’s recipe.

These recipes were clones of the Colonel’s recipe but not even close. Ron tried night after night trying to discover the Colonel’s recipe himself. He even consulted with America’s top chefs from around the country until they discovered all 11 secret ingredients.

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Now for the first time ever! The Colonel’s secret recipe was no longer secret and available to the public. Now you can join tens of thousands of satisfied customers and make your own delicious KFC chicken at home. Now you can bring the restaurant experience into your home every night!

Ron and his team didn’t stop with the Colonel’s secret recipe. They cloned hundreds of your favorite dishes from your favorite restaurants. America’s Restaurant Recipes is guaranteed to satisfy every member of your family. Enjoy your favorite restaurant dishes at home!

About America’s Restaurant Recipes

For those of you who love to eat out. I have the perfect recipe book for you! America’s Restaurant Recipes 1! There is no other recipe book on the market quite like it. Inside you’ll find world famous restaurant dishes that you can easily prepare yourself.

Ron Douglas and his team of top chefs have come up with a masterpiece! Each restaurant recipe is guaranteed to taste just like the actual dish you get in the restaurant!

It took many years of research and good old fashioned experimenting in the kitchen to clone these priceless recipes. Each recipe is easy to follow and comes with a shopping list of ingredients. Even if you’ve never cooked a meal before, you’ll easily be able to prepare these delicious dishes.

In addition to getting America’s Restaurant Recipes 1. You will also get the long anticipated companion book. America’s Restaurant Recipes 2. This BEST selling cookbook has even more of your favorite mouthwatering recipes guaranteeing you years of cooking fun.

Say goodbye to all those boring recipes and start preparing restaurant quality food for a fraction of the price of going out. Instead of paying $150 for a family of four on a night out at your favorite restaurant. Prepare the same exact meal at home for pennies on the dollar.

Here are some of the restaurants and their recipes featured in the book. T.G.I.Friday’s, Applebee’s, Outback Steakhouse, Chili’s, KFC, Red Lobster, Ruby Tuesday’s, Olive Garden, PF Chang’s plus many, many more! This is just part of the list so if you don’t see your favorite restaurant listed, it will probably be include in the book.

America’s Most Wanted Recipes Cookbook by Ron Douglas at HSN (2nd Appearance)

As you can see in the video above. Ron Douglas is the real deal and has been featured on shows like Fox News, CNN, Good Morning America, The Wendy Williams Show, HSN (Home Shopping Network) and more. America’s Restaurant Recipes 1 is a best selling cookbook and you have an opportunity to grab a copy for a low price here today!

You get instant access to America’s Restaurant Recipes 1 and 2 plus 3 awesome FREE bonuses worth $59. You get all of this for only $19 if you order today! This is a GREAT deal so make sure you take advantage of it while you can.

It only takes a few minutes to download your copies of America’s Restaurant Recipes 1 & 2 plus your 3 FREE bonuses. You also have the option before you check out to order the physical copies of the books. All you have to do is add shipping and handling plus you still get to download the books if you want!

There’s no need to wait for your books to arrive. You can start preparing your first restaurant dish in just a few moments from now! Thank you for visiting with us today. If you have any comments or questions about America’s Restaurant Recipes, please leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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